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Easy Sudoku for 29/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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29/Mar/15 8:35 AM
Thanks for getting this going Jane. I hope lots of people get on board the Sudoku Adventure!
29/Mar/15 8:36 AM
Veni, vidi, whee whee!!
Ah, where did Karen and Jane go??
29/Mar/15 8:36 AM
Hi, Sacky! You should have come in earlier!
29/Mar/15 8:37 AM
Huh? Am I alone?
29/Mar/15 8:38 AM
Shosho, you talk too much!
Jane, how terribly exciting 😃
29/Mar/15 9:06 AM
Jane , I was interested until you mentioned a cruise. Any ship organised with Americans has a considerable surcharge for other nationalities!
29/Mar/15 9:25 AM
So hands up who will be there. Mr Cee is not a fan of Cruises but seeing as Grasshopper would love to go on one why not with a Sudoku crowd. Never been to Hawaii or on a cruise so Count us in.
29/Mar/15 9:25 AM
Is that true, June? I'd never heard that before. In any case, I will talk with the people at Norwegian Cruise Lines on Monday to see how they'll handle our group.
29/Mar/15 9:29 AM
I'm glad Grasshopper talked you into it, Mr. Cee! I've never been on a cruise either (and had never really thought much about taking one), but this seemed like a good mix and land and sea touring. And, as I mentioned on Facebook, those that want to extend their stay can visit Maui or whatever. I personally would like to spend more time in Hawaii than just the 11 days of this tour/cruise.
29/Mar/15 9:31 AM
Sacky and I have already agreed to be roommates!
29/Mar/15 9:32 AM
The non-drowsy allergy medicine did it's job. Knocked me smooth out. And having an empty house, meant no interruptions.
29/Mar/15 9:32 AM
Silvergal, does your state double coupons? Or money back?

Texas does not, but I am still a couponer. I purchase only products we use or maybe an item I would like to try. I stopped looking at it as making an item cheaper, I look at the total it takes off my bill.
29/Mar/15 9:37 AM
Man did not clean out whatever on the mower before he left, so there goes that plan for the day.
Now, for more important things. What's for dinner and who will deliver.
29/Mar/15 9:40 AM
1:04 for a very straight-forward 1-9 puzzle this morning. Plus I was probably a little more awake than normal after a 7km run, followed by a gym workout then another 7km run (a lot faster than the first run.)
29/Mar/15 9:47 AM
Sounds very cool, Jane ...
29/Mar/15 9:51 AM
Gail, - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -!
29/Mar/15 10:03 AM
Good to 'see' you, Judy! Hope you'll be able to join the fun. So far, about 20 people have expressed interest in the trip!
29/Mar/15 10:05 AM
Jane, I just checked out the prices for that cruise this April 2015. USA citizens fare is USD $1,778 for Balcony room and Australian fare is USD $2,278.
We found this out when we did our Baltic Cruise. We queried this and got told it was something to do with taxes.
We have been to Hawaii three time and cruised from there back to Australia about 5 years ago.
29/Mar/15 10:22 AM
Well, maybe we can do the booking from here and settle up later. Marg and I will be roomies, so I'll pay for our room, and she can reimburse me for her half. I'm sure we can get around this somehow.
29/Mar/15 10:28 AM
June - I just checked the website again, and it shows the $2,278 fare. The one for $1,778 disappeared! Maybe the cost has gone up since I first checked yesterday! The site is also not letting me get to the April 2016 tours. Hopefully, I can sort this out with Norwegian. Or I'll start the search all over again with someone else!
29/Mar/15 10:39 AM
Jane, we have been on this specific cruise. Twice! One for each of the grandsons that elected for Hawaii. Both cruises were great.

There are 12 pix in my gallery from the most recent cruise. (The pix start in the middle of row 15.)

Would love to join you in Hawaii, but we've already booked a cruise in the Galapagos in 2016 and I'm not sure we can handle a second.
29/Mar/15 10:40 AM
To everyone who has never taken a cruise: The thing that I like about cruises is that you don't have to pack/unpack every time you visit another city/place.
29/Mar/15 11:13 AM
Great photos, Hal! I'm looking forward to this.
29/Mar/15 11:13 AM
C'mon HalT you can do it. We will stay for a month at least. I cannot get flight prices after Feb 2016 so maybe they will only book 10 months in advance. I have a mate that does a lot of cruises and I know big deals can be done.
29/Mar/15 11:16 AM
Wisconsinhasbeaten Arizona! The Kentucky/Notre Dame game is about to begin!
29/Mar/15 11:41 AM
Quick note: If you are interested in the 2016 HawaiiFest, please PM me to give me your e-mail address so I can add you to the newsletter mailing list. If you have my current e-mail address (gmail), feel free to use it, but I'm thinking some of you might have my old bellsouth address which was disabled three years ago.
29/Mar/15 12:03 PM
Jane there is a latitude box which asks for US state. That gives you the US (lower) price. They will want passport details when you book which will give Australian addresses. The prices are less for a room with a view or inside cabins.
29/Mar/15 12:13 PM
Man, BIL, and three other neighbors are having a big bomb fire tonight. Seems they are burning everything along the creek bed. Hope someone checked to see if there was a burn ban in effect and I hope MIL has the girls up at the house.
29/Mar/15 12:31 PM
June, I didn't put any address down. I just looked at the rates, and they're now $2,278 for the balcony stateroom - not $1,788 any more. So they might have sold out all the less expensive rooms for that week. In any case, none of the prices include taxes. We always have to figure there'll be another 10% (or more) added on for taxes.
29/Mar/15 12:32 PM
A neighbor boy, who is 9 or 10 years old, was showing Man his kill of the week. The rattle snake was as round as the lanky kids arm and about a foot taller than he is. I am sure you would like measurements, but when Man started naming numbers, all I heard with Charlie Brown's teacher's voice.
29/Mar/15 12:34 PM
Here's an article I found on the double standard in cruise pricing. http://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=1119
29/Mar/15 12:44 PM
I'm thinking about it, Jane.

Halftime, and the game is tied! What a battle. I hope Kentucky shoots better in the second half.
29/Mar/15 1:01 PM
Rattle snakes, actually ALL snakes, need better PR. Every snake that I have ever encountered seemed more concerned about getting away from me than wanting to attack and kill me. I admit to a certain amount of fear of snakes, but I don't have a need to search them out and kill them.
29/Mar/15 1:05 PM
HalT, this is a need to be done. There is no way they will clear out all the snakes, but hopefully downsize the population. I believe I mentioned my MIL lives in a snake pit and has found too many snakes for my peace of mind inside the house. Plus there are all these little people, who enjoy the More...
29/Mar/15 1:14 PM
Plus, this gives those manly men a chance to play with two of their favorite things, fire and guns.

Have not asked if my girls got any shooting in today. I do know they were able to start fires.
29/Mar/15 1:17 PM
If you have not noticed, I am at home, in my comfy chair, enjoying a movie and playing on both my favorite machines.
It is safer for everyone involved, if I do not participate in this family togetherness.
29/Mar/15 1:18 PM
Oh, you know I am going to do it.
29/Mar/15 1:19 PM
Do I rattle (pun intended) on...
29/Mar/15 1:20 PM
Nope, just say goodbye to page three.
29/Mar/15 1:21 PM
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