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Easy Sudoku for 29/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
29/Jul/16 12:00 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
29/Jul/16 12:46 AM
29/Jul/16 12:49 AM
everyone! I finally had some smilies approved!
29/Jul/16 12:59 AM
Beautiful picture. In the woods, the leaves hush the noises from the outside world and there is a silence, but underground the trees are talking to each other and 'mother' trees are passing nutrients to their offspring saplings through their roots. There's a whole network busy at work unseen underneath.
29/Jul/16 1:03 AM
🌝 love the winding path in a forest- hope to be on the trail soon
29/Jul/16 1:06 AM
I can pick up to 5 songs a week - free device from my library- so looking for suggestions. From any era - I plan to see if I can use for my pool classes also - so a beat you can bop too
29/Jul/16 1:09 AM

It's a bit overwhelming!

I'm not sure I remember ever having that good a morning.
29/Jul/16 1:09 AM
We don't shut up and dance - we shut up and tread water
29/Jul/16 1:10 AM
A little more subdued for you, Wolf.
29/Jul/16 1:13 AM

Im with Wolf!! Mornings are only good for going home from work
29/Jul/16 1:17 AM
The answers to the last poozle: level, tablet(sables), scarves, ease(hash), gong(sons), modem, deluded, lapel(r*per), dated(rater, gater, sates), erode
Speaking of deluded....the ''Who You Calling Delusional? Crown'' goes to Hal, Greg, June, More...
29/Jul/16 1:18 AM
Yes, that was the issue.
29/Jul/16 1:19 AM

The vowels from the following words have been removed. Replace the vowels to find words with a common theme.


Answers to my ''Who Stole My Vowels?'' inbox, please.
29/Jul/16 1:25 AM
It's interesting, Kathy, that Torah scrolls - written in Hebrew - have no vowels! Just a bunch of consonants strung together - without spaces!
Really hard to read and that's why different translations can exist.
29/Jul/16 1:37 AM
I didn't know that, Wolf. That IS interesting.

Mymare, an oldie, but goodie...how about Michael Jackson's ''Shake Your Body''?
29/Jul/16 1:41 AM
I am off to fix lunch then do household chores. I am FINALLY out of the splint for the torn tendon in my finger. I still have to wear it when I sleep or when I do anything too strenuous like changing sheets. Jamming my hand under the mattress would not be good. I turned that chore over to hubby. Quite a few others, too. I'm milking this for all it's worth.
29/Jul/16 1:48 AM
Good Maen, good people. Kathy - it's fun to be catching poodles to play with.
29/Jul/16 1:50 AM
Mymare - we like Motown, Elvis and some Big Band swing.
29/Jul/16 1:52 AM
Here we are.
29/Jul/16 1:54 AM
29/Jul/16 1:55 AM
29/Jul/16 1:55 AM
Personally I dislike autumn. Sure, there are the fall colors, but all those reds and yellows are like warning lights that winter's on its way. I'm sitting here indoors with the windows open listening to heat bugs, one of the exquisite movements in Nature's summer symphony. I want perpetual summer - at least a greatly minimized winter in which case I'd like autumn better.
29/Jul/16 2:01 AM
Hello. I was hoping you were waiting, Keith. I wrote a long drawn out post to give you time to take the 22 space!
29/Jul/16 2:04 AM
nice picture
29/Jul/16 2:13 AM
Not waiting ... just happened to come back at the right time.
29/Jul/16 2:18 AM
Good morning.
29/Jul/16 3:02 AM
29/Jul/16 3:02 AM
Fabulous trip, Lizzy?
29/Jul/16 3:03 AM
I see more excursions to choose carpet in my future Later today.
29/Jul/16 3:05 AM
We went yesterday and sort of agreed on one, but I have to make the point to Mr P that you don't get to go to just one shop. You have to look and compare ......
29/Jul/16 3:07 AM
Morning all, love Autumn colours.
29/Jul/16 3:50 AM
CP, we are also going carpet shopping after he gets home from golf of course.
29/Jul/16 3:54 AM
Had a great trip CP spent 24 days travelling from Sydney Australia to Sydney Nova Scotia, almost all the forward journey done by train. Hubby and I had Greg spend three days showing us around Ottawa, such a gracious host! and such a beautiful city.....
29/Jul/16 4:04 AM
Gorgeous Autumn photo I love Autumn colours and so it's my favourite season.
29/Jul/16 4:50 AM
Welcome back Lizzy!

1:28 for the Sudoku, thought it was going to be much slower at the start.
29/Jul/16 5:25 AM
My guess would be that Michigan winters are relatively brutal, making it easy to get tired of them. Understandable, then, for Plum to dislike fall colors, since they cheerfully announce the impending Winter. I don't especially like Winter, either, but we have a relatively mild one, so I don't mind More...
29/Jul/16 5:46 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice photo.
29/Jul/16 6:25 AM
Lizzy. nice to see you back on the site, but I guess that means you're working the night shift again. Take care!
29/Jul/16 6:26 AM
Well, this close so.....
29/Jul/16 6:27 AM
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