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Easy Sudoku for 29/August/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Ok ok..before anyone wheees and mess up the place, I have turned the page..
29/Aug/09 2:32 PM
2:00 - hi all from a wet and cold Canberra.
29/Aug/09 3:58 PM
How to tell if you are crazy..............
it's ok to talk to yourself, and even ok if you answer yourself, but if you turn around and ask what? mabey you should see a doctor!!
29/Aug/09 4:10 PM
Maths lesson2:
yesterday I picked numbers close to 100, to make it easy, but what if the numbers are 47 * 52; if you use 100 as your reference then this method would be as hard (and longer) as normal long multiplication!
The solution; use 50 as the reference number.
47*52 (ref 50)
-3 More...
29/Aug/09 4:54 PM
Try some
29/Aug/09 4:56 PM
once you get the hang of this it is very fast and can be done in your head because all the multiplication is done on small numbers with simple add/subtracts :)
29/Aug/09 4:58 PM
more to come, for example how to handle very different number eg 52*103.
29/Aug/09 4:59 PM
29/Aug/09 5:49 PM
Too much maths going on here!
29/Aug/09 7:19 PM
I agree CP. Leave that for the schoolroom. My brain switches off over the weekend.
29/Aug/09 7:57 PM
Actually, my brain switches off most of the time and my apologies, I didn't mean that the rest of you can't enjoy the riddles, etc. and they certainly shouldn't stop.
29/Aug/09 7:59 PM
If anyone is vaguely interested I can't find correct symbols on keyboard to type answer but it is M then MM with both these M's having a horizontal line above each followed by VM. Which should convert into 19995.
A line over the top of a roman numeral multiplies the figure by 1,000. Thus an M with a line above it is 10,000
29/Aug/09 8:14 PM
While catching up with the posts, and just as I turned to page 4, there was a sudden heavt shower of rain - then I suddenly realised it was Appy wee-ing at the turn-over. So I didn't need to rush out to rescue the washing on the line.
29/Aug/09 9:51 PM
I am trying to compose a puzzle - the first time I've done that, so I didn't realise how difficult it is. You need to put yourself in the place of those trying to solve it so as to judge how hard/easy it is - as well as imagining the thing up the the first place. Anyway I'll give it a whirl after More...
29/Aug/09 9:56 PM
saylz: I don't understand, when you say
"A line over the top of a roman numeral multiplies the figure by 1,000. Thus an M with a line above it is 10,000"
I thought M = 1000, so M with a line over it should, according to your rule, = 1000*1000 = 1,000,000. Did you do a doo-doo?
29/Aug/09 10:01 PM
I thought only do-dos did doo-doos
29/Aug/09 10:02 PM
For those who may be interested my 10 yearold grand D has been penning again

Through the new buds of spring,
Past the Daisy fields of summer,
Around the golden leaves of autumn,
And past the snow laden branch of winter,
At the edge of the world.
There 'it' lies and there 'it' will stay,
'Till the very ending day.
29/Aug/09 10:57 PM
Absolutely correct Rayray - 10,000 is (X), noting parentheses can be used in place of the line above the letter. (M) is 1 million.
29/Aug/09 11:10 PM
Thanks Chris: So are the parentheses a way of squaring any number?
29/Aug/09 11:18 PM
(1X) = LXXX1 ???
29/Aug/09 11:19 PM
Sorry no! Then (X) would be C. I am wrong - I did a doo-doo!
29/Aug/09 11:21 PM
There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't.

I have a T-shirt that says this...

My wife and daughters say I am a techno-weeny nerd...
29/Aug/09 11:24 PM
I thought X = 10...

29/Aug/09 11:24 PM
Mea Culpa - pity I'm stupid
19995 would in fact be XVX with horizontal lines over the two Xs. I don't know about the parentheses but having got the first part right I presume Chris knows what he's talking about. As a matter of interest does anyone how to type a letter with a horizontal line over it.I can find the line in symbols but it only shows by itself.
29/Aug/09 11:40 PM
Saylz, I sent you a message. If nothing else you can copy and paste.
29/Aug/09 11:59 PM
saylz: In my 'symbols' for 'Insertion' (into a Microsoft-word file anyway), you insert the letter with the line over it as a single item. You can thus that way insert any letter with any accent above it.
30/Aug/09 12:00 AM
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