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Easy Sudoku for 3/January/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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here we goooooooooooooooooo
03/Jan/08 2:20 PM
Angie your witch is much sexier than mine
03/Jan/08 2:22 PM
Oh Rose, didn't you hear about my extreme Make Over?
03/Jan/08 2:25 PM

I shall have to work out a potient to make me sexier
03/Jan/08 2:29 PM

They got it all wrong.
Think they added a few to many
I so wanted to look like you. You are my insperation.
03/Jan/08 2:38 PM
mmmmmmmm decided that not possible for moi to do that so have to love being
oh angie you flatter moi
03/Jan/08 2:48 PM
Rosemary...as always, a word to the wise is sufficient....thank you! Patience has never been one of my virtues...unfortunately...but I'm still learning!!
03/Jan/08 2:49 PM
Mamacita, I can't believe they sent her home if her membranes were ruptured! That usually brings labor on in a big way. It's been almost 10 yrs since my last baby so I can't remember it exactly, but I would stay close to the hospital if I were you! Good luck to all of you and keep us posted! This baby will have a wonderful family when it gets here!
03/Jan/08 3:05 PM
PATMAC From largs bay sthoz:

Years ago - when he originally left the USA with a diatribe of verbal rejection of America - the DJ's were having people bring down their LPs to be steamrolled into hot asphalt. I kept mine - because I enjoyed his music so much.
03/Jan/08 3:26 PM
Time for me to get to bed, I start work tomorrow morning. Kids still home from school, hope they get along while I'm gone!
03/Jan/08 3:40 PM
Same advice I gave her Linda....I too was surprised ...in a way! The health care system isn't the same any more. We're still waiting...I told her that there would not be much sleeping going on tonight.....perhaps the light of day will bring happier news..It must be a girl who just needs more time More...
03/Jan/08 4:05 PM
Good evening. I got up this morning at 4:30am and found my computer down. It now 9:15pm and I think I may be back up. I hope.
03/Jan/08 4:15 PM
A few days late but Happy New Year to all, my PC decided to give itself a break on new year's eve so after my last posting it went kapoot... what a way to start the year.
03/Jan/08 4:16 PM
Good early Morning time to all you wongerful people in Sudokuland. A few notes:

Debby: you should be very proud of your daughter. How wonderful to be on the Dean's List.
Stella: I know you're on the road now, but stay safe; your sudoku "angels on your shoulder" are all with More...
03/Jan/08 4:38 PM
And if you don't mind; I have a few ideas to add to the list for the float:
A computer; a globe with members' states, etc marked on it; avatars & special smilies we use; TFTD; Gath, Kym & baby; pictures under the completed puzzles; the beer & alcohol containers would have to be used More...
03/Jan/08 4:48 PM
Mamacita this is so exciting. Something I hope I never tire of is hearing about a baby coming into this world.
03/Jan/08 5:13 PM
To Mamacita, Congratulations on the up coming of your new baby grand daughter? sorry but i'm still relatively new here. So many complications during pregnancy but i guess when the baby comes the happiness and joy will take over, i'm not a mom yet so cannot give any great advise, so just hang in there and warm wishes to the mother to be...
03/Jan/08 5:27 PM

EVE, may I have a word with you please? After I have hauled that juke box back and forth to all the page parties and even supplied the quarters to keep it playing, you gonna call it More...
03/Jan/08 7:06 PM
some news
No more guesses on babys arrival
Lauren is in hospital for inducement tonight so should have baby in next day or so.
Mama we might share a grandies BD.
will keep you all posted but please be patient.
03/Jan/08 7:29 PM
and the baby countdown Begins!
03/Jan/08 7:33 PM
Evening all!
Mama - sorry, no sage words of advice, Just patience as Rosemary has said.
It is becoming more common here to send women home with ruptured membranes if everything else checks out well. I guess there is a cost factor which would be more relevant in the USA, but for us also a bed More...
03/Jan/08 7:35 PM
Go Lauren!!!
03/Jan/08 7:37 PM
Off to shower and get ready for that place, once again!! Last night until next week - yay!!
03/Jan/08 7:38 PM
Wow, 2 babies - I'll be thinking of both mothers and looking forward to hearing good news tomorrow! Go girls!
03/Jan/08 8:47 PM
If you haven't tried it already, this site has a daily sudoku, a word game called Word Roundup and a good jigsaw puzzle. I really like the jigsaws, lovely pictures. Enjoy!! http://www.aarpmagazine.org/games/

03/Jan/08 9:02 PM
time check: 9:05pm and all is well
03/Jan/08 9:07 PM
I enjoy not only the puzzles on here but also the interaction with all those that frequent the site.
the puzzles on here are a side issue really.
03/Jan/08 9:08 PM
Sorry but I find your post

03/Jan/08 9:15 PM
Rosemary may I suggest that the Health and Fitness forum has a place on the float. Maybe a few leotarded lithe similies of our former selves performing our daily exercise routines!
03/Jan/08 9:23 PM
are you talking Jane Fonda type lycra
03/Jan/08 9:28 PM
everyone Sooo the baby race is on and we all have to have patience as we await the Sudoku News. Good luck to both the Mums
03/Jan/08 9:33 PM
Ice, only cool here today, got to 32C (90F) tomorrow will be a bit warmer 39C (102F).
03/Jan/08 9:35 PM
was bit cooler here today too Neil at 34 but back to 38 tomorrow
03/Jan/08 9:40 PM
Of course Rosemary but I think we should allow the men to wear their underwear Superman style, don't you?
I've decided to develope my own Happy Feet and to try dancing to everything, I'm told it is good for the soul and the figure!
03/Jan/08 9:52 PM
Do you think singing along burns more calories?
03/Jan/08 9:54 PM
Chaps; I think we should allow our women not to wear knickers don't you?
03/Jan/08 9:59 PM
Rayray - who says we do now?????
03/Jan/08 10:04 PM
Any man with man boobs over a c
C cup size must wear a bra when going shirtless
03/Jan/08 10:05 PM
Are we reviving Naked Sudoku Fridays this year?
03/Jan/08 10:06 PM
Baby Time Check: 10.03 and all is well,
03/Jan/08 10:06 PM
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