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Easy Sudoku for 3/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Where are Karen & Hal?
03/Dec/12 4:46 AM
I feel that I must apologise to Shosho and Keith for my little comment yesterday. It was not meant to be taken seriously. Sorry.
Teachers are the backbones of society.
03/Dec/12 5:33 AM
Oh, that's what you meant, the grammatical aspect! Golly my brain was so fuzzy, Ian, I thought you meant the Jacaranda part! And that really confused me!
03/Dec/12 5:38 AM
Countdown to Christmas

Can't Wait?
How long 'til Christmas?

22 Days
10 Hours
56 Minutes

...But who's counting?
03/Dec/12 6:03 AM
And, for those who just can't keep track, between my gentle reminders, I've arranged a continuous update on my page.
03/Dec/12 6:05 AM
Ooooo, a 44 & a 45
03/Dec/12 6:06 AM
I just got back from taking a load of calves to the graded sale. They sure looked good. Made me proud.
03/Dec/12 6:13 AM
It only took 6 and a half hours, but I finally got around to coming here and doing the puzzle.
03/Dec/12 6:29 AM
Heidi, Surely not ''T-bone'' & ''Big Mac''!
03/Dec/12 6:30 AM
I got lucky, as in fortunate. Seems a gust of wind must have blown out the pilot light. I re-lit the pilot light and now, once again, I have hot water...(When I tried to re-light it last night, I must not have gotten the thermocouple warm enough.)
03/Dec/12 6:35 AM
03/Dec/12 6:39 AM
Morning all,these beautiful flowers have an abundance of nectar that the birds go crazy over.
03/Dec/12 6:43 AM
Jerry, you were lucky, hope this doesn't happen when you are snowbound.
03/Dec/12 6:52 AM
No apology needed, Ian. I knew it was a light hearted comment.

I was late emptying my rain gauge yesterday, .44 inches in the middle of the afternoon. This morning, we discovered that the yard had flooded over night, and then gone back down. The rain gauge had 4.9 inches in it. Our More...
03/Dec/12 6:58 AM
Well, the land showing, that started around 12:45 just ended, at 2:10. I am told the longer they stay, the better and that most showings take 15 minutes.
Man is still talking to our realitor, so I don't know their opinion of the place, yet.
03/Dec/12 7:14 AM
Again, promising.
Again, they are also looking for a place with trees, but also want cattle. The other place they are looking at has the trees, but no electric, sewer stuff, a tank, or even a partial house. Our place is also closer to their work.

Again, I don't want to get my hopes up, which always seems to have a mind of their own.
03/Dec/12 7:31 AM
How well I know, Amelia. Last winter, on two occasions, I lost electrical power. Both times in the wee hours of the morning. Both times I had to go out and disconnect the water hose, start up the air compressor and rig the air hose to blow out the water hose so it wouldn't freeze, then rig and More...
03/Dec/12 7:33 AM
Kathy (v), I grew up calling that a 'haint tree'. My older sister has one and it is filled with bottles, capturing the 'haints'! ( I hope I got the spelling right.)
03/Dec/12 7:38 AM
And for those who don't know, a haint is a spirit (of the dead).
03/Dec/12 7:40 AM
1:40. Good morning everyone.
03/Dec/12 7:45 AM
I did make a big oops.
A rule, little people cannot go upstairs, unless Momma and Daddy go up. Well, when Man was showing the upstairs, girls wanted to go, Dad said no. Totally hurt one girl's feelings. When destroyed child came to me, I said, I would find out why. When I asked, he said, could More...
03/Dec/12 7:50 AM
03/Dec/12 8:13 AM
I have finished sweeping out the garage. I still need to go back and put boxes back on shelves, and repack some boxes. lots of dust, and insect invasion (I believe they are dead now, that is one reason I waited for winter.) A couple of tarps probably need to be thrown out.
03/Dec/12 8:18 AM
As I type, I hear little noises coming from under my piano. I do not think my cats are doing their job!
03/Dec/12 8:18 AM
Here's a site with some history of bottle and haint trees: http://www.felderrushing.net/HistoryofBottleTrees.htm

Oh yeah... God bless you.
03/Dec/12 8:25 AM
Mardi D - I read about haints when I googled bottle trees. There seem to be many versions of the history & uses for bottle or haint trees. Supposedly they trap all kinds of evil spirits & keep them from entering your home!
03/Dec/12 8:27 AM
03/Dec/12 8:45 AM
When I read Kathy's post about her bottle tree, I visualised a tree with bottle growths - like a jug flytrap.
03/Dec/12 8:47 AM
Did not imagine a stick, or sparse vegetated tree, with bottles stuck on it!
03/Dec/12 8:47 AM
Not that I dissaprove of it, nor dislike it, it just wasn't what I pictured.
03/Dec/12 8:48 AM
And I just love blue bottles.
03/Dec/12 8:49 AM
Do the bottles all have to be the same size, shape or colour?
03/Dec/12 8:49 AM
Au contraire mon amie. The bottles can be of varying size. I've seen some rather interesting ones of different size and color.
03/Dec/12 9:03 AM
Thanks for posting that link, Hal. I can't copy & paste on my cell phone.
cp - a variety of bottles looks good. Some people use colors other than blue, but I like blue best! I will have to ask our family & friends to start saving blue bottles for us. They're not easy to find, & we don't really like the sweet wines that usually come in blue bottles.
03/Dec/12 9:10 AM
Good afternoon to all! Colorful flowers today. Sure beats the bleak grey weather we have outside.
03/Dec/12 9:24 AM
CP If you check out HalT's link above, you will see that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (as in all art) Depending upon your level of interest, that link can start you on a virtual journey of an hour or more....

BTW - Thanks Hal.
03/Dec/12 9:36 AM
I'm still orienting myself to this new computer. I have Windows 7 now and I'm still feeling my way around as to what I can and cannot do. I like the system so far, but I've got lots of things to figure out yet.
03/Dec/12 9:37 AM

Blue = Milk of Magnesia and Skye Vodka for two.
03/Dec/12 9:38 AM
It will come Greg. It took me a while, but I feel comfortable with it now.
03/Dec/12 9:40 AM
Time for a page change.
03/Dec/12 9:41 AM
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