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Easy Sudoku for 3/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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03/Mar/08 5:27 PM
Well I got home at the right time - finally.
03/Mar/08 5:27 PM
GannieMo never had prose written about me before and Shosho and Kathy for you kind comments. We had a ball, even if I did have to drag the girls kicking and screaming to have their photos taken, and tell me what good is a feather boa stuffed in your handbag ladies?
03/Mar/08 5:31 PM
Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Kathy & Graeme! Congratulations to Kathy (Valrico) & her "racquet squad!" Good luck in Daytona Beach!
03/Mar/08 5:32 PM
Rayray (PLS) thank you for the wonderful poems today! As I was growing up, we had many visits from Jack Frost. We enjoyed his artistry, but didn't much care for the cold that brought him.
03/Mar/08 5:34 PM
'Scuse me Broni - Maddie's wonderful feather tiara and fan were prominent in those photos too. I would have put them earlier on but you got there first and I thought - Hmm, better her than me. (Sorry)
Photos are good.
03/Mar/08 5:46 PM
That should read "on earlier"
03/Mar/08 5:47 PM
Yes Cyn but who had to cajole you into wearing them hummm?
03/Mar/08 5:49 PM
You did Broni.

Has Shar been on today? I've been wondering how her big relax/peace etc weekend went.
03/Mar/08 5:51 PM
Tinkle A woman pregnant with triplets was walking down the street when a masked robber ran out of a bank and shot her three times in the stomach. Luckily the babies were OK. The surgeon decided to leave the bullets in because it was too risky to operate. She gave birth to two healthy daughters More...
03/Mar/08 5:55 PM
Haven't seen her around. Yipeee time to pack up and go home!
03/Mar/08 5:56 PM
Amelia -
03/Mar/08 6:03 PM
I've been thinking about what I wrote on page 2. We were brought up to use our imagination. A lot of bedtime stories were told without books. We were encouraged to make up stories for each other. We listened to the radio and therefore had to imagine the characters. I think television, although a More...
03/Mar/08 6:03 PM
Well said GMo - I agree. I come from a family of avid readers and we were encouraged from an early age, we were read to and we joined libraries. I love to read and I hope I've passed that love onto my children and grandchildren.
And, no, the film never is as good as the book.
My 9yo grandson is about to start reading the first HP book.
03/Mar/08 6:11 PM
That is great CynB. My Gdaughter read them all and she also loved all the Lemony Snikkett books.
To start with she wasn't keen on the books suggested by the school so I bought her an adventure story book for girls. 24 hours later she requested book 2, and she became a cover to cover reader like More...
03/Mar/08 6:21 PM
CynB your mention of libraties brings back memories. Saturday afternoons we could be found in the nearest lending library. I miss that here in France. Yes they have libraries but I'm not really into reading in French. I lose too much in translation. Luckily there are some wonderful sales of secondhand English books held in aid of charity a couple of times a year so I stock up.
03/Mar/08 6:26 PM
Triumph for old age.

An elderly gent goes to a sp@rm bank to make a donation. The young lady receptionist is rather dubious and asks if he knows where he is. The elderly gent is quite emphatic that he wants to make a donation, as he put it; he had lived to a great age with no major More...
03/Mar/08 6:26 PM
An old man found himself bored stiff in an old age home, he wanted some action, so he put a sign on his door $20 full hour of love making here on the bed in my room
$10 half an hour of love making in your room
$ 5 for a More...
03/Mar/08 6:28 PM
Now I need to get to the bottom of the page to hide my blushes
03/Mar/08 6:29 PM
not long now.
03/Mar/08 6:29 PM
Phew! saved!
03/Mar/08 6:30 PM
msths never was my area of expertise. Goodnight all.
03/Mar/08 6:31 PM
Neither is typing by the look of the above. Maths
03/Mar/08 6:32 PM
Lynda you have obviously had a long day. Isn't it a holiday in WA?
03/Mar/08 6:41 PM
Yes Mo! I think it is the long hot summer has got to me, I could do with what Sharlene is having.
03/Mar/08 6:49 PM
Worth the blushes, Lynda - hehe.
03/Mar/08 6:55 PM
Also great readers and book lovers in my house/family too. Still hit the library every 2nd or 3rd Saturday at least. Eldest grandson is off and away with reading, and enjoying the books handed down to him by his Unccy T (my 4T). I usually have a book on CD playing in my car, and if I have the boys More...
03/Mar/08 6:59 PM
Results of a recent research shows that there are 7 kinds of sex.

The 1st kind of sex is called: Smurf Sex.
* This kind of sex happens when you first meet someone and you both have sex until you are blue in the face.

The 2nd kind of sex is called: Kitchen Sex.
* This is More...
03/Mar/08 7:02 PM
hey everyone =]
03/Mar/08 7:02 PM
I was'nt game to post this 'til I saw Lynda's joke.
03/Mar/08 7:04 PM
One of our joys in moving house this time was finding some cassette tapes the girls had loved when they were little during long drives. They were recorded by BBC stars like Keith Michel, Harry Secombe, and others - and were about Captain Beaky and His Band, and there were other songs, most absurdly silly but wonderful to listen to.
03/Mar/08 7:05 PM
Good one, eaa.
03/Mar/08 7:06 PM
Hi and welcome Squirt, any relation to Martha of Tyalgum?
03/Mar/08 7:06 PM
Hi squirt - are you related to Martha?
03/Mar/08 7:07 PM
Snap, Lynda!!
03/Mar/08 7:07 PM
eaa now you have made me blush again!! CP I like Hissing Sid, and Toad of course.
03/Mar/08 7:08 PM
Yeah Martha is my mum =] hehe
03/Mar/08 7:15 PM
how ever did you guess? lol
03/Mar/08 7:16 PM
I think the Tyalgum gave it away Squirt.
03/Mar/08 7:20 PM
yeah...I doubt there would be many people from Tyalgum here aye.... seeing as it is quite a small village...
so... being a new kid to this site, I don't know anything about anyone
...well....I am a 15 year old girl and I like playing guitar =] hehe there's not much else to know...
03/Mar/08 7:28 PM
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