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Easy Sudoku for 3/August/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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03/Aug/17 12:00 AM
Off to Missouri.
03/Aug/17 12:01 AM
I was a bit hasty there, try again Good Morning Everybody
03/Aug/17 12:02 AM
03/Aug/17 12:06 AM
I'll also repost my last comment from yesterday
The temp doesn't know what to do here. 8.30pm It was down to 9C, at 11.30pm it was 11c. Sign of rain coming I think
03/Aug/17 12:07 AM
1:59 Beautiful photo.
Good night one and all!
03/Aug/17 12:11 AM
Good morning all!
03/Aug/17 1:13 AM
03/Aug/17 2:04 AM
All righty then, I'm off to bed. good night eveybody
03/Aug/17 2:21 AM
Good mAen, good people. Long TODO list today, yet I have accomplished none of it yet. Well, two little things.
03/Aug/17 2:29 AM
Serpens oculis?
03/Aug/17 2:30 AM
Just saying that I understand why no one wants to jump on double ones?
03/Aug/17 2:31 AM
Although the number 11 is really cool. It's a low prime, rather clean looking, and fun to multiply.
03/Aug/17 2:33 AM
It's also the age at which certain people can start school at Hogwart's.
03/Aug/17 2:34 AM
Love the photo today. Where's my dinner?
03/Aug/17 2:58 AM
not here, Jacalmi
03/Aug/17 4:05 AM
Safe travels, Hal! You flying or driving?
03/Aug/17 4:13 AM
Go Hogwarts!
03/Aug/17 4:14 AM
Great books! Still remember the first time I read each one to my boys! Those were some really loooong days! Couldn't/wouldn't put the books down till they were done!
03/Aug/17 4:17 AM
Liked the movies, but not as much as the books...the books were so much better!
03/Aug/17 4:20 AM
Ooooohh Keeeith?
03/Aug/17 4:35 AM
Nope! It's me!
03/Aug/17 4:52 AM
(Decided to take 22 because Keith was no where in sight!)
03/Aug/17 4:53 AM
Well at least I TRIED to do a lead-in...
03/Aug/17 5:40 AM
Morning all, someone has been on a trip to South Africa. My sister and hubby did 5 weeks over there in March / April.
03/Aug/17 6:55 AM
I think it's safe to pounce on 22 as Keith is away. 😃
03/Aug/17 7:06 AM
Had to jump in, Amelia!
(I'd hate to see everyone just waiting... and waiting ...and, well, you know ...stymied at 22 waiting for Keith!)
03/Aug/17 7:39 AM
Far be it for me to stall the site.
03/Aug/17 9:59 AM
We flew to St. Louis, then rented a car and drove to Jefferson City. Arrived safely and are tired, but happy.
03/Aug/17 10:33 AM
RIP Ara Parseghian, 94
03/Aug/17 11:00 AM
Happy Wednesday. Home from work to still make it to page 1 at 6:36 pm PDT
03/Aug/17 11:36 AM
Well, the news about the grant is: if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
03/Aug/17 12:08 PM
Speaking of try ... trifocals. 🤓 😎

(Continuing with the double digit eye theme? Work with me, people.)
03/Aug/17 12:11 PM
I like your tri-focal idea Plum. My glasses are multi-focal, I wonder where they fit in?
03/Aug/17 12:58 PM
I have no doubt that you will try again Plum, and you won't need a spider climbing up its web to inspire you. It was bad luck that you missed out, best wishes for the next time.
03/Aug/17 1:00 PM
hi all
we are now on the same day... but I don't know how long my eyes will let it be. my glasses are 2 focal but I never got use to it... take off my glasses to read and I don't see far as much as I need it I have a extra pair to see far enough to read road signs before I get to them.
03/Aug/17 2:22 PM
Danstell. I had retinal surgery some years ago and lo and behold my distance vision was better without glasses since the top of my glasses are just plain glass (or plastic to be precise) although I still need to wear glasses for close up. Basically it allowed me to keep driving.
03/Aug/17 3:11 PM
I never could get used to the line on bifocals, so tried blended bifocals. I like them. The blended area makes them almost like trifocals.
03/Aug/17 3:38 PM
Gotta go for something today.
03/Aug/17 3:39 PM
03/Aug/17 3:39 PM
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