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Easy Sudoku for 30/October/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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good morning everyone
30/Oct/07 12:01 AM

Oz must have rolled their clocks already to DST.

We don't undo until this coming weekend.
30/Oct/07 12:06 AM
Time Change - Wow - Sudoku an hour early!
30/Oct/07 12:07 AM
Good Monday Maen, all!

What a cutie pie!
30/Oct/07 12:10 AM
2:35 good evening all.
30/Oct/07 12:11 AM
Sudoku TWO hours early (UK)
30/Oct/07 12:26 AM
Rayray - it should only be one hour. Have you gone back to normal time, if so that would make it another hour.
30/Oct/07 12:30 AM
What time change? Good Maen all.
30/Oct/07 12:36 AM
3:16 and on the first page... maeN to all can't sleep.
30/Oct/07 12:38 AM
Anne. The Uk went back and we went forward so now it is 11 hours different rather than 9 like it was last weekend... Always gets us cos my Mum phones after the kids have gone to bed the day after the change (This year 9:30 PM rather than 7:30 PM like she normally does)...

30/Oct/07 12:42 AM
2:00 Puzzle's come early for me too. We change our clocks on the weekend. Have a great day/night, all!
30/Oct/07 12:48 AM
Gus - Yes, I thought that was probably the case, it makes us nine hours ahead of the UK now that we've joined you in daylight saving.
30/Oct/07 12:48 AM
GUS - I haven't seen you on here commenting for ages or is it you've been on but I just haven't noticed.
30/Oct/07 12:49 AM

Off to the land of nod!
30/Oct/07 12:58 AM
Good Maen

USA changes next week end.
30/Oct/07 1:00 AM
Big brown eyes.
30/Oct/07 1:14 AM
3:10 Hi to all. Wonderful eyes.

Thought for the Day:

Doing what you like is freedom; liking what you do is happiness.
30/Oct/07 1:18 AM
So when is your next trip planned Keith? Have you unpacked yet?
30/Oct/07 1:27 AM
3:37. Good Maen to All.
30/Oct/07 1:42 AM
good day to you all, my dear friends. hope everyone had a good weekend. i am taking my granddaughter to a halloween festival today, but first some yard work in is the plan. thats a cute baby on todays puzzle.have a great day everyone!!!
30/Oct/07 1:46 AM
all - another beautiful day in So. Oregon.

Big, bright & beautiful eyes.

30/Oct/07 2:18 AM
"Spring forward. Fall back." We will be setting our clocks back one hour next weekend. We also change the batteries in the smoke detectors at the time change, Easy to remember that way!
30/Oct/07 2:21 AM
World...A bright, sunny morning here to start the week off on the right foot. Hope all had an opportunity for fun and rest over the week-end and are all settled down for the usual stuff that makes up one's life. André's TFTD is very apprpriate and thought provoking in a More...
30/Oct/07 2:23 AM
Great kid picture
30/Oct/07 2:28 AM
Gath for correcting the time - I was concerned that I was crazy over the weekend when it was a 16 hour differetial. When we change ours this weekend, it should be a 19 hours (a day less 5 hours) difference.

It must be tough on airlines to figure out the time flights take More...
30/Oct/07 2:33 AM
Hello Kid. Nice to see you. May we ask your Mom to introduce this beautiful kid to us p-lease.
Nice time to all.
30/Oct/07 2:33 AM
What a great looking baby that is....
30/Oct/07 2:40 AM
2:12.what a cutie with lovely big brown eyes.
30/Oct/07 2:53 AM
As a kid on Halloween (Standard time), I always wanted the sun to set sooner so I could go out and Trick or Treat. As an adult, I hated driving home in the dark worring about the kids out trick or treating (Standard Time).

Maintaining Daylight Savings Time to November means the kids will More...
30/Oct/07 2:57 AM
1.42 all,I don't like daylight saving, kids take longer to settle down at bedtime. while we were living in Brisbane, we didn't have a problem settling the kids at night, no change of time there.
30/Oct/07 3:00 AM
I'm reminded of a friend of several years ago whose mother hated daylight savings time. She said her chickens didn't lay as many eggs during DST. :-) 3.14
30/Oct/07 3:17 AM

To everyone who posted their good wishes for my birthday and on my page far too many to mention individually. I've never had so many in all my ** years.
It is still the 29th here and I have just got in. Having gone to club at 10.00. We didn't More...
30/Oct/07 3:23 AM
The baby is cute, but may I just say "whistle whistle" to the guy with the hairy chest holding the baby! :-)
30/Oct/07 3:53 AM
Grannie Mo, did I miss your birthday? sorry , I was not on EASY yesterday and I missed reading about it! So, better late than never,

30/Oct/07 3:58 AM
Miz T with all those candles are you trying to burn this place down? We had enough fire last week!
30/Oct/07 4:12 AM
30/Oct/07 4:13 AM
Good afternoon to all! Who belongs to this little munchkin?
30/Oct/07 4:23 AM
KEITH: Good to see you got home safely. Aside from not meeting any Canadian SAs, how was your trip? Cheers!
30/Oct/07 4:25 AM
That's fine MizTricia, thank you, it is still my birthday here. That is the wonderful thing about sudokuland there at least 36 hours of birthday if not more!
30/Oct/07 4:26 AM
GrannieMo: Happy birthday on your real birthday! My You Tube song remains unchanged until it is over.
30/Oct/07 4:26 AM
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