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Easy Sudoku for 30/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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OLá Jéssica!
Eu também gosto muito de jogar sudoku.
Beijinhos para ti!
6:12 cute pic!
My face hurts, today i tried to wax my eyebrows on my own and well, i practically took off my whole eyebrows because i guess the hot wax smeared around. so now i have to draw my eyebrows on and i am not a good drawer at all. . .
5:00 lol....not too good...but i enjoy them..and enjoy reading the comments...have a great day....from the great state of TEXAS!!!
also from waxing my eyebrow it left a very large red rash that looks like a red unabrow. it's a good thing i decided not to wax my lip
4:24 - i am improving slowly but surely. How's your rash?
why is it that Texans are so proud of being from Texas? Is there something really special about Texas? I am from Arizona and don't o around saying have a great day from the great state of Texas.
my eyebrow rash is ok i just hope it will go away beffore i have to return to school
sorry about the rash t-rex ihope goes away soon. you should try putting aloe vera that may help some
thank you larry. i've been putting lotion on it that helped a little, but i also tried eggnog which didn't really do anything but make me sticky, and toothpaste doesn't work either it just burns real bad
you used toothpaste on the rash?! no wonder why iy's red
toothpaste works on acne so i assumed it would work on my rash
did you try putting anything else on your rash and do you use tooyhpaste as a face wash for acne or something
Send some of your snow. My brother is tired of training his sled dogs on the 4-wheeler in Salcha (near Fairbanks).
I would love to join you in Scotland for New Years or Hogmany (sp?) as they call it. I have Aunts, Uncles, and cousins in Scotland and if I had the money I would fly over the pond in a heartbeat! I guess a virtual party is as close as I am going to get. I will try to get my creative juices going, I don't know if it will be as creative as yours but I will try.
I understand. We have a husky and she has been the happiest this last 2 months. We let her out and she stays out for hours just laying in the snow and watching people go by. A few weeks ago we let her out and she slept outside for so long the snow covered her and all we could see was her nose sticking out of the snow!
well, i tried peanutbutter and mayonnaise they didn't work eiher. I sometimes use toothpaste as a face wash and works really go, it leaves my face all clean feeling and tinglely
if you use toothpaste as a face wash do you face wash as toothpaste
Eewww no!!!!
The books say to use vasoline after waxing. It should help. Next time use it before and after.
Hi there everyone....just pottering away on another puzzle...highly addictive! Shhhh, Im at work! lol...very quiet at this time of the year - much to my delight!
Another endless summer day here in New Zealand.
my god, leave your eyebrows alone, haven't you ever seen older women who plucked their eyebrows to death when they were young, all that's left are little straggy, wirey bits, it's horrible! wax other bits of yourself, but leave those eyebrows alone, you'll regret it! But you gave us a laugh!
Moonless night, darkness, wind in the castle, wall coverings are moving lightly, a black cat is crouching in the shadows and I'm playing cards with......a.....devil....
More than one?...hmmm could be very interesting
come and party LK, we have a laugh with the crowd when we do daft things. As for spelling, it's Hogmanay! BIIIIG party every year in Scotland - I won't be there either but this virtual whooping it up is just as much fun. Looking forward to your poem! Now where are those aussies...they're good at the poems!
Our party begins with Cathy and Col,
All dressed up, ready for the ball
Fraz likes jazz but not tonight
We need music with a bite
HH and Dennis will be there
And a ghost or two from under the stair
Even André promised she'd pop in
Maybe with a bottle of gin
Spellmaster come More...
Oh, what a cutie! I have a fully grown cat with very similar colorings....just gorgeous!
A bit of hocolate won't go amiss
Go easy on the whisky or you get p....d!
Can i join the fun ?
Beautiful day here in Marlborough too...just about to head down to Kaikoura for some well deserved crayfish and wine.... :o)
Oh my goodness. Yes, T-Rex, I was laughing so hard I was crying. I agree though. Leave the eyebrows alone. You will be sorry. From one of those old ladies who plucked hers when she was young.
what are you waiting for, an invitation?
remember that game show, the Price is Right I think it was and they called the candidates from the audience to join in with 'COME ON DOWN' yelled at the tops of their voices? I just shouted 'COME ON DOWN RICOU'!!
What did you say ?
3:54 Pic is of a small grey kitten in a magazine rack. The rack is on a light wood floor near a table with a green tablecloth and against a holed partition.
deaf AND old, oh dear!
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