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Easy Sudoku for 30/April/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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30/Apr/16 12:00 AM
No need for sunglasses today, but...
...It's spring! It's so nice to look out and see a sea of green!
30/Apr/16 12:00 AM

wonder how Wolf is enjoying his life on the high seas
30/Apr/16 12:01 AM
Hopefully not too high!
30/Apr/16 12:02 AM
a beautiful wet day here in OK.
30/Apr/16 12:04 AM
No, that's not really what I meant to say...
He'd look like this: (Only greenish!)
30/Apr/16 12:04 AM
Good morning.
30/Apr/16 12:16 AM
Hi Hal, Lizzy, Shiela and Sue.
30/Apr/16 12:16 AM
Think Canberra is in for a rainy weekend.
30/Apr/16 12:18 AM
The rain will be very welcome.
30/Apr/16 12:19 AM
Everyone says this is the weekend when winter arrives in Canberra. We shall see. Haven't had to turn the heating on yet - despite the tale being that you can't turn it on until after Anzac Day, and many years we've had to give up on that a week or so early.
30/Apr/16 12:22 AM
CP, it's hard to imagine that you are seeing winter approaching when we've got Tulips, Daffodils, Dandelions, and the beginnings of leaves on our trees, etc.
30/Apr/16 12:31 AM
Today we go out again to hunt for appliances. I never thought it would be so hard. There are soooooo many to choose from when we bought our old ones 28 1/2 years ago! It's driving me crazy!
30/Apr/16 12:34 AM
I knew something didn't look right about that sentence... add a 'then' before when, please!
(Nothing can be started on our kitchen renovation until we decide.)
30/Apr/16 12:39 AM
Parisian flowers with cloudy skies; I'd take Paris no matter what the sky!
30/Apr/16 1:16 AM
Forgot a greeting - hello Hal, Shiela, Lizzy, Sue, & CP, enjoy your day. Mean to all who visit later!
30/Apr/16 1:19 AM
Good morning to all! Wonderful Paris!
30/Apr/16 1:27 AM
Especially for guitar lovers:
I'm not sure about those down under, but many of us topsiders grew up watching the Lone Ranger and Tonto on television (black and white, mind you) and later many of us watched the Glen Campbell show on tv as well.
Enjoy this clip of of a younger Glen Campbell (a More...
30/Apr/16 1:31 AM
Paris in the springtime ... Paris anytime. I'll be there soon, after chasing Wolf's ship around Spain.
30/Apr/16 1:45 AM
Good Maen, good people. Today appears to be an Internet birthday party sort of a day. It's almost noon and I haven't had anything to eat yet but a pot of tea. Finished a novel this morning then started getting notifications from TOS.
30/Apr/16 1:47 AM
My time?
30/Apr/16 1:47 AM
30/Apr/16 1:48 AM
I'll take a trip to Paris (virtual) for my birthday. I was supposed to go with my senior French class but my parents weren't keen.
30/Apr/16 1:48 AM
Apparently, I won't be taking 22 from Keith today.
30/Apr/16 1:49 AM
30/Apr/16 1:53 AM
If I could globe trot I'd cherry pick the best seasonal weather and split between Down Under and here, on the top side of the world. And I'd own a south on top globe and map. And circumnavigate the globe at least once just to 'prove' to myself the world is round.
30/Apr/16 1:54 AM
Burl's departure to Bali is looming. I must content myself that there is a likelihood we can all travel to Australia in 2018!
30/Apr/16 2:03 AM
Hi, shosho. (Darned autocorrect almost snuck in Shoshone instead of shosho.) How is the season in LA? I've heard dire stories blaming El NiƱo but now I hear it's been changing?
30/Apr/16 2:06 AM
Thx, Greg. Great memories. A fun watch...
30/Apr/16 2:22 AM
Ah, well. I suppose I shall finish with a cp and go see what I can find to eat. I believe I shall ask Burl to pick up Something with Indian paneer on his way home! Have a great day, everyone!!
30/Apr/16 2:28 AM
Well, Plum, we've been having a slightly cool weather high 60's to low 70's. Due to the stronger El Nino conditions the low pressure area moved south and east of us here in LA. Rats!
30/Apr/16 2:44 AM
But I'm not in any hurry for warmer weather because I know it'll come with a vengeance. The baby ducklings have appeared and soon it'll be time for the mallards to migrate. But while it last I enjoy seeing the great and snowy egrets, the red wing blackbirds, American coots, and the cinnamon teals. I think I spied a blue wing teal and white crown sparrow.
30/Apr/16 2:47 AM
Beautiful flowers, in beautiful Paris, under a beautiful sky.
30/Apr/16 3:06 AM
But CP, if we ALL converge on Australia in 2018, won't the Earth tilt?
30/Apr/16 4:54 AM

Poor CP, she get the blame for everything!! It was Plum who made mention of all travelling to Australia in 2018!!
30/Apr/16 5:13 AM
same here at home.
30/Apr/16 6:08 AM
Get the blame for everything.
30/Apr/16 6:09 AM
Particularly since there's just me and he at home.
30/Apr/16 6:10 AM
No dog or cat to blame, and no 4T.
30/Apr/16 6:11 AM
30/Apr/16 6:11 AM
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