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Easy Sudoku for 30/April/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Happy Saturday!
(Now on to the Sudoku)
30/Apr/17 12:09 AM
Good Maen, good people. Working on figuring out the new wiring for the bedroom. Discovered there's more to tear out! Oh, wait ... it's MY birthday and it's SKYE's bedroom, so SHE can tear it out, right? (I'm not like that. I'll help.)
30/Apr/17 12:37 AM


I was setting up for a yard sale at 6:30 AM. The club I belong to holds 2 a year for charity. I am not much of a morning person to begin with, then having ''early More...
30/Apr/17 12:52 AM
We had 6 really nice Thomasville dining chairs for sale. $20 apiece, or, all six for $100. I had to laugh when someone offered $40 for all of them. ''No, I don't think so, Mam''. I really wanted to say, 'Are you NUTS??''
And, yes, they did sell at full price.
30/Apr/17 1:02 AM
At any rate, I have to go back for take down in about an hour, but, thought I'd come home and get away from the ''bargain hunters'' for awhile.
30/Apr/17 1:05 AM
Plum, on your topsider birthday.
30/Apr/17 1:07 AM
30/Apr/17 1:12 AM
30/Apr/17 1:32 AM
I understand about Early Bird Shoppers, Kathy! We used to have a Swap Meet in town, converted from a former Drive Inn Theater. Twice a year, before daylight, we would get into the long line entering the Swap Meet. Half of our stuff was sold out of the back of the pickup, in the dark, even before More...
30/Apr/17 1:36 AM
Lovely photo today.
30/Apr/17 2:52 AM
& an easy 1-9.
30/Apr/17 4:44 AM
Most definitely!
30/Apr/17 5:58 AM
Judy & Kathy, it's not just at swap meet/garage sales that you get that mentality!

We have a 2 year old BBQ grill head on display in our store. Boss wants it gone, so he marked it down 50%. (We're talking a really good quality, American made bbq). A customer came in and offered us HALF More...
30/Apr/17 6:05 AM
Morning all,a nice shade of blue.
30/Apr/17 7:17 AM
Ariane, have a wonderful day.
30/Apr/17 7:19 AM
Good MaEn - quiet here today ! Off celebrating Plum birthday???? Still at my water conference! Home tomorrow and mind is filled and ready to write up some formats - I was the winner of the grand prize and got 70 dollar credit to a future course! One moe class to go.
30/Apr/17 9:32 AM
30/Apr/17 9:50 AM
I am tired and coming down with a cold (right before my leaving for Hawaii!! I had to go to an LA County math competition today, about an hour and half drive to the college where it was held. I guess I'm disconsolate because we didn't win any medals.
30/Apr/17 9:53 AM
1:29 Good morning one and all! I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
30/Apr/17 9:56 AM
Sorry to hear, shosho. Hope the cold doesn't ruin your Hawaii trip.
30/Apr/17 10:14 AM
30/Apr/17 10:14 AM
30/Apr/17 10:14 AM
Just ambling though.....You're lucky Keith, that I wasn't jogging, (I'd like to see that I can hear some of you say.) I'd have happily pinched your twenty two!
30/Apr/17 10:36 AM
As for the price on goods for sale. I don't know about in the States but here in Aus a price is not hard and fast. It is called 'an offer to treat'. This means that one an make a counter offer, which may or may not be accepted by the seller, yep, even in the supermarket.
30/Apr/17 10:43 AM
So, my 56th birthday has been a good one. My parents called me to wish me well and we talked a while. I get to see them soon.

30/Apr/17 11:21 AM
Skye noticed the movie 'Hidden Figures' is already out on dvd/blue ray, so that was my present to unwrap today. I will watch it tomorrow when Burl can see it, too.
30/Apr/17 11:22 AM
I found a bathing suit for half price, so I used some birthday money for that. We're having a couple robotics pool parties this summer to operate the two ROVs, so I'll actually have an excuse to wear a bathing suit.
30/Apr/17 11:23 AM
We had spaghetti, peas and garlic bread for dinner with lemon iced tea. I'm having a shrimp and pork egg roll for supper. Maybe a slice of red velvet cake when Burl gets home soon.
30/Apr/17 11:25 AM
I took a long nap today, too. So even though it's late, I'm going to watch 'Emma' tonight.
30/Apr/17 11:25 AM
Just for the weekend, Cake Lady, for a visit with son who works there & lives in Brooklyn. Yes, Rochester will be show casing what makes it the Flower City now very soon - its renowned LILACS!!! Historically it earned its name from the Flour Mills here, but as those left , the flour moniker was changed to Flower.
30/Apr/17 3:17 PM
01/May/17 1:27 AM
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