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Easy Sudoku for 30/May/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
30/May/16 12:00 AM
30/May/16 12:01 AM
Too daze in a row.
30/May/16 12:01 AM

We are up and running again, I see.
30/May/16 12:06 AM
I wonder if Gath realizes that Shosho has been wheeing on it.
30/May/16 12:09 AM
I'm having fun with today's Hard page.
30/May/16 12:23 AM
That's it, Kathy! Shosho shorted it out!
30/May/16 12:31 AM
30/May/16 12:36 AM
Good morning.
30/May/16 1:30 AM
I take it there were problems with the site earlier.
30/May/16 1:33 AM
Ah well, all seems ok now - touch wood.
30/May/16 1:34 AM
We had family over for dinner -- 4T and girlfriend, and number 2 son-in-law. Mr P cooked the most delicious roast dinner - roast beef and trimmings followed by home baked apple pie. And then red velvet cake for 4T's birthday. Yumm! Of course, I'm not eating another thing this week.
30/May/16 1:40 AM
We have a busy week ahead of us. A trip up to Sydney and back on Wednesday/Thursday, then more family and visitors in town over the weekend, not staying with us, but there will be multiple get-togethers I'm sure. I'm tired just thinking of it!
30/May/16 1:54 AM
Gath fixed the short ... not necessarily referring to shosho.
30/May/16 1:56 AM
Happy Sunday!
CP: your meal sounds wonderful, although I don't quite understand the 4T reference (4th child/son?)
Pretty sure that doesn't refer to size since over here, that refers to '4Toddler'?!
30/May/16 2:28 AM
30/May/16 2:43 AM
am I allowed back in after yesterday?
30/May/16 2:45 AM
Only if you'll race with me.
30/May/16 2:57 AM
Lets see if she's still around.
30/May/16 2:58 AM
Or anybody else for that matter.
30/May/16 2:58 AM
30/May/16 2:58 AM
30/May/16 2:59 AM

I'm glad Gath got the problems with the site sorted. Thanks, Gath.
30/May/16 3:23 AM
I'm also glad Keith got his #22 before I got on the site today!
30/May/16 3:24 AM
I don't think I'd like to drink coffee from this grinder!
30/May/16 3:31 AM
I think it's not for coffee. More likely for grinding apples for cider...
30/May/16 3:51 AM
another week at work done and dusted.......only 3 more weeks til holidays
30/May/16 5:41 AM
Rode on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago- bike the drive - 30 plus miles - a very good tired - got my 10000 steps in early today - my challenge - 250 steps each hour til At least 6 - if I can stay awake- left for ride at 4
30/May/16 6:25 AM
I 2nd the vote for cider press.
30/May/16 6:29 AM


In the today we have Judy, Plum, Cake Lady, Joyce and Kathy. I have marbles for today's winners. More...
30/May/16 6:39 AM
Karen has been playing hooky lately so I'm going to fill in with a couple mommy tales of my own.
30/May/16 6:42 AM
The middle school had a Memorial Day assembly on Friday and Elijah played Taps for it. He said he he made one mistake because he got nervous when he felt all the eyes on him. He did a lot better than I would have. I would have been very clear about how there was no way I was playing by myself in front of everyone.
30/May/16 6:44 AM
Baby girl has been taking a lot of steps lately. She looks like a baby zombie. She has her hands out for balance and doesn't really bend her legs.
30/May/16 6:46 AM
I'll quit now. I don't want to risk breaking the site.
30/May/16 6:47 AM
Send those marbles to me, Serena. I've been losing a lot of them lately.
30/May/16 7:21 AM
OMG, you tempt me, Judy.
30/May/16 7:43 AM
Judy, maybe it's time to 'head for the hills' NOW..
30/May/16 7:55 AM
I'm afraid it's me who should be heading for the hills, DOA.
30/May/16 8:13 AM
In the meantime...
30/May/16 8:14 AM
Goodbye page one.
30/May/16 8:15 AM
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