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Easy Sudoku for 30/May/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:48 Good night all!
30/May/17 12:06 AM
all! 'Night, Anne.
30/May/17 12:07 AM
Memorial Day in the USA Veterans: for your service
30/May/17 12:52 AM
I was reading yesterday's posts and noticed Wombat's suggestion for a puzzle. How about everyone try and come up with one?

Rules: Choose a topic. Start with one word, then add another word that starts with the last letter of the previous word. Provide clues to what the words are and More...
30/May/17 12:58 AM
30/May/17 1:02 AM
What an appropriate picture for Memorial Day....

veterans for your service!
to our current service members!

And, last but not least, to all the families of veterans and service members!
30/May/17 1:08 AM
Morning. Sho sho, you're next.
30/May/17 1:10 AM
Good morning all. POOZLE POOZLE POOZLE This is a repost of yesterday's poozle. I have 7 responses already.


Hi Everyone. Today's poozle asks you to start with a single letter and make an eight letter word, and then go back to a single word. You have to do this by More...
30/May/17 1:30 AM
I've already had 2 1/2 responses to the suggestion for 'an everyone can create one' poozle. I'll look forward to doing Kathy's one when it's daylight, the candle keeps blowing out.
30/May/17 1:35 AM
Hello all - we can never provide enough appreciation & services to offset the sacrifices our veterans have made, but we need to keep trying! THANK YOU for your service to our country!
30/May/17 1:44 AM
To answer your question, Plum, yes, Lake Ontario is VERY high, causing all kinds of havoc along the lake shore: no beaches opening- NO beaches, not much boating along the lakeshore or the various bays since there is a 4 mph speed limit, homes surrounded by water, carp spawning in front yards, water More...
30/May/17 2:00 AM
30/May/17 2:16 AM
One problem with holidays is that everyone is home when they should be somewhere else. Too bad it's raining or I'd kick most of them out.
30/May/17 2:17 AM
30/May/17 2:31 AM
Thank you for trying, Keith! I'm still sending you flying your way!!!
30/May/17 2:31 AM
Well, Serena, put raincoats and rainbows on them and send them out! Of course there's the muddy aftermath to worry about when they come running back in!
30/May/17 2:35 AM
is not enough for those that paid the ultimate price. Never forget.
30/May/17 3:40 AM
Good morning.
30/May/17 4:09 AM
I am always impressed by the sincere sentiments expressed by you Americans on Veterans' Day.
30/May/17 4:10 AM
Our veterans are basically ignored, unless there is a homecoming parade or a formal repatriation ceremony for those who have given their lives.
30/May/17 4:12 AM
We can name individual casualties when tragedy strikes whereas you guys give numbers of casualties or dead.
30/May/17 4:16 AM
Oh K-e-i-t-h. This is 22.
30/May/17 4:18 AM
While we were in Hawaii, the number of American servicemen there was equal to the numbers in our whole defence forces.
30/May/17 4:20 AM
Interesting photo today, with lovely colour.
30/May/17 4:33 AM
Maen, all. 1:33 and almost time for lunch.
30/May/17 4:48 AM
Good mAen
Pulled aqua class leading this morning - not my typical class format so I need a lesson plan - think I did pretty well as I got 2 Complements - concerning years ago one of my older class members told me I wasn't the best but I wasn't the worse teacher either - we all bring something to the table !
30/May/17 5:37 AM
Thinking I would like to hike or bike my bike - but my knees and hip say - easy girl - you know you ran that class this morning and picked up the house !
30/May/17 5:41 AM
Have a good rest of the day - I do have a book to read !
30/May/17 5:42 AM
My Marine grandson-in-law wrote this. He is a very special guy. I am grateful every day that he returned home safely after both tours. This is his take on Memorial Day....

I wrote a response to someone upset that people thank veterans on Memorial Day. It sums up well my thoughts. It's More...
30/May/17 6:25 AM
Morning all, such a peaceful picture today.
Kathy, that is so moving ,brought a tear to my eyes.
30/May/17 7:17 AM
Sun & rain... off & on!
Should see a rainbow somewhere! Right?
30/May/17 8:35 AM
Kathy, a well written piece. You certainly have good reason to be proud of him.

If we ever met, I don't know if I'd salute him but I'd shake his hand and enjoy a good chat over a few beers.
30/May/17 8:40 AM
Thank you to Kathy for posting her grandson-in-law's expression of his feelings. You should be proud.
30/May/17 9:25 AM
Thank you too to Kathy for setting out such clear guidelines for what we might call an Everyone Can Create One (ECCO) poozle. I think I've got an answer to Kathy's ECCO poozle, but I'll have to wait and see.
30/May/17 9:30 AM
I can't get past the revelation that Batty Kathy is old enough to have a grandson-in-law ...
30/May/17 10:50 AM
Judy -
30/May/17 12:27 PM
And here's mine:

Topic - Tasmanian towns
Length of words - 10 7 12 8 5

Clues -
1. Mining town
2. Aboriginal word for crayfish
3. Edge of the world (Two words)
4. Boasts Australia's oldest bridge
5. Southernmost town

Send your answers to me, make one up yourself, post it. Go for it!
30/May/17 1:33 PM

The third clue has only eleven letters, not twelve.

My bad, back to kindy tomorrow!
30/May/17 3:35 PM
1:19. Good evening everyone.
30/May/17 8:37 PM
Kathy, wonderful words from your grandson in law.
Nice that he is part of your family.
30/May/17 9:50 PM
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