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Easy Sudoku for 30/July/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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30/Jul/13 12:00 AM
Off to Tulsa for today, I hope not all day.
30/Jul/13 12:01 AM
Looks a bit dreary out there right now...
Only '10% chance of rain' ...and it's raining!
May be sunny later... but cool.
30/Jul/13 12:01 AM
Interesting arrangement of pieces.
30/Jul/13 12:06 AM
30/Jul/13 12:06 AM
30/Jul/13 12:09 AM
Where are your kittens, Vici?
30/Jul/13 12:09 AM
Good morning all! I hope everyone had a good weekend.
30/Jul/13 12:11 AM
Math Monday

A rich merchant had collected many gold coins. He did not want anybody to know about them. One day, his wife asked, 'How many gold coins do we have?'

After pausing a moment, he replied, 'Well! If I divide the coins into two unequal numbers, then 32 times the difference More...
30/Jul/13 12:13 AM
Regarding the scores for Saturday's puzzle that I posted yesterday, I received about 23 messages, and in going through them mixed up Sarah Beth and Sarah from DC. Bottom line, Sarah Beth scored 8 for 10 and Sarah from DC scored 10 for 10. Sorry for the mix-up ladies.
30/Jul/13 12:14 AM
And the guards didn't tackle him???
30/Jul/13 12:14 AM
The 'Sleeping Cee' results:

1.gnome and Nome
2. pen and en
3. glove and love
4. Swan and wan (City of Swan - www.swan.wa.gov.au/‎)
5. scar and car
6. flute and lute
7. idea and DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)
8. slow and Low
9. fall and all (whole is usually More...
30/Jul/13 12:16 AM
CG, I probably wouldn't have come up with gnome. In case you are wondering, the Fester I used was Uncle Fester from the Adams family. I wasn't completely making up answers. Although I will say that I figured 9 would be the wrong one.
30/Jul/13 12:21 AM
I was already to post a message about how my puzzle posts my be late this week when a call came in cancelling the class Big Boy had for the week. It started at 10:45. The call came at 10:10. Talk about last minute cancellations. It's a good thing I wasn't ahead of myself like I planned to be. Or maybe that's why so many people give cell number in their contact info.
30/Jul/13 12:23 AM
Today's picture is humorous, bit it looks like a professionally posed photo, not one taken by a member here. We have some good photographers here, yes, but this is a studio shot.
30/Jul/13 12:24 AM
I agree Heidi. My first thought was a professional photo.
30/Jul/13 12:32 AM
30/Jul/13 12:39 AM
I must have been docked yesterday for not having 's' on my place-lace. I went back and double checked my Word doc.
30/Jul/13 12:40 AM
Right time?
30/Jul/13 12:41 AM
Seems to be.
30/Jul/13 12:41 AM
One more.
30/Jul/13 12:42 AM
30/Jul/13 12:42 AM
iPad on the road.
30/Jul/13 12:43 AM
Good morning people of the world.
30/Jul/13 12:43 AM
Rain Day
Lasagna Day
30/Jul/13 12:44 AM
Serena, that has happened to me two Saturdays in a row. I showed up at my clients apartment (late no less, but we have an agreement) and the door was locked. Rang the son's girlfriend, who had been staying with her. ''Oh, hi. Mom's in the hospital.'' One week later, on the way in to town for the same client, get a phone call from my office that she is in the hospital again.
30/Jul/13 12:45 AM
Sarah Beth, it is so hard for me to get everyone gathered to get out the door that it really irritates me if the effort is in vain. I'm glad I got the call before I left home or there would be mad smilies in my post.
30/Jul/13 12:48 AM
Karen, I hope you won't mind if I skip celebrating rain day. We've had enough for a while that I'm going to enjoy this sunny day.
30/Jul/13 12:49 AM
Mother Nature is trying to decide if she wants to be cloudy or sunny today. We have had several days of steady drizzle. Turned the AC off two days ago, didn't think i needed a sweater inside yesterday, but wished I had one when I went to town.
30/Jul/13 12:50 AM
Sarah Beth, I don't have your message anymore, but if you should have had more then 8, let me know. I wasn't having the greatest morning yesterday compiling the results of posting the first puzzle with the answers attached.
30/Jul/13 12:54 AM
Serena, I agree with you, having to herd three little darlings. I was annoyed because I live 10 miles from town, and could have spent that time at home doing stuff. When the call came in the second day, I had just gotten on the highway. I had been wanting to visit my sister anyway, so just turned around and went the other way (legally and safely at an approved exit, thank you!).
30/Jul/13 12:54 AM
of = or
30/Jul/13 12:55 AM
CG, if you trust my honesty, this is a copy and paste of my word doc.

2. Cinch-inch
3. Part-Art
4. Mace-Ace
5. Happy-Appy
6. Metro-Etro
7. Place-lace
8. Chart-hart
9. Plane-Lane
10. Cash-Ash

I have mornings like that nearly every morning!
30/Jul/13 12:56 AM
One of my sister's dogs had puppies two weeks ago. That was my first time to see them. Cute, cute, cute! Then, like I had posted earlier, I went to visit my cousin and her husband, who live in the same town.
30/Jul/13 12:59 AM
I came here first this AM. Now off to email and FB
30/Jul/13 1:00 AM
Okay Sarah Beth, I screwed up and of course I trust your honesty. 10 for 10.
30/Jul/13 1:12 AM
I think what I did was attribute the three attempts sent by Sarah from DC to you in error.
30/Jul/13 1:16 AM
Close, Where's Karen?
30/Jul/13 2:11 AM
30/Jul/13 2:11 AM
30/Jul/13 2:11 AM
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