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Easy Sudoku for 30/August/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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30/Aug/14 12:58 AM
Did I make it? The phone rang.
30/Aug/14 12:59 AM
You can yell at me later. I have kids to take outside.
30/Aug/14 1:00 AM
How many hellos, do you give a caller, before you hang up?
30/Aug/14 1:00 AM
Congratulations, Hal!
30/Aug/14 1:00 AM
I've talked to kids whose father's job moved them often. Though they don't like it, they learn very well how to interact with new people and fit into new situations ... not a bad life skill to have.
30/Aug/14 1:01 AM
Karen... ONE! If I don't get an immediate reply, I hang up. I'm not wasting MY time, especially since most of the no-responses are junk calls.
30/Aug/14 1:10 AM
Keith, I've known families to move frequently, and those which are firmly grounded can pretty much settle in anywhere, and the kids adapt. I would've been more worried about Silverteen as a Silvergirl rather than now, though it's usually younger kids who treat moving as no big deal. These days, More...
30/Aug/14 1:13 AM
That is a good point Keith.
My need to keep routines and schedules, uninterrupted, could possibly be my own need for security.
It has been pointed out, on several occasions, by someone, that there was never a discussion, on me being a SAHM, which I do not believe him. I know I have said, way More...
30/Aug/14 1:22 AM
Hummm, seeing those post, has my brain cell, thinking. K and I are so much alike, we do not do change well or fast. I can see, that K got that trait from me, but where I got it from, I do not know. As a child, we only moved three times, with one city/school change, at the age of 6. Even though, More...
30/Aug/14 1:31 AM
Sneak attacks are on the kitties agenda today, unfortunately their victims are Shelby and my feet.
Little turkeys, I need to get them bells.
30/Aug/14 1:34 AM
30/Aug/14 1:34 AM
Today I will be rather busy, have to babysit my grandie for the day because today is Admission Day when California joined the Union and next Monday will be Labor Day. Teachers were delighted, a 4 day weekend went well with them.
30/Aug/14 1:36 AM
My personal experience was just the opposite. Many of the people I went to Kindergarten with were also in my high school graduation.
30/Aug/14 1:47 AM
My dad was military and we moved a lot. My mom used to laugh every time I complained about leaving ''my best friends, EVER''. It seems I had more ''best friends, EVER'' within a very short time.
30/Aug/14 1:48 AM
Good morning (nearing afternoon) to all! Chow chow time!
30/Aug/14 1:51 AM
Sorry Serena, I missed your puzzle yesterday for some reason. I will have one for tomorrow though.
30/Aug/14 1:53 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world.....

Just as well I only need to type here, Im just hoping my voice will last another 4 hours at work. Raspy isnt the word for it..
30/Aug/14 2:08 AM
from Arkansas
30/Aug/14 2:51 AM
Should have guessed Karen was here today.
30/Aug/14 2:51 AM
I did take a shower this morning.
Everyone can come back.
30/Aug/14 3:48 AM
If I keep going I might have the longest time difference CP
30/Aug/14 3:49 AM
30/Aug/14 3:49 AM

why stop at 5 ?? you would of made all sorts of records had you kept going.
30/Aug/14 4:05 AM
Well you can do the same Lizzy, plus save tour voice!
30/Aug/14 4:08 AM
tour = your
30/Aug/14 4:08 AM
work keeps getting in the way tonight the hide of some!
30/Aug/14 4:16 AM
30/Aug/14 4:46 AM
No hard feelings, Kathy. I wrote it, I'll have to live with it.
30/Aug/14 5:13 AM
I hope you feel better real soon, Lizzie. At least this should be your last shift for a couple days. I guess you won't be yelling at any family!
30/Aug/14 6:35 AM
Good morning everyone. I knew Karen was here, too! Interesting conversation on changing schools for children. In my experience it really does depend on the family and more importantly the character and resilience of the child.
30/Aug/14 7:40 AM
Hubby's gone fishing today with one of his mates to Tooms Lake. Hoping to catch a trout or two. He doesn't really care if he catches nothing, it's just good time out.
30/Aug/14 7:42 AM
I might take my camera to the seaside or I might just chill at home.
30/Aug/14 7:43 AM
Still in bed with my iPad and a cup of coffee.
30/Aug/14 7:44 AM
Life doesn't get much better than this.

30/Aug/14 7:45 AM
CP+1 and nicely set up for a lurker or someone who is a wannabe page turner.
30/Aug/14 7:46 AM
2:22, on a tablet at a café at Sydney airport with no mouse. I got the news late yesterday that my father had suffered a heart attack, non-fatal thank goodness, and I'm just in transit to Launceston now, having flown from Canberra to Sydney ay 6:00 this morning.
30/Aug/14 8:11 AM
Why not, we're nearly there...
30/Aug/14 8:23 AM
30/Aug/14 8:23 AM
...hello to...
30/Aug/14 8:23 AM
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