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Easy Sudoku for 31/January/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Have been using 'grey' laundry water on my garden for some time now. Some 30 litres per large wash - and that's on the 'water saver' cycle. It DOES take some bucketing...but the exercise won't hurt me! No complaints from any plants including all my roses. Tree ferns hate it though so they have More...
Chatroom explosion, can't get in!! Linda, cc, jake and jeb are you in there?? Stuck in a timewarp??..
Apologies if this is a pepeat.....

An Irish woman of advanced age, visited her doctor to ask his help in reviving her husbands libido.
What about Viagra?' asks the doctor.
'Not a chance,' she said, 'he won't even take an aspirin.'
'Not a problem,' replied the doctor 'drop it into More...
I think Dr Who has landed..
Hi all especially to all fellow Aussies on water restrictions. Two things I have done is have a bucket in the shower in my ensuite which nearly fills while waiting for the hot water to come through and then I use it to flush the loo. Secondly, I have put a clock in the main bathroom and shower More...
I like ''pepeat'' better, Greg.
I think the beautiful butterfly is a common Monarch. Any one else think so??.
Jackie - but all the water in the world is recycled it's just how long it takes ;-)
yes me too bert, kind of suits him.. night everyone
I put the cold water into our kettle for cuppas. The main plants left in our once green garden are natives. The daisies etc. are really sad and becoming dry... And my poor daphne, which was last year absolutely full of flowers, well hubby fell into it off a ladder and broke it in several areas, More...
I liked 'ripped me clothes to yatters'....! ;-)
Thank you for making me partissipate more
Obviously I need an editor here. Any volunteers?
Good maEn,
Oh, pretty butterfly - don't fly to the midwest you will freeze your wings off. brrrrrrrrrrr - it cuddle up time.
Jackie/Brisband: The Monarch butterfly is the mascot of the elementary school where I taught for 20 years in Massachusetts. The fourth grade students hatch eggs, feed larvae, and tag and release the adults as part of a migration study for the University of Kansas. To see a photo so you can compare, go to http://www.kidzone.ws/animals/monarch_butterfly.htm
Andre, I do not really understand your question. I do not need to go to France to get French Toast. When I make French Toast I just use bread. I get the bread at the Grocery Store. It is in the same aisle as the English Muffins.
And you can probably get Danish pastries there, too.
Greg, what are you inviting?
Oh, Danish pastries are to die for! Well, not exactly, but oh, so yummy, Nurn
Good Morning all. My two cherubs(so easy to call them that when they're not here) have gone off to school. The house is so quiet and such a mess!

Guess today is housework day
You could pour some Italian dressing on a salad and have it with your French toast, then, the Danish pastry for desert.
love the butterfly. Awsome picture
Ok. So I'm new at this and need some help. What do you do next when there's two possible squares that the numbers can go in and it seems the only way to fill in the grid is to guess?

What's that Ed? Someone reading our mail? I don't think so. Best bike I ever rode was a 750 Duke. Pity, never owned it tho.

Ever see an old Aussie movie called ''Stone''? Nice Norton in that.
I just received the most wonderful ''Care Package'' from VICTORIA OF FERNLANDS! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Victoria! I am drooling over packages of Original and Chewy Caramel Tim Tams, a tube of Vegemite, a Cherry Ripe candy bar, Giant Caramello Koalas and Freddos, and a bag of smaller More...
Judy........how GOOD are Caramello Koalas. (rhetorical question only)
WHY OH WHY do the Caramello Koalas taste better than the candy bars, which is all we can get here?? Yes, COL ... to die for!!
Hey Judy, glad you like them. Don't forget to save some Caramello Koalas for the grandkids if you are going to see them soon.
Let us know about the vegemite.
Damn you, VICTORIA OR FERNLANDS! Sending our secrets and National Heritage to America. You know what will happen if they learn of the potential of vegemite? They will probably beat us at cricket and (dare I say it), Aussie Rules.
Bella: If you go to the top right corner of this page, you'll see a link to the Sudoku Blog and ''almost locked sets.'' Believe me, most of the people here, including me, don't have a clue what an ''almost locked set'' is...so don't feel inferior.

But on that link are other pages with More...
OK, ok that should have been ''OF''.
Easy, DI ... I don't think you have to worry about Americans ever challenging the Aussies in those two sports. Americans are too impatient and hyperactive to ever fully embrace cricket, and American men will never measure up in Aussie Rules, because we have been told many times that Aussie Rules players have leather balls. :)
Don't worry too much about it, Deb. At least in the long run you and all your neighbours will be drinking recycled water, and most urban water shortages will be a thing of the past. I don't know what you think about recycled water, but it is coming, and it won't only be the Major cities that will be using this technology.
As a former USAian, still an AMERICAN, but now more of an Equatorian American rather than an el Norte, I must say we don't really NEED Vegemite, since we have Durabond AND Bondo (and in a pinch, Silly Putty & PlayDough), any of which is much more versatile than even duct tape. Cooking, medical, More...
Jackie, hate the idea or not, the fact of the matter is that all water is recycled, either by nature (evapouration), or treatment. And it is on it's way. And your saving your 8 litres a shower by pouring on your garden or flushing your lou is an effort that really amounts to nothing in the grand More...

Hey, welcome back Kotter. And, Hear! Hear! On the waste water issue. They have the technology now to purify the water beyond the treatment they do at dam level, (No.2 son works for water board.) Its even better than rainwater out of the tank. Ever seen what's at the bottom of your rainwater tank? Disgusting! Unless you keep it scrupulously clean every year that is.

I have to say I'm confused.
What does 'Durabond', 'Bondo', 'Silly Putty' and 'Play Dough' have to do with Vegemite?

Maybe I'm just missing something here...........well yeah ......I'm missing a LOT.......but I mean with this post in particular.
Hi Baz

Long time - No See
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