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Easy Sudoku for 31/December/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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We just returned from 11 days in the Caribbean.
We had a very nice time and are sorry to return
to this cold weather. Happy New Year!!
31/Dec/17 12:00 AM
Cool change has come through and the night is beautiful.
31/Dec/17 12:04 AM
1:45 Glad you had a good holiday, Wolf.

Good night one and all!
31/Dec/17 12:14 AM
Good Maen, good people. Well, the woodstoves are stoked, the kettle is hot, all of me is dressed in layers, so I'm as ready as ever for a COLD winter day. ❄️
31/Dec/17 12:55 AM
Well, it's trying to be sunny outside!
Still chilly!
It is Winter, isn't it?
31/Dec/17 1:14 AM
31/Dec/17 1:16 AM
so close . . .
31/Dec/17 1:17 AM
31/Dec/17 1:17 AM
Am waiting for the Tylenol to kick in so I can start preparing the traditional Japanese Oshogatsu dishes! It's sad that I think I'm the last one who has learned to make these dishes. Did have a niece who wanted to learn and came in to help but she stayed only long enough to help prepare the vegetables and not for the cooking or seasoning.
31/Dec/17 1:34 AM
Oh well, with google I'm sure if they really wanted to know they'll find the recipes.
31/Dec/17 1:35 AM
31/Dec/17 1:35 AM
I have been among the missing for waaaay too long. I believe I told you I was having computer problems? It turned out I needed a new hard drive. Buying a new computer would have been easier than replacing that thing. It More...
31/Dec/17 1:56 AM
I have my greatgranddog and cat visiting. Their family went to Williamsburg for 4 days. I was invited, but, who wants to troop around there is 25 degree weather? Not me, that's for sure. It is COLD here. Walking the dog is punishing enough. The stupid critter jumps our fence, so, she has to be on a leash....even walking around the back yard.
31/Dec/17 2:02 AM
The Caribbean sounds mighty good to me right now, Wolf. I'm happy to hear you had such a good time.
The long range weather report this morning said we will have at least a week of 20's to 30's. We had a ''dusting'' of snow when I got up this morning. I slid across the deck at the other end More...
31/Dec/17 2:18 AM
I am thinking about taking the Christmas tree down today. So far, this time, the cat hasn't climbed it, but, I don't want to push my luck. We couldn't keep her out of it last year.
I'd better get cracking if I'm to accomplish anything this morning.
Bye for now!
31/Dec/17 2:24 AM
Oh, what the heck. One more.
31/Dec/17 2:25 AM
31/Dec/17 2:33 AM
Everybody!! Happy New Year to our friends who are a day ahead!
31/Dec/17 2:42 AM
, Down Under! May 2018 be a healthy and happy year for you all!
31/Dec/17 2:46 AM
Kathy - temperature is often relative. I was just saying yesterday that when the temps rise back up into the 20s F in a week and a half we can sing 'Having a Heat Wave.' It's 'bitter cold' here but Burl is outdoors without his heaviest jacket on - just a heavy Tshirt, sweatshirt and furry lined More...
31/Dec/17 2:54 AM
Denny, Judy ... Keith ... race you?
31/Dec/17 2:55 AM
31/Dec/17 2:55 AM
Better luck next year, Keith.
31/Dec/17 2:56 AM
It's a bit of a time gap, but since no one else is posting, I'll add one more comment for a CP.
31/Dec/17 4:05 AM
... but ... but ... I just got up.
31/Dec/17 4:23 AM
Pretty pink flower! Looks like a rose, but isn't. Kate.
31/Dec/17 4:24 AM
Good afternoon to all! New Year's Eve in the other hemisphere. 2018 1s just around the corner.
31/Dec/17 5:14 AM
31/Dec/17 5:37 AM
My son offered me breakfast - when asked if I wanted OJ - did my dishes - breakfast was 2 waffles with white chocolate chips, a drizzle of chocolate on top and a splash of whipped cream - I was amazed that he did the dishes !
31/Dec/17 5:40 AM
Susan Grafton passed away - author of the alphabet series books - Y just came out - I hope she left notes for z -
31/Dec/17 6:04 AM
Morning all,blue sky with fluffy white clouds.
No way I could live where there were very low temperatures, the lowest we got in Robinvale was 6C.
31/Dec/17 6:44 AM
Loza,Shell, Willbooks and Lexal.
31/Dec/17 6:49 AM
Amelia-you have me interested in Robinvale!
31/Dec/17 6:56 AM
1:24. Good morning everyone.
31/Dec/17 6:58 AM
Canada's outdoor New Year's Eve celebrations are canceled due to temperatures so cold that, for instance, Ottawa is colder than Antarctica, colder than Mars!
31/Dec/17 7:05 AM
Well, look at that! I've come just in time . . .
31/Dec/17 7:22 AM
I shall mosey us along to the bottom of the page . . .
31/Dec/17 7:23 AM
Getting close now . . .
31/Dec/17 7:23 AM
Golly, I should hurry up just in case someone else comes . . .
31/Dec/17 7:24 AM
31/Dec/17 7:24 AM
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