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Easy Sudoku for 31/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Waiting for another round of thunderstorms with possible tornadoes - always the night I have to go out.
31/Mar/16 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
31/Mar/16 12:04 AM
Wolf, I too am waiting the pending thunderstorms, but I have not heard the possible tornadoes. But that does not mean anything, tis the season. And the T-storms are iffy, since at 10 this morning it is only an 80% chance of rain. Yesterday, the forecast said it was raining here. The forecast lied.
31/Mar/16 12:06 AM
On a topic from yesterday, you know I have filled up a page once or twice in the 9 years I have been on here. One sleepless night I gave an account on my sparkling clean bathroom. Boy one member jumped all over me. I think since then I have just done, maybe half a page. Or many posts, per page at different times.
31/Mar/16 12:09 AM
Really nothing going on this week. Don't have a Mommy Tale or a Kitty Tale to share. Scary.
31/Mar/16 12:10 AM
Fish Tale is not exciting. Lost another big one and last count there were 6 babies. But that is an old report from Sunday. Maybe different now.
31/Mar/16 12:11 AM
Still keeping the tissue people in business. Was able to take an allergy pill last Friday, which gave wonderful relief. There is a possibility I can do it again this coming weekend.
Before you ask, I do not like taking medication when I have the girls, because everything knocks me out. Nothing like a passed out mother with wild children running around.
31/Mar/16 12:16 AM
I am off in a few minutes to visit the friendly folks at the Verizon Store to (hopefully) find out why I can't send e-mails from my phone. But, before I go, I shall attend to business here.

The answer to yesterday's poozle: More...
31/Mar/16 12:23 AM
And for today......

A man was murdered in his office. The suspects are Gerry, Julie, Jason, Nick and Sophie. The numbers 6, 4, 9, 10, 11 are written in blood on the calendar. Who is the killer and how do you know?

Answers to my ''Office work will kill you'' inbox, please.
31/Mar/16 12:26 AM
By the way, hubby can't send e-mail from his phone either, so, it's not my usual tech incompetence that is the issue.
31/Mar/16 12:29 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not my it be on the improve soon.
31/Mar/16 1:31 AM
Did I really say there was no drama going on? Ha, if none is happening on its own, I will just make my own.
31/Mar/16 1:41 AM
Another sunny day ... let us rejoice while we can. Supposedly, crapola is coming tomorrow. (I propose that 'crapola' becomes an official meteorological word ...)
31/Mar/16 1:42 AM
Before I start my rant, let me just say how much I appreciate just about any person who choose to be in any aspect of the medical profession. You are mighty brave people, especially if you have to deal with someone like me. (I say just about any person, I did have a nurse one time, who said it is More...
31/Mar/16 1:44 AM
Happy Wednesday day off, bur too late to send in my answer to Kathy's poozle from yesterday and I have no chance on today's logic(?) poozle
31/Mar/16 1:48 AM
Before Man switched jobs last year, I made sure I had enough medication to last, at least 6 months. That was because, I needed the stuff, I think, and that would give time for new insurance to kick in. Well, I thought that would be a great time to look for a new, fresh doctor. Well, in May, it will More...
31/Mar/16 1:55 AM
I so enjoyed my year of no medical appointments. Wonder if this next doctor would give me a years worth of meds, so I can only have lectures once a year?

Oh, so I do not get into too much trouble, I have worked in some aspects of the medical field, too. I did like working at the VA. At the More...
31/Mar/16 2:00 AM
31/Mar/16 2:22 AM
I see Karen has moved us right along.
31/Mar/16 2:22 AM
I also see that I landed on 2:22. I don't remember ever noticing that before.
31/Mar/16 2:23 AM
31/Mar/16 2:23 AM
31/Mar/16 2:23 AM
And what have you been up to while i have been reading the posts, Keith>
31/Mar/16 2:29 AM
Galumping would have been my guess.
31/Mar/16 2:30 AM
That'll learn me to read the end posts before the beginning ones - especially if we are near 22.
31/Mar/16 2:32 AM
31/Mar/16 2:33 AM
never mind, it obviously wasn't my turn.
31/Mar/16 2:33 AM
31/Mar/16 2:34 AM
If I hurry, I can still say Good Morning to all!
31/Mar/16 2:43 AM
Today is our ONE day of sunny-delight, Cathy, with crapola on our menu too for tomorrow....
31/Mar/16 2:46 AM
As Cathy said, sunny! And mild, too!
Will have to take advantage of nice weather.
31/Mar/16 3:41 AM
31/Mar/16 4:17 AM
Lost my connection for a minute. We are getting the crapola now
31/Mar/16 4:23 AM
B back later when the weather clears.
31/Mar/16 4:24 AM
31/Mar/16 4:39 AM
I have returned. Our phones are e-mail friendly again. It was quite the hassle, but, what isn't now a days? Two hours. A call from the store - to Verizon customer service - to some rep in India, who couldn't figure out the problem and blamed the product (the phone itself). Our Verizon Store More...
31/Mar/16 5:03 AM
''it'' nice!
Okay, I have wasted half a day on phones. Now I have to do some food shopping and go to the bank.
Off I go, again! Bye!
31/Mar/16 5:06 AM
Morning all, how many Jims do we have on site that would be walking among the rocks.
31/Mar/16 5:08 AM
31/Mar/16 5:09 AM
Like Aileen I didn't get back to do Kathy's poozle and today's is a no no!
31/Mar/16 5:11 AM
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