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Easy Sudoku for 31/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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2:08 Good night one and all, or anyone who may visit the site.
31/Mar/17 12:34 AM
No 'medium' today.
31/Mar/17 12:38 AM
Maen Anne, and all to follow.
31/Mar/17 12:55 AM
Good morning.
31/Mar/17 12:57 AM
Hi Anne, hi Keith.
31/Mar/17 12:57 AM
Went to see Beauty and the Beast yesterday. I really enjoyed it.
31/Mar/17 12:59 AM
'Though I think I enjoyed the cartoon version just as much.
31/Mar/17 1:00 AM
I'm off to check emails. Cya.
31/Mar/17 1:02 AM
🌦☕️🙋🏼good Maen🌷 I could take a nap !
31/Mar/17 1:25 AM
Good Maen, good people. Mymare, did the thunderstorms in the wee hours cut into your sleep, too? You can take my pillow. I've used it enough this past week.
31/Mar/17 1:34 AM
31/Mar/17 1:36 AM
Ack, Anne, you beat me by 40 seconds!!! One of these days, just you wait~
31/Mar/17 1:38 AM
I still dedicate this post to Queen Anne
31/Mar/17 1:38 AM
Look at the time. I should get my poozle answer in to Kathy! ...
31/Mar/17 2:04 AM
Well, I was going to post the answers, but, I'll wait for Plum.....
31/Mar/17 2:12 AM
31/Mar/17 2:13 AM
Crash. I've had internet troubles and had to reboot my Wi-Fi and computer. Heading over to your inbox now. Give me a few minutes. Sorry.
31/Mar/17 2:41 AM
I think Plum may have gotten sidetracked...I have to go fix lunch, so......

The answers to yesterday's poozle: 1. they have waves 2. they are hitched 3. they are balanced 4. they have tanks 5. they have scores
6. they have bowls 7. they are filled 8. they have picks 9. they are More...
31/Mar/17 2:42 AM
to everyone who expressed their condolences at the passing of my mother. Friends are what helps you through life and even though I have never met most of you, this site has a fantastic group of very good friends just lurking around to help you out!
31/Mar/17 2:42 AM
I had them all solved last night reading from my tablet, but I usually can't send poozle solutions from it without extreme frustration. Then I forgot that I still needed to send, then ....
31/Mar/17 2:49 AM
Well, I seem to be out here for a stroll this morning, so close to ....
31/Mar/17 2:50 AM
31/Mar/17 2:50 AM
I'm glad I gave mymare my pillow. It looks as if Runtly is still using his.
31/Mar/17 3:06 AM
If Junebug Jenny is checking in on her special day, . Come back and say 'Hi.'
31/Mar/17 3:42 AM
Joyce - some messy weather appears to be headed your way.
31/Mar/17 4:23 AM
Morning all, Runtly sure looks comfy.
It was our turn to feel some of Debbie's force yesterday, torrential rain most of the day and half the night.
31/Mar/17 4:40 AM
Comfy little Runtly. He's sure enjoying his nap with his pillow.
31/Mar/17 5:03 AM
1:42. Good morning everyone.
31/Mar/17 5:32 AM
31/Mar/17 5:40 AM
Thanks, Plum. I just returned from a day-in-the-car doing errands/appts ...heard similar warnings on the radio. Thanks to your mention, I investigated it more fully - yikes! Along with all the rain, even flurries here, but Serena might have a foot of snow!
31/Mar/17 7:51 AM
Hello all!

Peter, you'll need to save strolling for another day when Keith's around to attempt a maneuver to out-gallump you...
31/Mar/17 7:57 AM
Wow- Runtly surely rates big time- tapestry recliner with a satin pillow; hope he fully appreciates the privileges afforded a cherished pet!
31/Mar/17 7:59 AM
Plum looks better strolling than Peter ... just sayin'
31/Mar/17 8:42 AM
Maybe..., Keith, but it's the maundering I'd like to witness!
31/Mar/17 10:11 AM
31/Mar/17 10:48 AM
Jeb, just sent you a PM re. our common posting problems.

And anyone else in a situation where your internet provider has merged and is now part of Spectrum - keep alert for their advertisements. No more modem rental, amazingly fast internet speed, & lower rates ...but you need to request the change-over!
31/Mar/17 12:33 PM
Peter, was that your demonstration???
31/Mar/17 12:34 PM
Happy Thursday!
Worked on Kathy's poozle after work and before signing on here (more for the challenge since it was too late to send in): would have gotten 9/10. #6 was a tough one--could only come up with 'line' but bowl was a much better answer!
31/Mar/17 4:18 PM
When I got up this morning I nearly fell over. I think my BP was too low. I had it checked later and it was OK then but I have been unsteady on my feet all day. Too many chemo rugs to know which one is at fault.
31/Mar/17 6:17 PM
Nice to be at the bottom of the page. After a deluge of rain yesterday we had a nice sunny day today.
31/Mar/17 6:18 PM
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