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Easy Sudoku for 31/August/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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TaDa, here we go! Hang tight. I expect Karen to jump in here any minute. I had to correct jump... FFS again. Okay, Ready, Set, GOOOOOOOOOOO
31/Aug/13 6:36 AM
You be suspect that things are very quite at my house this after noon...
31/Aug/13 6:37 AM
Morning all, I remember seeing these pretty pink toenails before.
31/Aug/13 6:38 AM
That should read, 'You may suspect that things are very quite at my house this afternoon'. They are.
31/Aug/13 6:40 AM
Having fun GmaJackie, lol
31/Aug/13 6:40 AM
Yep! Glad to have some company, Amelia.
31/Aug/13 6:43 AM
I usually am able to get on line in the late evening and by then everything has been said.
31/Aug/13 6:45 AM
I am going on to the Medium.
31/Aug/13 6:45 AM
I thought I should let you know just in case someone comes along looking for me.
31/Aug/13 6:46 AM
all. I can't believe there was no big deal made about #22 today! I think that's the first time I can remember in a long time that that has happened. Kind of a nice change.
31/Aug/13 6:53 AM
We are in our room at The Desmond Hotel in Malvern, PA waiting until it's time to go downstairs for the wedding of our friends' daughter at 6:00 P.M. Looking forward to enjoying all the happiness & fun with none of the worries we had at our own daughters' weddings!
31/Aug/13 6:56 AM
Hello everyone, especially GmaJackie!!!
31/Aug/13 7:07 AM
So you can relax & enjoy this wedding from the beginning, without those qualms that didn't go away till half way through the proceedings!
Have fun, Kathy!
31/Aug/13 7:11 AM
Hello Amelia! Still way behind you!
31/Aug/13 7:12 AM

I have not painted my finger or toe nails in such a long time.
How did this happen?
This I will remedy. (Just as soon as I have finished doing the Sudoku puzzles, chatting on line, getting breakfasts, cleaning up after, going back to computer to check that I have not missed anything...)
31/Aug/13 7:28 AM
Painting my toe nails is a to-do job before I fly up to Tauranga on Tuesday. It is warmer up there than in Dunedin so I may end up wearing sandals again! First day of spring tomorrow for New Zealand!
31/Aug/13 7:35 AM
1:18. Good morning everyone.
31/Aug/13 8:07 AM
Mads they recon we're already in Summer here - we have bypassed Spring completely!
31/Aug/13 8:10 AM
Kate, how can you have summer already? Over here, we're just getting to the heat of summer! Finally we're getting temps over 80º Fahrenheit or 26-27º Celsius.
31/Aug/13 8:24 AM

Mads Tauranga is a lovely part of NZ. We loved out time there a couple of years ago.
31/Aug/13 8:49 AM

Regarding the poozel Mr Cee may have stuffed up a bit on #2 so don't waste too much time on it.

Just sayin
31/Aug/13 8:55 AM
Well, that helps a bit, Cee.
31/Aug/13 9:18 AM

That still leaves you #3 and #8 to go HalT
31/Aug/13 9:50 AM
The gutter person came this morning. Hopefully he reattached where they were loose, cleaned, and new down spouts. Guess we won't have rain for a long while since everything is fixed.
31/Aug/13 9:54 AM
Back from dinner, had a wonderful prime rib. Really was just a part of it, Harry and I share. Brought home half of it, lunch tomorrow.
31/Aug/13 10:05 AM

GC, I can see why you made that assumption regarding that link you posted earlier!!!
31/Aug/13 10:32 AM
Mr Cee, is No 5 self incriminatory? (I did notice that HalT has answered that one.)
31/Aug/13 10:42 AM
For me to share a chunk of prime rib, for two meals, it had better be the giant cut. Near a kilo to start.
31/Aug/13 10:48 AM
Hello everyone. A lovely 23c here for the last day of Winter. Hubby has been away for the last 3 days. Coming back home tomorrow. I have had a lovely time not doing much at all.
No painting toe nails here.
31/Aug/13 11:37 AM
Hey Keith and all you who have had problems with too large size puzzle pieces in the jigsaw puzzle sites this is what Gath said!
'I just got your message about the jigsaw puzzles. The problem where the pieces are too big for the puzzle only happens when you select a puzzle from sudoku.com.au & More...
31/Aug/13 12:56 PM
Hope this helps the people who have had problems playing with the jigsaw puzzles! No wonder I never had a problem. I didn't know that you could play the jigsaw from this site!
31/Aug/13 12:58 PM
Good night all.
31/Aug/13 1:00 PM
DoA, the serving size of the prime rib we had is 22-24oz. Approximately 3 inches thick, yes it is a big slab of meat.
31/Aug/13 1:26 PM
Good afternoon everyone. The swallows have returned today, ready for Spring tomorrow. All the birds have really lifted their activity. The blackbirds are in a territorial battle with the Little Wattlebirds, who are in turn determined to rid the yard of the cheeky kookaburras.
31/Aug/13 2:33 PM
The Pardalotes and the honeyeaters are all choosing high spots to call from.
31/Aug/13 2:34 PM
The Blue Wrens are on show and the ducks are vey edgy.
31/Aug/13 2:35 PM
I hope to get time to do Mr Cee's puzzle, but with our first beautiful day for weeks I may not! We'll have to see.
31/Aug/13 2:38 PM
I could keep going, but with a CP. I'm out of here.
31/Aug/13 2:39 PM
But before I go...this August was the warmest and wettest on record and Spring is forecast to continue this trend!
31/Aug/13 2:48 PM
31/Aug/13 2:48 PM
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