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Easy Sudoku for 4/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning.

04/Oct/09 12:00 AM
Good maeN
Sudoku Southern Sun seekers
See if you can save some sunshine this Summer.

04/Oct/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen
04/Oct/09 12:00 AM
Good day!
04/Oct/09 12:01 AM
Good Morning People of the World.
04/Oct/09 12:02 AM
This market goer looks absolutely adorable!
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!
04/Oct/09 12:05 AM
Sort of made it through the night without my girls. The first time I got up to check on them was a real panic attack.
Thought I would get rid of some dust bunnies, then had a rethought when they attacked back. Those little sucker went straight to the nose, so I put them back under the bed.
04/Oct/09 12:05 AM

Very sensible, Karen. Out of sight, out of mind (and nose)
04/Oct/09 12:14 AM
It looks like Kensington Market.
04/Oct/09 12:28 AM
Sleep well?
04/Oct/09 12:40 AM
Good Saturday morning!
Lovely photo--have only been to western Canada (Vancouver and Victoria)--would like to see more of that country.
04/Oct/09 12:41 AM
everyone, a little nippy here, in the mid 40's this morning.
04/Oct/09 12:47 AM
From posted an article on yesterdays easy, it is on the second page. It's worth everyone's time to read. How can some people be so heartless. I agree with Broni they both should be left to starve.
04/Oct/09 1:00 AM
Done my damage for the day, now off to visit my nieces and familys
04/Oct/09 1:02 AM
I am in agreement with letting them starve. That has to be so painful.
04/Oct/09 1:06 AM
Anyway, another room down and too many more to go.
04/Oct/09 1:07 AM
It's here! Yea!!
04/Oct/09 1:50 AM
Well today I'm going for a drive by shooting!
My HMO has set up on the parking lot of the hospital, tents you drive by with your car. You stick your arm out the window and you get your flu shot! Super fast and these guys are experts in giving injections so you barely feel it! Darn buggers start up a conversation then cut it short saying you've got your shot!
04/Oct/09 1:54 AM
Hello to all you people ....enjoy !
04/Oct/09 3:06 AM
Another room gets rid of the dust.
Left the bunnies though. Whenever they feel threatened they go straight for my nose. Mean little bunnies.
04/Oct/09 3:26 AM
Good afternoon to all! This must be an advertisement for beer.
04/Oct/09 3:26 AM
So close, yet so quiet in here.
04/Oct/09 3:26 AM
This spot reserved for Keith!
04/Oct/09 3:27 AM
Oh, what a feeling.
04/Oct/09 3:27 AM
Well, i tried Keith, but Karen snuck in there!
04/Oct/09 3:27 AM
Two men were golfing, and the fairway of the hole they were playing was adjacent to a road. The first man was setting up for his swing, when a funeral procession went by on the road. He stopped, faced the procession for a moment, then bowed his head in prayer as the hearse passed by. Only when the More...
04/Oct/09 3:28 AM
Hehehe, Sorry Canuk Greg and Keith.
04/Oct/09 3:28 AM
04/Oct/09 3:33 AM
Having read the article about the girl who starved to death, I agree there should be some special kind of punishment for the parents. However, what about parents who kill baby girls because they can't contribute to the family livelihood, or parents who sell their daughters into slavery and prostitution, or parents who allow their children to drink and do drugs and live on the streets, or ..... ??
04/Oct/09 3:38 AM
everyone & a special hello to Jana from CZ - are you new here? If so, I have not noticed a comment from you before, & I think you may be the first from CZ? Maybe some of the Sudokuland historians can refresh my memory. Hope everyone has a good More...
04/Oct/09 4:02 AM
Good Morning everyone. I survived having 5 girls ages 10 and 11 in the house overnight. They got about 5 hours sleep, so I got less. naptime is calling, methinks.
04/Oct/09 4:08 AM
Kathy, Jana has been around for quite awhile, just rarely posting. If I remember correctly, she actually lives in Pittsburgh, PA now. We also have Richard from the Czech Republic, who has been doing jigsaw puzzles as long as I've been on the site (if not longer).
04/Oct/09 4:13 AM
Good Afternoon to everyone. What a cutie at the market!!! It is a rainy, chilly day here!
04/Oct/09 4:29 AM
The physical abuse of children in that way is especially horrific.
However life goes on - and I read in the news today how a 13 year-old boy is 'very chuffed' at being a prospective father, as his 16 year-old girl-friend is preganant by him.
The last 13 year boy in UK, from Eastbourne, who More...
04/Oct/09 4:30 AM
2:42 Hi to all. Nice to see sweetie and Kathy posting and of course the usual suspects.

Thought for the Day:

Kindness is more than deeds. It is an attitude, an expression, a look, a touch. It is anything that lifts another person.
04/Oct/09 4:35 AM
Jana sometimes posts great insights on European architecture and culture.
04/Oct/09 4:36 AM
Rayray, we live increasingly in a morals-free universe: why should we expect children to act with greater morality than the adults whom they should (rightfully) be expected to emulate?

When adults are willing truly to set the standard for morality -- in the media and in their personal lives -- then we will begin to see a decline in the sort of activity you've just described.
04/Oct/09 4:39 AM
Remind me not to wash any more windows...66 so far...not only that but I think I am in love with them as I cannot stop staring at them, admiring their cleanliness...what is a 'cleaning window fetish' called? Pour me a glass of wine someone quick...
04/Oct/09 4:40 AM
66 windows!!!
André - are you trying for a guinness record?
04/Oct/09 4:45 AM
OH, André, please come do mine. I love clean mirrors and windows, but one of my girls loves to leave her prints on all of them.
One more room to go, the floor has little piles of laundry all over it. So got the machines humming, then I can finish the floors. Then I can finish my mini vacation on the couch.
04/Oct/09 4:46 AM
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