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Easy Sudoku for 4/October/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
04/Oct/10 12:00 AM
1:50. I used to run along that spot (the footpath, not the lake!) most lunchtimes before I injured my foot - hopefully not too long before I'm pounding the pavement again.
04/Oct/10 12:03 AM
Howdy all, gday Chris
04/Oct/10 12:07 AM
Ah, ha. Daylight savings time must have kicked in in Oz.
04/Oct/10 12:07 AM
Hi Plum. The Tough doesn't know about daylight saving yet.
04/Oct/10 12:10 AM
Good maeN Sudokuland, not often I am up this late.
04/Oct/10 12:10 AM
At least my kitchen got done Broni!
04/Oct/10 12:17 AM
Sleepless in South East Queensland Dag!
Hope the foot gets better soon Chris.
04/Oct/10 12:22 AM
Will only get dirty again Gail hehe!
04/Oct/10 12:23 AM
Cannot get to the Tough Alfred, keeps on kicking me back to Easy.
04/Oct/10 12:25 AM
Why is it that each time both my laundry basket and ironing basket are empty someone goes and wears clothes and they start to fill again ?
04/Oct/10 12:32 AM
My Mother once said " I'm not buying biscuits again they only get eaten !' - and now I understand.
04/Oct/10 12:33 AM
Hey Mo, how are you?
I will be down in Melbourne in two weeks, not travelling as far as you will be.
04/Oct/10 12:40 AM
speaking of eating ... Found an American couple that visited Paris, enjoyed the sidewalk crepe vendors and came back with the idea to open a crepe restaurant. Their crepes filled to American's tastes are delicious. I want one of those crepe grills!
04/Oct/10 12:44 AM
Good morning people of the world.
04/Oct/10 12:56 AM
I was in and out of Bronnor's in 2 hours this time. A record for me. I got a clever little figurine that had nothing to do with Christmas... it's a home grown apple snake that will hopefully remind me to indulge my temptations wisely.
http://www.bronners.com/product/green-apple-snake-figurine/1137011?tag=gglprdct&gdftrk=gdfV239 9_a_7c470_a_7c1772_a_7c1137011
04/Oct/10 12:57 AM
Off to church. We're in Romans. Join us.
04/Oct/10 12:57 AM
Good Maen everyone! Great to see you Dags up and about this late. Gail - I would have gotten the kitchen for you!
04/Oct/10 1:11 AM
...and Gannie Mo! Great to see you on site this morning.
04/Oct/10 1:11 AM
Chris - looks like a wonderful place to run - hope your foot is better soon.
04/Oct/10 1:16 AM
04/Oct/10 1:16 AM
04/Oct/10 1:16 AM
1:50 Good evening all! Ah, it's lovely not having daylight savings here in the west.
Spent a lovely day with my daughters and the children. Firstly at ten pin bowling then called in at Dylans for afternoon tea, then back to Albany daughter's place for a roast dinner cooked by her husband.
04/Oct/10 1:21 AM

Mo did indeed have the correct "buggy" answers! Sorry for leaving your name off the list!

Now, as to yesterday's puzzle....the answer was: Write the More...
04/Oct/10 1:32 AM
Let's see how many of you can figure this out:

Below are 3 pairs of words. Find the words that fit in the middle of each pair of words to create two new words, one front-ended and one back-ended.

1. GRAND - _________ - OUT
2. QUARTER - ___________ - MIND
3. HAIR - More...
04/Oct/10 1:40 AM
Good grief, the vocabulary you people are using this morning. What has gotten into you? Where is the lye soap? Need to clean up your potty language.

GannieMo, for most of the year here, I solve the laundry basket problem by having clothes optional. Today, there is no choice, it is a little chilly.
04/Oct/10 1:43 AM
Rats! There was one more message in my inbox!! Add DotCom to the "E" answer winners!! I am REALLY falling down in my duties!
Shhhh. Don't tell Bubble Girl.....
I must have low blood sugar, or something
04/Oct/10 1:51 AM
maen all y'all
04/Oct/10 2:02 AM
Kathy, to go with your morning donut...
04/Oct/10 2:02 AM
I'll take the whole pot. Thanks!
04/Oct/10 2:03 AM
Plum... I get most of my ornaments at Bronner's, too, but I have to buy online. I can't imagine going into their store. It would be an all day event. BTW.... That green apple snake is adorable!
04/Oct/10 2:22 AM
Lovely Black Swans in today's picture, but the "ducks" look more like Coots or Grebes.
04/Oct/10 2:25 AM
It is certainly true that when I buy biscuits I eat them. I do not use them to decorate the mantle-piece. However many biscuits have a lot of sugar and some contain fat - albeit vegetable fat.
I don't have middle-aged spread any more.
I have old age spread instead.
04/Oct/10 2:25 AM
By the way swans eat biscuits - they like them very much.
04/Oct/10 2:26 AM
I like Fox's biscuits best. You have given me an idea. A coffee and biscuit idea. Cups all round?
04/Oct/10 2:29 AM
Chocolate wafers - or - crunchie-creams?
04/Oct/10 2:30 AM
Happy Sunday!
Biscuits of any form are consumed readily here.
Just sent peanut butter cookies in a package to Grunt at Uni (and a few left at home for his Dad)
Also made 7-layer Magic Bars for visiting relatives last week (one of the magic ingredients is butterscotch chips)so good...
04/Oct/10 2:49 AM
Did someone say butterscoth chips? Hard to say Good morning when I'm drooling....
04/Oct/10 2:56 AM
Your biscuits sound more like cookies, no? When I think of biscuits, I think the flaky baked layered 'rolls'. And I've always windered where biscuits and gravy started from. Had never seen that before visiting the south, or chicken fried steak for that matter. Couldn't understand why you would do that to a steak. Maybe not a great cut of the meat?
04/Oct/10 2:59 AM
windered, wondered, obviously need caffeine but not the coffee variety, what's the egg selection this a.m.?
04/Oct/10 3:00 AM
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