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Easy Sudoku for 4/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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i'm first hi jess
G'day all
good start to the day under 4 minutes (just)
3:58. I'm outta here for a week, I'm using my thumb to find and gatecrash the wedding, seeing as my invite hasn't arrived as yet (must have got lost in the [e}mail).
2:30 gm/evening everyone......
3:36 - outta practice!
Helloooo wonderful sudokuists - how I've missed you all.Had many late nights attending official school functions as my youngest farewells her school days.
Read yest. Comments, Teddy no one smacked you for your fancy liquor comment, I think it should be More...
Thanks Kaitlyn for Il, I used your tips. But the speed still gets me - my best time ever was 7 min. Average is down to 12.30. - Oh well I do love game like this though.
Thanks for any tips.
Check this out all
3:33 Blast off!
Hello everybody..back at work again. 3:25
Wow! A space shuttle
hi people
02:52 Wow! my best time!
3.44 Hello Billy, so glad you're back. We were starting to worry. I believe the less said about your balloon popping the better. Don't want to start any rumours. By the way, I hear there is a 'Chip' missing, any ideas.
2;45 after a great night of sleep. go figure, just when you are starting to despair of ever seeing the insides of your eyelids again, well then somebody lets you rest. bizarre...
I was so excited to hear from you Billy, I forgot who I was.
3:43 reasonable

Joke for the Day:

A man goes to the doctor's. The doctor says,'I'm afraid you need new glasses.' 'But i haven't told you what's wrong with me yet,' says the man. 'You didn't have to,' says the doctor. 'I could tell as soon as you walked through the window!'
2:31, Elizabeth(A), how was your night at your new job? LF(C), how many pies did you bake? I just made a great pumkin desert, kinda like a pumpkin pie in sheet cake form, and not a regular pie crust. It is really good, think I will go have a piece now. Hope everyone has a beautiful day.
Biiillllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thank god your back :))) and now i have to go in a minute, (Loading servers up and testing them in 1 hours time wow exciting stuff testing chips!).I think it was Ted's heel that popped the balloon he was swinging on Mon's thong he thought it was a little More...
k from b, love you too babe!
Andre lol :))
Night all...and behave....
3:41 - has anyone out there been at a shuttle lauch - it's awesome!!
KB From DM IA USA-- You make me feel much better! 7:46 today-my best time ever! but the average still hovers at 10-12min. Couldn't access the archive to see Kaitlyn's advice, but have been glad for tips from others. The best tip for me so far has been 'think blocks, not rows'. Watch for repeats More...
Hey Mon move over, my turn!!
Question, I was going to suggest paintballing too - something my gruff really wants to do. It's not cheap here, and you need to pay for a minimum of 10 people or so I think
Check the crossing rows to narrow the possibilities. Now I know why the tips have been so general... pretty hard to say that so it makes sense! ^_^ Fun site!

Lisa-congrats on a good night's sleep!

Lily-always wanted to take my boys to see a launch!
Gary - poor taste :( Have a great day all!

6'29',easy one
2:25 Hello, everyone! neat picture.
well I went back to work today and left a few people in the balloon and up a tree and came back to find the place had all been cleared up - how sweet - no chips or burst balloons anywhere - it's as though it didn't happen. But the memories will stay...it was a nice party with lovely people!
Gary - well worth the effort - the Space Centre is one of the best things going in Florida (and cheap, too!) and your boys will remember it always. My girls have seen two, and they were definate high points, memory-wise.
You're not Gary, you're CJ - sorry!
jsherp, no I'm not in Paris so not in the least affected by the riots. This is sleepy Pyrenean country down here (well apart from the shenanigans of yesterday's hen night!)
cont' from yesterday
Yes, read earlene fowler - love her - new author emilie richards - not mystery but couldn't put it down. Wedding Ring - hope other titles are just as good. Quilt Festival is great - tons of quilts (hundreds, really) on display and 20 aisles of vendors. You meet the nicest people.
The wedding is tomorrow - Saturday!! Ted please wake me up when our plane arrives. andre, amber, trevene are you all ready? I'd better catch up on some zzzzzz - that hen night really was something, but now I pay the price
Is this a pic of transport to the wedding for those running a little late?
Bon jour a tous.
3:51 - Nice pic of the shuttle
4.32 not too fast but not bad at all.
have a nice day everybody.
i think im getting better...all my times have been under 6:00. i trying to get them under 3:00 mins.
3:17 - with corrections
3.58 do Koalas mind Space Travel?
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