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Easy Sudoku for 4/December/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
04/Dec/07 12:00 AM
Good morning!
04/Dec/07 12:01 AM
2:36 - quite slow tonight.
04/Dec/07 12:03 AM
Yes, and I have to get to work - I was late getting here. Hold it down, Chris.
04/Dec/07 12:06 AM
2:15 Good evening all.
What's at anchor? Lovely photo.

Hello Chris!
04/Dec/07 12:06 AM
Oh, and hello Jamie.
04/Dec/07 12:07 AM
- Jamie when do you sleep.
04/Dec/07 12:08 AM
04/Dec/07 12:09 AM
Bring the kids for the video - PLEASE keep them out of the egg nog.


The kids will be wanting you to put a light display like this up on your house next year.
04/Dec/07 12:10 AM
Good morning all.
04/Dec/07 12:10 AM
Good Maen everyone! What a beautiful picture!

We have a lot of wind here today. It is snowing lightly. Our power must have gone out through the night. Everything was "blinking" this morning. It is a nice day to stay home! Have a good one everyone.
04/Dec/07 12:14 AM
The TSO is coming to our area the day after Christmas. We enjoy their music!
04/Dec/07 12:16 AM
Good Morning. Pretty picture.
Happy Birthday Kathy
Happy Birthday Sue.
I have a lot of boxes in my living room and if the birthday girls will help me wrap packages, I will make a fruit cake for them. (I love bribery) ((Now if I could just spell))
04/Dec/07 12:18 AM
Wonderful view.
Good mAen to everyone.
04/Dec/07 12:22 AM
All my best wishes to KATHY and SUE.
04/Dec/07 12:27 AM
2:08 Hi to all. Wonderful setting for a chilled glass of wine.

Thought for the Day:

We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own.
04/Dec/07 12:30 AM
Happy birthday to Kathy, Sue and to Elsie yesterday, hope you all have a wonderful day xx
04/Dec/07 12:31 AM
Dorthea - I love fruitcake. Consider me in!
04/Dec/07 12:32 AM
Debby - After watching their concert videos, I figure the decibel level is rather elevated at their concerts. You may want to take some ear plugs (or ear muffs) so you don't lose your hearing.

Would love to see them, it looks like they give a very interesting light show as part of their concert.
04/Dec/07 12:35 AM
We are having warm weather (in the 50's) today - so no snow - just rain in the forecast with 30-45 mph winds. Seaside (No. Oregon Coast) got hit with 100 mph huricane winds. I get up there annually in Feb. for a convention. This is the warmest it has been in well over a week. (must be global warming)
04/Dec/07 12:40 AM
all, I put up our christmas tree last night (have do these sort things while my little ones are sleeping, otherwise nothing gets done with them running around) they were so happy to see the tree up. Kathy and Sue
04/Dec/07 12:44 AM
Eve - Two of my boys have been to one of their concerts and they said that they were FANTASTIC. I don't know if we will go, but it sure sounds like fun.

Wow! 100 mile/hour winds is very strong! I have heard we will get more snow than usual this year. Our ground is completely white More...
04/Dec/07 12:50 AM
Cold and very windy here. Would much rather be on a boat at anchor on calm, warm waters! Happy Birthday to Kathy (FL) and Sue! Enjoy your day, take a break from routine and pamper yourselves!
04/Dec/07 12:56 AM
well I dont have much idea abt the law of America and the legal procedures , but this joke made me laugh.

An American attorney had just finished a guest lecture at a law school in Italy when an Italian lawyer approached him and asked, "Is it true that a person can fall More...
04/Dec/07 1:04 AM
Lovely pic. It's very windy here, too.
04/Dec/07 1:07 AM
Thanks to the early wishes of Dorthea, Wagdy, André, Zoki, & Linda M I'll go ahead & start celebrating my birthday this morning even though it won't be Dec. 4 at my house until tomorrow! Love these two day birthdays we get to have here in Sudokuland! also to Sue AND to JUDY FROM BENDIGO who somehow didn't get on the official list.
04/Dec/07 1:19 AM
In my initial posting above on the TSO - related videos: #8 Muppets - Muhuna is NOT currently there. Sorry folks.

Angie - I hope the kids got to see it before it was pulled.
04/Dec/07 1:24 AM
Kathy! Feel free to celebrate for the entire month. (That's my birthday present to you!) And here's my birthday toast: "May your days be filled with happiness and may you will all your tennis matches (except when you play against me)!!! Love to you and Rob and Ebony!
04/Dec/07 1:24 AM
Ooops! will = "win"
04/Dec/07 1:25 AM

to Florida Kathy. Two day birthdays are an excellent invention
04/Dec/07 1:26 AM
Dorthea - you are up very early today!! I'd be very happy to come to San Francisco & help you wrap packages. You don't have to bribe me with fruitcake - your location is all I need! I love SF. Maybe I could do a little sightseeing as soon as we're done with the wrapping. How long can I stay???
04/Dec/07 1:27 AM
Sue from Dubbo! You, too, may celebrate your birthday all month long!
04/Dec/07 1:27 AM
Oh, EVE!! Dang nabbit. I just got online after deciding to get the older ones on the bus first. The young ones are here and I was going to play it for them. Will see if I can dig it up on youtube myself. It was really worth the giggle!
04/Dec/07 1:30 AM

The Muppet Christmas Light Video is still out there in cyber space, just not attached as a related:
04/Dec/07 1:33 AM
Jane - thanks for the extended birthday wish & for the very optimistic toast.
And Rayray - thanks for your double wish, also. Do we have your birthday on the list? We don't want to miss out on helping YOU celebrate for two days, too.
04/Dec/07 1:36 AM
Happy Birthday Kathy and Sue.

Fun puzzle this morning to be greeted with an equally fun picture ... life on the water. Beautiful.
04/Dec/07 1:46 AM
The colouring of the picture today approaches that along some stretches of the Mekon river - but it isn't there; the vegetation looks Canadian rather than Australian.
04/Dec/07 1:51 AM
Good Monday Maen, all!

Kathy/FL: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a wonderful couple of days celebrating with Rob and Ebony!

Sue/Dubbo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Enjoy your day with your loved ones!
04/Dec/07 1:59 AM
Looking forward to a better week than the weekend...
First, UCLA lost to their crosstown rival, USC in college football.

Then, the Lakers lost to the Orlando Magic in the NBA basketball game I took hubby & son to in celebration of hubby's birthday (he's a Laker fan).

Oh, well, we can only hope for a good season of UCLA basketball!
04/Dec/07 2:02 AM
Eve: thank you for the link to the Muppets Christmas light show!

Judy/Bendigo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a wonderful celebration with your loved ones.
04/Dec/07 2:03 AM
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