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Easy Sudoku for 4/February/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Good Morning all. Just trying to find current info on the Canberra fire, but am fining it hard to understand without knowing their local geography, Hope everything is okay for Chris and everyone there.
04/Feb/20 12:12 AM
2:04 Good morning Tom & Good night all.
04/Feb/20 12:14 AM
2:35. - very slow this morning. Good night, Anne.
04/Feb/20 12:17 AM
Stay safe Chris. Be prepared but don't be brave
04/Feb/20 12:27 AM
tom, Arachnid, & all to follow!! Sleep well Anne!
04/Feb/20 1:51 AM
Went back to yesterday to see what is up with Chris. Adding my 'be safe Chris'.
04/Feb/20 1:56 AM
04/Feb/20 2:51 AM
Hoping for the best for our Canberra friends. The photos I've seen are awful. Stay safe and please check in when you can. We are all concerned.
04/Feb/20 3:30 AM
Now, I can understand folks from outside the U.S. getting confused about our cities and states. But, our tweet happy President sent out congratulations after the Super Bowl to the Kansas City Chiefs, and mentioned how proud ''the Great state of Kansas'' must be''....etc. Problem being, the Chiefs More...
04/Feb/20 3:47 AM
04/Feb/20 3:49 AM
Good call Kathy - sadly, most of his supporters likely didn't notice his faux pas either!

(sorry - that was a terrible broad-brush generalization!)
04/Feb/20 3:53 AM
Chris, thank you so much for explaining your situation- we are all keeping track of each of you in possible danger; the news photos are terrifying! I can't imagine experiencing this scary trauma - please, no heroism!
04/Feb/20 3:56 AM
For Anne. Hoping Chris stays in the safe zone.
04/Feb/20 5:12 AM
Two sweet little lambs being guarded by a sheep dog.
04/Feb/20 5:37 AM
1:32. Good morning everyone.
04/Feb/20 6:13 AM
04/Feb/20 6:20 AM
04/Feb/20 6:37 AM
No jokes yet today? Okay!

A man is telling his neighbor, ''I just bought a new hearing aid. It cost $5,000. It's state of the art. It's amazing!''

''Really?'', replies the neighbor.
''What kind is it?''

''12:30'', replies the man.
04/Feb/20 6:52 AM
Why did the Buddhist refuse Novocaine during a tooth extraction?

His goal was to transcend dental medication.
04/Feb/20 6:56 AM
All the best Chris. I havre been wondering how you are going and CP as well, but because I don't know in which suburb you are in, I'm a bit in the dark, but I hope those containment lines work.
04/Feb/20 6:58 AM
Does anyone remember the Swatch, a watch made in Switzerland?
Thank god Croatia didn't come up with the idea first.
Just imagine if someone were to ask you, ''What time is it?''

''Oh, pardon me while I check my Crotch''.

04/Feb/20 7:03 AM
there are photos on sudokufriends that give a scary view of the fire - one from tricia's roof!
04/Feb/20 7:04 AM
If anyone is interested in check in on the fires near Canberra either of these web sites will keep you informed. esa.act.gov au or abc.net.au
04/Feb/20 7:15 AM
Morning all, cute photo today.
Chris, hope the fire is under control this morning. Not that there is any reports about it on the TV news.
04/Feb/20 7:18 AM
Thanks Wombat, will check those sites.
04/Feb/20 7:20 AM
Definitely no heroism Joyce, I've had stuff packed and next to the door ready to leave for nearly a week now!
04/Feb/20 7:44 AM
Batty, both of my kids had Swatch watches, during the height of their popularity. I will send your joke to them! They will love it! What astounded us was when one of the watches eventually fell apart, we could see the guts inside of the trendy, classy, and expensive exterior ... and most of the working parts were made of plastic!
04/Feb/20 7:47 AM

No Donny said, and here's the thing
The Chiefs and Kansas now there's a thing
And in honour of it all
All done before fall (just like the border wall)
They're now s State so ring a ding ding

PS I am the greatest - not that other guy
04/Feb/20 9:26 AM
Congratulations to all those who answered the two week quiz. You all completed in a quicker time than I expected so well done. Back to normal next week. Well done Kathy, Peter, Judy, Amelia, Snowbird, Scout, Joyce and Wombat. Literary geniuses
Correct answers were
AAnne ShirleyBArthur More...
04/Feb/20 9:37 AM
How does one pack things in preparation for evacuation … what an ordeal! So many questions have occurred to me the more I contemplate the awesomeness of your situation, Chris.
Even more so recently although I'd kept in touch with a friend who was 'at-the-ready' for evacuation also this fall More...
04/Feb/20 2:14 PM
Joyce, family photos and computer hard drives, thumb drives come immediately to mind. There is a reflex when one is fleeing, I think, to gather up deeds, insurance policies and the like, which can be replaced and not think of irreplaceable personal keepsakes. Here, in Santa Barbara in the 2018 More...
04/Feb/20 4:50 PM
1:58, I think that's identical to my time yesterday (or was that the day before?) Good evening all.
04/Feb/20 6:01 PM
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