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Easy Sudoku for 4/June/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Good Maen, good people.
04/Jun/18 12:00 AM
Good Morning Plum and all to follow. Made it to page 5 yesterday with 169 comments.
04/Jun/18 12:02 AM
Happy Anniversary to Hal & Saint Barbara. 67 years?
To the same person? YOU GO GUYS!!!!!!!
04/Jun/18 12:02 AM

Thanks DOA. But it's 57 years, not 67.
04/Jun/18 12:09 AM
DotCom - make that 173 comments. DevilOrAngel was the icing on the cake and Trucia was the cherry on the top.
Uh, wait. Using that analogy Kathy, Judy and I were cake crumbs stuck in the icing and DotCom was the knife ready to cut the cake!
04/Jun/18 12:11 AM
HalT, many more happy years to you and the Mrs.
04/Jun/18 12:12 AM
I'm trying to find Wombat's poozle and there are so many comments I can't find it! Later. On a large screen.
04/Jun/18 12:13 AM
I finally have the time to plan our trip. Wedding done and dusted, enjoyed and embraced. My Kate is writing me a walking schedule as she plans that, in the 15 weeks before we travel, she can get me walking over 5 km without stopping.
04/Jun/18 12:17 AM
Bonjour tout le monde
04/Jun/18 12:43 AM
Good Maen all. It is a glorious day! Need to get busy taming the jungle formerly know as my yard. So many weeds.......
04/Jun/18 12:45 AM
Not sunny today - it's rainy.
Hope your day has a bit of sunshine in it!
04/Jun/18 12:56 AM
Sorry for the ''fumble fingers'', Hal. But I remembered and I tried. There's always next year...
04/Jun/18 1:00 AM
Happy Anniversary Hal & Mrs. Hal!
Wow! Not 67 years, huh? 57 is still a goodly number!
(Glad you didn't say it felt like 67 years!)
04/Jun/18 1:00 AM
04/Jun/18 1:18 AM
For our 'resident ''hillbilly'' '.

04/Jun/18 1:27 AM
Everybody. How nice to get to that many comments yesterday.
04/Jun/18 1:35 AM
Happy 57th Anniversary to HalT and Barbara. May you have many, many more.
04/Jun/18 1:36 AM
Happy Anniversary Hal & Barbara, and many more.
04/Jun/18 2:08 AM
04/Jun/18 2:08 AM
The site's been doing wonderful the last few days. I'm so happy to see it.
04/Jun/18 2:09 AM
04/Jun/18 2:09 AM
04/Jun/18 2:09 AM
& thx for the push, shosho.
04/Jun/18 2:10 AM
Wow! HalT and Barbara, 57 years is a humongous achievement!!!
04/Jun/18 2:10 AM
Any time, Keith!!! You're
04/Jun/18 2:12 AM
Ah, got my smilies back, too!!!
04/Jun/18 2:12 AM
Well, might as well get a CP, too! I got my two orchid plants that I bought in Kauai! An Oncidium which has a chocolatey frragrance and a vanilla orchid!
04/Jun/18 2:26 AM
I'll take your word for it. A frog maybe?
04/Jun/18 2:27 AM
Yup, the vanilla one is on the small side so it'll be a while before I can get any vanilla bean from it. Just the process of blossom to bean takes almost a year!
04/Jun/18 2:27 AM
Wow - Shosho - I had to research your statement... thought I'd misunderstood;: so a vanilla bean is produced by a vining orchid - I am impressed & now understand why they are so dear & 'dearly-priced'!
04/Jun/18 4:31 AM
Hello all & I believe now that when we say ALL, there are many more folks hanging around that we're greeting, but who don't take a moment to speak...

04/Jun/18 4:35 AM
Here's a plea to all those who stopped by yesterday, please just say a 'hello' so we know you're around & still enjoying this site!

Now that you've seen the excitement you've created by your surprise visit … how about doing it more often?
04/Jun/18 4:38 AM
What an accomplishment - 57 years, still speaking to each other, frequently traveling together, and even quite witty... especially just before an early bedtime - Happy Happy Anniversary Hal & your Mrs.!!!
04/Jun/18 4:54 AM
Who would snap a picture of the frog you had just flattened with your foot????
04/Jun/18 4:55 AM
all. Happy Anniversary to HalT & his Mrs. So wonderful to have so many posting yesterday! Some we haven't heard from in quite a while & it was so lovely to hear from them again. Must run for now - it looks like it's going to rain and I have laundry to bring in. Also want to send my answers to Wombat
04/Jun/18 4:56 AM
Back from a rained out ball game. We did get all the hats given out. though. It's always amazing to me that people will stand in line in the rain for something free.
04/Jun/18 5:16 AM
Let me add my congrats....
Hal and Barbara! Wow, 57 years of wedded bliss. How wonderful!
04/Jun/18 5:21 AM
Wombat's current 3&4 is on 2 June page 1.
04/Jun/18 5:22 AM
Hal and Barbara are not yet old enough, but my parents were married for 71 years. It's possible.
04/Jun/18 5:24 AM
We are going to get moldy if it keeps raining. The ground did not have enough time to dry out from the last monsoon before this one hit.

04/Jun/18 5:26 AM
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