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Easy Sudoku for 4/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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ok here we go whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
04/Jul/07 5:56 PM
Yea Vicki - Q U E E N S L A N D E R!!!
Happy 4th of July
04/Jul/07 6:00 PM
Two doctors opened an office in a small town and put up a sign reading:

Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones, 'Psychiatry and Proctology'.

The town council was not happy with the sign, so the doctors changed it
to: 'Hysterias and Posteriors.'

This was not acceptable either, so in an More...
04/Jul/07 6:49 PM
Very good, Jim - love it!
04/Jul/07 7:21 PM
Guess by now, our US friends are in bed, getting some sleep before they party tomorrow. Mind picking me up on the way to Keith's, Rosemary?
Mr P (the navigator) lent me his GPS thingy, so it'll tell us where to go. Funny, that's usually Mr P's speciality!!!!!
04/Jul/07 7:24 PM

we are off to the party
04/Jul/07 7:36 PM
oh dont forget Mr P's thingy
04/Jul/07 7:37 PM
anyone can join us and we have the spare as well
04/Jul/07 7:39 PM
04/Jul/07 11:08 AM
Rosemary does your spare broom have heating if it does I would love to sit in the sunshine at Keith's better than playing golf in the wet and cold
04/Jul/07 11:24 AM
am guessing our brooms are top of the range for comfort and speed.
think we might need a supply of weiners and sticks?
04/Jul/07 11:27 AM
Rosemay, is there enough room for my chair as well as me, on your broom...
04/Jul/07 11:28 AM
Yep, just give a holler when you get here, Rosemary!
04/Jul/07 11:37 AM
Rosemary if Judy and Linda are there we might need them for defence lol
04/Jul/07 11:54 AM

no problem .... these updated whizz bang brooms can do anything.
is bringing Mr P's thingy so we know the directions of the party at s house.
should be a hoot!
oh Amelia we aussie girls can hold our own with Judy and LK
04/Jul/07 12:02 PM
Has anybody noticed that the time signature has jumped 3 hours, no wait, it's gone back 9 hours! Oh well, I'm off to bed, I'm sure King Gath will have it fixed by morning.
04/Jul/07 12:13 PM
Rosemary if they give us any trouble we'll just sweep them away with the brooms
04/Jul/07 12:16 PM
Gee CP I thought I was up late nighty night got a big trip on so need our beauty sleep.
04/Jul/07 12:20 PM
CP, yes have noticed the 'time tunnel'
04/Jul/07 12:20 PM
Thanks Rosemary, have left the outside lights on, so it will be easy to find me...
04/Jul/07 12:21 PM
Happy 4th of July. Enjoy the day and have fun
04/Jul/07 12:39 PM
Goodnight all I've got a busy night/day ahead so better get some shut-eye while I can.
04/Jul/07 9:55 PM
Keith - Thank you for saving me a spot. No need to worry about 'small town', I live in the country and we sit way back in the woods. Our local town is very small. If you blink as you go through, you have missed it!
04/Jul/07 10:20 PM
Gath - Thank you for your new site. You are great!
04/Jul/07 10:21 PM
Hi Everyone,

Just fixed up the time - thanks for reminding me!

04/Jul/07 10:24 PM
Well done Maroons -a mighty effort
04/Jul/07 10:27 PM
Keith - Lets see..... cooler's packed, lawn chair, sun glasses, sun tan lotion. Yup, I am ready. I am on my way......
04/Jul/07 10:42 PM
Ok heading off to bed but cyber travelling also
so all those catching a ride I am heading off now

we are on our way!
04/Jul/07 11:40 PM
Hope all of you in the U S have a marvellous time, today!
04/Jul/07 11:45 PM
hi i guess do not show the answers before the player finich his sudoku.. gd luck bye
04/Jul/07 11:46 PM
Flag's out. Ready for the guests to arrive.
04/Jul/07 11:58 PM
I was anxiously finishing the puzzle today, anticipating seeing a spectacular 4th of July picture...so...I just went outside and took a picture of our Flag!!!
05/Jul/07 1:16 AM
just a test
19/Feb/08 4:46 AM
21/Apr/12 4:39 AM
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