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Easy Sudoku for 4/July/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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04/Jul/18 12:21 AM
beautiful looking young man... his name means 'joyous' in Indian.
04/Jul/18 12:35 AM
Wow_Axel, Chayote & all who follow. We are celebrating our 53 anniversary today. 🎉 🎉. When did we get so old? Our sweltering heat & humidity continue, so we are going into the village for an Italian dinner tonight. We won't be adding to the heat by using the stove & oven.
04/Jul/18 12:47 AM
to the Early Birds! What a coincidence Snowbird, my wife & I had our 53rd last month! Spent it on the coast in Mendocino, CA.
04/Jul/18 1:02 AM
Wow! Happy 53rd Anniversaries, Snowbird and Denny families!
04/Jul/18 1:07 AM
04/Jul/18 1:08 AM
so close . . .
04/Jul/18 1:08 AM
04/Jul/18 1:08 AM
Had a wonderful time with the teachers whose classes I taught first grade science. Got some Chinese dim sum dishes, wow! Including a potsticker with soup in it! Tricky to eat or slurp and too hot to stick whole in your mouth!
04/Jul/18 1:10 AM
A CP!!! I'm done for today!
04/Jul/18 1:11 AM

Thanks for the head's up on the puzzle, Amelia! I would have missed it.

to Snowbird and Denny!
04/Jul/18 1:47 AM
to my friends from around the world!
Sunny today! Plus, we had sun for our two weeks in France!
Yes! I am back from beautiful France! We had 5 days in Paris and 8 days with friends in La Croix-Valmer near St. Tropez.
04/Jul/18 1:56 AM
04/Jul/18 1:57 AM
Happy Anniversary Snowbird and Denny. I celebrated ny 59th anniversary just before getting divorced.
04/Jul/18 2:00 AM

Happy anniversary Snowbird.
04/Jul/18 2:27 AM
I know that it is a serious subject, DotCom, but your comment made me chuckle. I didn't know that people actually GOT divorced after 59 years!
04/Jul/18 2:29 AM
Anniversary Greetings, Snowbird!

and.....…..welcome back, Shiela!!

Good day to all who've visited and those yet to come!
04/Jul/18 2:42 AM
Wow! Two anniversaries to celebrate! A 'Happy Anniversary' to both the Snowbird's and the Denny's!
04/Jul/18 3:06 AM
(And now back to my mountain of laundry!)
04/Jul/18 3:07 AM
Definitely a good looking lad. Wonder what the occasion, if any, is...
04/Jul/18 3:30 AM
So close, Oh Keith...
04/Jul/18 3:32 AM
The 'orange side' just couldn't help itself..........
04/Jul/18 3:32 AM
Beautiful brown eyes on this young man.
04/Jul/18 3:38 AM
Divorce after 59 years! wow! It's none of our business, but interesting to ponder what the grounds might be, unless it was accomplished in a state that does not require a reason.
04/Jul/18 4:16 AM
Morning all, lovely young man to greet us today.
04/Jul/18 6:17 AM
Happy anniversary Snowbird, hope it cools down for you to enjoy your dinner.
04/Jul/18 6:27 AM
Welcome back Shiela, sounds like you had a relaxing time in France.
04/Jul/18 6:30 AM
Good afternoon to all! Still hot as Hades here in Ottawa!!
04/Jul/18 7:08 AM
1:44. Good morning everyone.
04/Jul/18 7:19 AM
WELCOME BACK SHEILA, YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED. Best wishes to those celebrating wedding anniversaries.
04/Jul/18 10:26 AM
1:55 Just couldn't get going on this one.
Good morning all!
04/Jul/18 10:57 AM
Judy (three entries - One still in cyberspace, one blank and eventually one correct), Amelia, Snowbird and Robin Hoo.... errr Kathy all with correct results for Arachnid's poozle.

Well done that lot!
04/Jul/18 10:58 AM
Bud time.
04/Jul/18 11:11 AM
3:53 Hello all
04/Jul/18 12:17 PM
I've just heard about supermarket rage over the plastic bag ban in Australia. We don't have a ban, but in Maryland and in Washington DC, plastic is discouraged by charging a fee for each bag used. Many shoppers, maybe most, bring reusable bags.
04/Jul/18 2:03 PM
The had city had the 4th fireworks tonight. There was live music, food trucks, vendors selling ice cream & cotton candy. The actual display was great. The best was the lack of heat [only 80F] it was great, a small shower also helped
04/Jul/18 3:02 PM
Happy Anniversary,
Denny & Snowbird
04/Jul/18 3:04 PM
Both of you have us beat by a year.
04/Jul/18 3:06 PM
Looks like I have missed a few birthday. time to start another trip round the sun.
04/Jul/18 3:09 PM
At the bottom of the page
04/Jul/18 3:13 PM
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