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Easy Sudoku for 4/August/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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04/Aug/15 12:01 AM
Good morning, HalT.
04/Aug/15 12:16 AM
My keyboard is acting up.
04/Aug/15 12:17 AM
You have no idea how lomg it took me to post first comment.
04/Aug/15 12:18 AM
R arm in cast slows me down already.
04/Aug/15 12:20 AM
Whingeing about difficulties that are minor compared to some. Forgive me.
04/Aug/15 12:24 AM
Morning Hal and CP. Sounds like your road to recovery is bumpy, CP. We're giving you the moral support that we can. Just keep on keeping on, and it will get better little by little.
04/Aug/15 12:49 AM
Not sure why, but I immediately thought sunrise ... beautiful.
04/Aug/15 12:58 AM
04/Aug/15 1:25 AM
Guess what!!??
I won the 'Cartalk Puzzler' last weekend!

04/Aug/15 1:32 AM
Happy Monday!
04/Aug/15 1:40 AM
What was your prize, Lone? Forgot to listen this weekend.......
Oh, and Good Late-Morning to all!
04/Aug/15 1:40 AM
04/Aug/15 1:47 AM

There is a number.

1. If it is not a multiple of 4, then it is between 60 and 69.
2. If it is a multiple of 3 it is between 50 and 59.
3. If it is not a multiple of 6 it is between 70 and 79.

What is the number?

Answers to my ‘’say what?’’ inbox please
04/Aug/15 1:48 AM
Good afternoon to all! Lovely photo. Reminds me of my weekend.
04/Aug/15 2:08 AM
I spent the last two days at a friends cottage over in Quebec. Very relaxing. Great weather, mid 20C ( the heat wave has finally broken), good company and a noice get-away.
04/Aug/15 2:10 AM
...and was your weekend at a secluded, serene lake, Greg?
04/Aug/15 2:11 AM
For all you camera buffs. Check this out:

04/Aug/15 2:12 AM
- guess I took too long to ask - meanwhile answer provided!
04/Aug/15 2:12 AM
Yes it was Joyce!
04/Aug/15 2:13 AM
Soooo......where's Keith?
04/Aug/15 2:14 AM
I think I'll try to get one of my puzzles ready for this weekend. It's been awhile, but some of you might give it a go.
04/Aug/15 2:14 AM
I guess I'm Keith today,
04/Aug/15 2:15 AM
Don't know what my prize is (if anything). The broadcast didn't mention it; only the email with this weeks' puzzler.
When you submit an answer, they ask for your mailing address 'in case you are the winner', so maybe there will soon be a surprise in my mailbox.
04/Aug/15 2:26 AM
Beautiful sunrise ,and lovely reflections, in today's photo.
04/Aug/15 3:03 AM
No ... I'm Keith today.
04/Aug/15 3:12 AM
Beautiful photo! colorful sky reflections on water.
04/Aug/15 5:41 AM
Lone - I thought is was a $26 gift certificate to the Car Talk Shameless Store.
04/Aug/15 6:42 AM
Wow...nice pic! Very relaxing. Maybe I'll make that my wallpaper...if i can remember how..
04/Aug/15 7:06 AM
all! CP-wish you a speedier recovery. Congratulations Lonewoof!
04/Aug/15 7:11 AM
Morning all,love the reflection on the water.
04/Aug/15 7:12 AM
1:30. Good morning everyone.
04/Aug/15 7:13 AM
everyone from smoky So. Oregon. Fires are raging just north of us. I was at the beach Sat/Sun to get away from it.
Canuk Greg. Video of flying camera was great. I am trying to think of a justification to buy one.
04/Aug/15 7:16 AM
04/Aug/15 7:44 AM
Congrats on winning your puzzler, lone. I hope you get a pleasant surprise from them in your mail. Be sure to let us know if you do.
04/Aug/15 7:45 AM
CP - I'm sure you were happy to get out of your house for lunch.
04/Aug/15 7:46 AM
Cool camera video, Greg! My son is a photographer...I'm sure he can come up with an excuse...er...I mean, a reason to get one!
04/Aug/15 8:01 AM
You and me, both, Dave. Thx, Greg! I really needed another way to spend my money...
04/Aug/15 8:05 AM
Good morning all
04/Aug/15 8:07 AM
Perfect timing BOTP
04/Aug/15 8:08 AM
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