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Easy Sudoku for 5/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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6;27 improving now that I can do sudoku on computer how do I do it on paper. Transition difficult.
3:15. That pic reminds me of my sister. And all you are lucky, it never snows where i live.
5:03 in Brussels it's raining again...
Great site. The picture is a great idea. It makes the musing all worthwhile.
Bonsoir Catherine
Comment ça va?
hi again.i tried the so-called 'tough' level and it wasn't hard AT ALL. i finished it in 2:07! we used to do these things in our math class after quizzes. they took every body only like 2 minutes.....so they were a grade.(a+ of course)
Hillbillies can be fast too! 2:54 Finally under 3:00 Great picture! I agree people from different places in the world have more in common than not. Peace!
I have stopped timing and have found solving to be more enjoyable. Me thinks some cheat. I can't go through the first round of 'nines to ones' in less than 0:5 minutes.
catherine From france
Je visite ma belle-mère ce soir et aussi mon beau-frère. Je serai de retour en retard. Je vous rechercherai pendant la semaine suivante.
Bonne nuit.
Toooo CUTE!!
Does everyone have the same ads? And if they do, does anyone else have a headache from that aweful blinking Free X-Box ad. I finally just had to size down the screen to cut it out. Ugh. That's really my only complaint ... the game and comments are wonderful
Hey Jen, Originally a yankee from Ohio and I miss the snow terribly.The season changes, hills, but then I like it here too for other reasons.
Guten Abend Gretel. Wie Sie sind?
Wo erlernten Sie Ihr Deutsches?
Hat das Partie beendet?
Wohin sind alle Leute gegangen?
that's about how tired i am - 3:03 anyway.
Hi all, the ads are for screensavers here - quite pleasant. Getting easier each day. Practice makes perfect in Sudukoland.
Beere Drink
Eats Diner
I Iron Clothe Dress
Teutonic Knigt
No Englishe
Hart Gifted Gretel
mm..my baby looks like that
wow 7:59 thats really slow
5:08 slow time! What a sweetie!
Der Zug fahrt um null Uhr ab.Alle Leute de Party sind hinein gesteigt!
bonsoir cher Bill, j'espère que vous passez une bonne soirée.Moi-même,j'ai passé la soirée chez ma plus jeune fille qui vient de quitter la maison. Au plaisir de vous retrouver bientôt.
Hi all:The translation of the Day:
In english you say: 'to call a spade a spade'= appeler un bêche une bêche. In french we say: 'appeler un chat un chat'= to call a cat a cat!
Re: linda From san diego
I don't even bother with the time. What is the rush? When it's done, it's just time to get back to the chores!
Amen. When I time it I don't enjoy the process as much as when I take my time (and pet my kitty who lays on my keyboard).
2:18 Not the hardest one today(onto the medium)
Just cold here. I wish it would warm up again. Yesterday it was 89f and today it is 30f.
I've seen this picture before. I think a friend sent it with a bunch of others with the subject title 'Have You Ever Been This Tired?'.

It is partly cloudy and chilly out. I am looking out my window as I write and a deer just walked by, about 5 feet away. They are hungry this time of More...
to Sue From CT - agree, hate those blinking things (and the noise)- this may be a reflection of my age. Suggest hit the 'go to no animated adds' button and mute sound.
To Robin from Adelaide, Thank you and my congrats to you also on 23 years!!
Too cute. I've had my 6 yr old son fall asleep in the middle of talking to me. It never fails to amaze me how they can sleep in what look to be the most uncomfortable positions.
Hi col. Sorry you've been having a hard time at work. I made a new year's resolution on Saturday that I'm not working unpaid on weekends any more. I have two new mottoes: 1. Take the money and run 2. It's all about *me*!
See how long that one lasts.
You are mistaken if you think we don't know where you are. We are a very sophisticated and well-travelled bunch. And we love to eat.

Does the pub still have those famously good meals? And what's new in Tangam?
morning all regulars!!!!
catherine, comment ça va?
welcome all new comers.....
02.52 - broke the 3min mark again after a long spell of 3+ mins.... oh joy!!
Wilhelm please see my post on page 1. I am undone, and am now leaving these pages for ever.
I time mine out of curiousity, but I must not be as smart as I thought I was, because it was 5:15 and I was just happy I didn't get stuck! But now it's on to more chores and wishing my kids would fall asleep like that! But I strive to enjoy every minute I get with them.
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