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Easy Sudoku for 5/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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05/Feb/15 12:00 AM
Looks just like a river boat on the Mississippi.
05/Feb/15 12:45 AM
Overcast today.
Cold again today.
Guess we'll have to make our own warmth and sunshine!
05/Feb/15 1:15 AM
Good morning to all! That place is in Sydney.
05/Feb/15 1:39 AM
It looks like the cows in California are still sleeping, or maybe they're on the trail and standing around sleepless in Seattle.
05/Feb/15 1:40 AM

The answers I had for yesterday's poozle: ape, ewe, cat, kid, doe, fox, ox, nag, man, pig, cow, ram.

Several poozlers added ''a*s'', and several added ''person''. Then there was Judy....with ''manpig''.
05/Feb/15 2:12 AM
And, for today....

What is represented here?


Answers to my ''Nothing to do with wedgie'' inbox, please.
05/Feb/15 2:15 AM
(Snagged for Shosho!)
05/Feb/15 2:44 AM
Darling Harbour at sunset.
05/Feb/15 2:44 AM
They are outstanding in their field.
05/Feb/15 2:45 AM
, y'all! 1:47, despite inadequate sleep last night. I hate nights when I wake up and flop around, and I worked out in the evening too which usually wears me out and helps me sleep.
05/Feb/15 4:48 AM
The farmers or the cows, Keith?!
05/Feb/15 4:48 AM
Wait a minute my membership expired??? But I just paid!!! Someone help!!!
05/Feb/15 4:50 AM
Just another mystery of the internet, shosho.
05/Feb/15 4:58 AM

It's going to take awhile to get to Keith's 22! We got a couple more inches of snow last night. We're supposed to get another 3 to 5 starting later this afternoon when people are trying to drive home from work.
05/Feb/15 5:15 AM
HalT - I wasn't happy when the Browns drafted Manziel, but hoped he'd be a really good quarterback for us. His antics all season long reinforced my thoughts on him. But I was surprised to hear he went to rehab, apparently alcohol. I knew, based on his antics, that he drinks but lots of us drink and don't need rehab. I didn't think rehab could teach him to grow up!
05/Feb/15 5:20 AM
I hadn't heard anything about the current bush fires in WA, Arachnid. I hope they get them under control shortly and the 2 towns aren't total losses. I especially hope people stay safe.
05/Feb/15 5:23 AM
Dottie, so often the star college players (most often QB, but not always) fall short of the mark. They go from being big fish in a little pond to a little fish in a big pond.
05/Feb/15 5:28 AM
And then there's that cerebral cortex thing... last part of the brain to develop in the early 20s - where all the common sense and ability to analyze consequences are.
05/Feb/15 5:29 AM
Gallump? Keith? Before I get back to work?
05/Feb/15 5:29 AM
ok Keith your turn
05/Feb/15 5:33 AM
For the cows in California!
05/Feb/15 5:48 AM
Oh, excuse me, was totally discombobulated by the membership expiration notice.
Thank you, Shiela! Don't have my smilies to convey good luck flying your way but you can imagine it!
05/Feb/15 5:59 AM
And as for you CG, you're udderly shameless, milking it for all its worth! Ought to put you out to pasture!!!
05/Feb/15 6:01 AM
We really need to moove on from the cowpuns, lest we get grounded in beef.
05/Feb/15 6:34 AM
Oh, so that's CG outstanding in his field?
05/Feb/15 6:36 AM
Morning all, catching the last rays of the sun.
05/Feb/15 6:37 AM
1:35. Good morning everyone.
05/Feb/15 6:53 AM
Good morning everyone.
05/Feb/15 7:11 AM
I'm currently taking part in an Australia wide survey identifying and counting birds using bird baths. I am lucky that my bird bath is just outside my study window. I have the window open and camera at the ready.
05/Feb/15 7:14 AM
Every man wants to be outstanding in his ... er ... field ...
05/Feb/15 7:15 AM
Last week I bought a much faster camera lens and I'm getting much better pics. I've put some on my page and a couple of ring ins, not at huge bath.
05/Feb/15 7:16 AM
I only need to do 3 x 20 minute observations for 4 weeks, but I'm spending more time, just watching.
05/Feb/15 7:18 AM
When the temp outside gets too hot to be outside today, I'm planning to put some pics of Jane and me and other bits from my US trip.
05/Feb/15 7:20 AM
I would have done it earlier, but I've been flat out since I got back.
05/Feb/15 7:21 AM
Nah folks. I'm just outstanding on my field of dreams, watching out for cow pies of course.
05/Feb/15 7:22 AM
Thanks HalT for checking my pics out.
05/Feb/15 7:32 AM
Darling picture.
05/Feb/15 7:36 AM
I don't really have much to say but if I leave it down here certain people will yell at me.
05/Feb/15 7:39 AM
05/Feb/15 7:39 AM
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