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Easy Sudoku for 5/April/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello Kathy, no, I took them back to the shop but couldn't find a light weight pair, so will start breaking them in this w/end. I have been up at 6:15 every morning and go for a 3/4 hour walk before breakfast & work. Will go for a walk on a hiking path this w/end & see how I go. Must away, this is just my lunch break. Bye for now
and happy birthday to Nal too. THink i've just scraped in to today for that, rather than tomorrow where you are!
Hi everyone,
Got on late today. Beautiful sunset. As far as trying to add new stuff to the site to try to change it, I am all for the old saying. . .it it isn't broken, don't fix it. I think the site was great before and does not need improving.
Help! Just logged in & rec'd notice that numbers on keypad can be used instead of mouse clicking but now unable to play as neither function is working. Am starting to become quite distraught.
Just played 18 holes, this is easier!!
last i did the puzzle 6mths back..from then the sites improved a lot..esp the comment column..keep up the good work!
I do enjoy a good sunset, and a good puzzle
Happy Birthday to Nal and Castro
a virtual bouquet for you!

Congratulations to the new journalist, Kathy
Happy Birthday Nal and Casto. A lovely sunny birthday I hope.

Yvette are you starting a Baz fan club?? What would be club motto be?
And it's mission statement? (to make Baz whine less, perhaps?)
Will there be T-shirts? Pens? Footballs maybe?
Your webpage is not functioning properly and I have not been able to insert numbers in the puzzle boxes in order to reveal the picture.
It seems that Baz grew up a dreamin' of being a cowboy, lovin' them cowboy ways

And them that don't know him won't like him
And them that do sometimes won't know how to take him.

as yankee as one can get in FNQ.

KATHY Valrico - France-Russia in Davis Cup here this weekend - I'll give you a big wave! (France not favourites although they have never lost here in Pau - may just be the first time!)
this picture is incredible
1:42! my best time!
3:38 - I think that is my best time ever - allowing incorrect moves and not using possibilities.... and as for escapa- I'm NOT going there - and perhaps I'll never miss what I don't know.
Big news just announced on the Today Show (which I have watched every morning for many years now). Katie Couric confirmed the rumor that she is leaving NBC after 15 years on the Today Show & going to the ABC Evening News & 60 Minutes at the end of May. She has been part of my day for so long I feel like she is my friend. I will miss her.
Fiona - thanks for the heads up on the the France-Russia Davis Cup competition this weekend. I probably wouldn't have seen that the local news nor the Aus.-Belarus Davis Cup matches going on in Melbourne, too. Now I'll have Sudokuland reporters (you & Rosemary) at both locations!! Sorry non-tennis fans !
I love the Sudoku and reading comments!!
hi fiona/france whats all the commotion abt the employment law?read in local daily some two million ppl on demonstration??cant visuslize it
GoodmaeN. Just been listening to the News - apparently Gene Pitney has died. Any of you folks in England heard this yet?
maybe I oughta have jumped to the comments page before solving the puzzle ...
Bonjour fiona, alors la coupe davis se joue à Pau? J'espère que la carte météo est fausse: il ne fait pas beau dans les pyrénées! Peux tu dire à Ap qu'il ne faut pas croire tout ce qui est dit dans les journaux!(Ap don't believe all the number that are in the news papers)C'est juste? En fait je More...
I'm new to this. What does 'maen' mean?
hello dragonfly its
2:34 on this wonderful Wednesday morning. First time posting. Thanks for the games and the laughs! Lovely sunrise, er, set...
Good Mean all. Also an April birthday here.On the 20th(Hitler's birthday). I am on the cusp between Aries and Taurus.
I did it again- Maen
2:15! Ha! Beat all of you!
Maen? That's a funny term...
to Kathy from Florida: Katie Couric is going to CBS. But as she said, it only confirms the worst kept secret in TV history! Now we get to listen to two months of good-byes.
Good show Dave, would that be uncheck or don't complain?
To Lisa from Australia - re: the Noah's Ark. That does not sound like an Aussie joke, too typial of the US. Good one.
02/Jun/11 5:04 AM
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