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Easy Sudoku for 5/April/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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05/Apr/11 12:31 AM
The only guy here... and loving it!
05/Apr/11 12:31 AM
Hi, Neil.
05/Apr/11 12:33 AM
HalT... Does that mean that you think Neil is a gal?
05/Apr/11 12:33 AM
Hi HalT. No problem.
05/Apr/11 12:33 AM
Appointment made and Mom is set up to watch the girls. I would really like a nap, but Thing II keeps telling me no. The little sass.
05/Apr/11 12:35 AM
I like this avatar too. The pink one reminded me too much of the stomach medicine.
05/Apr/11 12:36 AM
Good luck, Karen.
05/Apr/11 12:36 AM
Neil's here now, Hal. You are not alone!

Debby, glad you enjoyed the banjo music yesterday. After seeing your photos I can picture you up in your mountain hideaway! I know you love it there.
05/Apr/11 12:36 AM
I have a golf lesson on Wednesday. I last played golf when I was 14 - and wonder just how much I will remember. I'll see then.
05/Apr/11 12:42 AM
Karen, Thing II keeps telling you no"? In the UK it is the parents who do the telling.
05/Apr/11 12:44 AM
Niel, I choose the arguements. 9:30 in the morning after waking at 7, is a little soon to be taking a nap. Though, I also know, when I make the suggestion of a nap around 11, she will go get into her bed, without arguement. Unfortunately, by then I will getting ready for my mother to come over and watch the girls, so I will not be able to join her.
05/Apr/11 12:47 AM
I do not understand why she does not understand that the doctor told me to rest. Which means, I should not be chasing her around. Though those squeals of glee, do sound good.
05/Apr/11 12:49 AM
Karen, Fine - and best of luck at the doc's.
05/Apr/11 12:51 AM
What is for dinner tonight? Need to get something going, because Man and I will get home late this afternoon. I will not be in a mood to prepare dinner when I get home and there is no frozen pizza in the freezer.
05/Apr/11 12:52 AM
In the 90's yesterday, just 40 so far today. And wind. But this is Kansas. We lost power last night...twice. Once for about 45 min, then it came back on for 15 min or so, then went out again for a couple of hours. The only really bad thing about losing power is that our pumps run on More...
05/Apr/11 1:07 AM
New mama is allowing both calves to nurse. The smaller, weaker one is spunky and demands his time. Good for him. Oh, and my bad. We do have another freemartin.
05/Apr/11 1:09 AM
Karen, I hope you get good news at the dr today....and a nap this afternoon!
05/Apr/11 1:10 AM
It's good to identify those freemartins, so you don't keep 'em for the breeding herd.
05/Apr/11 1:20 AM
We have a half dozen stragglers that don't wanna calve. One finally gave birth yesterday to a heifer calf that already looks a week old.
05/Apr/11 1:22 AM
Good Morning all. Working at home this morning with all the windows open and a nice breeze coming in; going to rain later. Hoping to land a new client this afternoon, hope my presentation wows them.
05/Apr/11 1:30 AM
HI all! A puzzle for today coming up although I have the feeling it's been on before...answers to the 'is this a repeat?' inbox please!

Each group of three definitions describes three words that are spelled the same, except for one letter (each group describes a different set of words). More...
05/Apr/11 1:37 AM
Happy Monday!
Hello, Willy--I thought it looked like Ebony when the pic first appeared, too.
05/Apr/11 1:57 AM
Hello Shiela.
05/Apr/11 2:15 AM
The wind has not stopped, it really needs to so I can breath again. All my allergy med's are not working today.
05/Apr/11 2:36 AM
I just walked the perimeter of the milo field. I discovered that the hot wire is down along the south borer. Fortunately, there is a fence beyond that, but not a very good one. The thermometer says 49 deg, but with the wind, it feels like 29deg.
05/Apr/11 3:07 AM
Good afternoon to all! I hope there are no rocks in Willy's back yard or he'll be driving the neighbors crazy.
05/Apr/11 3:25 AM
Overcast and rainy here today, but all the snow is disappearing. It's about time!
05/Apr/11 3:27 AM
There were three people standing in front of a magical mirror. The mirror would give them anything they desired if they told it the truth, but you disappear if you lied.
The first person to talk to the mirror was a very fat brunette. She walked up to the mirror and said "I think I am the More...
05/Apr/11 3:31 AM
Thank you for all the birthday wishes for my gramma. She is a remarkable lady and she loves to hear the stories from those around the world.

ps--- things here in WI are cold and damp. Spring is taking it's time getting here. My kids are doing fantastic :)
05/Apr/11 4:29 AM
yesterday it was warm - brought the bike out, put the snow shovels in the trash - and then there is today - my window is open, so I think we are going forward !!!
05/Apr/11 4:31 AM
I am thinking that my next trip should include Australia ! Do you think they are ready for a return? Persuading my other half could be a little difficult, but a few tempting calls from Pz may persuade him.
05/Apr/11 4:47 AM
The answer to yesterday's (and the day before) puzzle: wicked thing = CANDLE

Nothing improves an Easter basket like toilet bowl candy, so the goes to: Heidi, Grass-hopper, Colo Jim, Neil, and Peter, who gets full credit for his answer: FIONA!
05/Apr/11 5:53 AM
Now I shall ponder the Wicked Thing's latest puzzle.......
05/Apr/11 5:54 AM
Worried about greenhouse gas emissions? Seems that farm animals eat too much junk food. Check this out:
LONDON (Reuters) - New diets for cows and sheep could reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, research funded by the Department for environment, food and rural affairs (Defra) shows.
Feeding More...
05/Apr/11 6:16 AM
Trying to start a controversial discussion, CG?
05/Apr/11 7:03 AM
2:39 Morning All
05/Apr/11 7:11 AM
Well, study away, but I'm not eating naked oats! How indecent.
05/Apr/11 7:13 AM
Off to get my eagle fix.......
05/Apr/11 7:15 AM
05/Apr/11 7:17 AM
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