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Easy Sudoku for 5/April/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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05/Apr/18 12:00 AM
05/Apr/18 12:00 AM
05/Apr/18 12:00 AM
Oops goya Keith
05/Apr/18 12:01 AM
05/Apr/18 12:05 AM
TftD: A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.
05/Apr/18 12:07 AM
Good morning Keith, Rage & Hal and those folks who arrive later!
05/Apr/18 12:24 AM
Another truism, Hal!
We are waiting for the repair person who will, hopefully, get my washing machine up and running. Is anyone surprised that the stupid thing went wonky when I had an overly full laundry hamper? Of course not.
05/Apr/18 12:25 AM
I'd suggest attacking today's poozle 9->1 ...not a gimme but sorta smooth solving!
05/Apr/18 12:25 AM
05/Apr/18 12:28 AM
these are a must outside for today.
05/Apr/18 12:29 AM
How great to hear Amelia's knee surgery went well and she is pain-free. Sending a gentle hug your way, Amelia.
05/Apr/18 12:31 AM
A squirrel [s] have absconded with the suet block and the holder. Have I ever mentioned I hate squirrels , such pest little creatures.
05/Apr/18 12:45 AM
Windy & overcast.
Wait a minute! The sun just popped out!
Well... For a minute, anyway!
Will sit next to my window and wait for the next moment of sunshine!
05/Apr/18 12:53 AM
I don't remember if I said the surgery I had on my hand. it is LRTI for short. A bone was removed in my thumb, it had bad arthritis. Extra ligament was added where the bone was removed. I will be in a cast or splint for about 3 months until it heals.
05/Apr/18 12:55 AM
05/Apr/18 1:29 AM
Wishing you a pain free and speedy recovery, Sue.
05/Apr/18 2:43 AM
Perhaps it's time for a race.
05/Apr/18 2:44 AM
Can a one person race be called a race?
05/Apr/18 2:45 AM
Looks like maybe we'll find out.
05/Apr/18 2:45 AM
05/Apr/18 2:46 AM
05/Apr/18 2:46 AM
Totally exhausted now. Can't wait for 33 ... I need a beer.
05/Apr/18 2:47 AM
I have never heard of that type of hand surgery, Sue. It's pretty amazing what can be done nowadays. I hope your recovery goes well.
05/Apr/18 3:30 AM
Looks like a nice place.
05/Apr/18 4:24 AM
05/Apr/18 4:25 AM
Happy Wednesday! My tire appointment went smoothly, so was able to run a few errands before going home to get ready to go to work (the fun never ends!)
05/Apr/18 4:35 AM
Morning all, thanks for the get well messages . Hoping to get home by the weekend. 👍😍
05/Apr/18 4:51 AM
1:23. Good morning everyone.

1->9 was ok this morning too Joyce.
05/Apr/18 6:09 AM
Good mAen, good people. I will be in Lafayette IN in May.
05/Apr/18 6:22 AM
Good afternoon to all! I hope all is well with everyone.
05/Apr/18 7:19 AM
Good evening all. It's about beer time.
05/Apr/18 10:31 AM
Make mine a Bud Lite... dilly, dilly.
05/Apr/18 10:32 AM
05/Apr/18 10:33 AM
I must be really tired! After a two hour drive to home after babysitting my granddaughter!!
I meant to write everyone!
05/Apr/18 10:36 AM
Well lookee here!
05/Apr/18 10:39 AM
An opportunity to end this page!
05/Apr/18 10:39 AM
I shall saunter to the bottom . . .
05/Apr/18 10:40 AM
Maybe I should hurry along before anyone else shows up . . .
05/Apr/18 10:41 AM
05/Apr/18 10:41 AM
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