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Easy Sudoku for 5/May/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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05/May/16 12:00 AM
Sunny right now, but it's not going to last.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
05/May/16 12:00 AM
05/May/16 12:00 AM
Mornin', Denny! You're on first!
05/May/16 12:01 AM
My first first ever!!
05/May/16 12:02 AM
Good morning.
05/May/16 12:06 AM
Congrats! Fun, isn't it?
05/May/16 12:06 AM
(For Shosho!)
05/May/16 12:06 AM
Congrats, Denny.
05/May/16 12:06 AM
Just home - literally - from seeing a Tessesee Williams play - The Glass Menagerie.
05/May/16 12:08 AM
Very tired now, so I'm off to bed.
05/May/16 12:08 AM
Let's see how long that lasts for.
05/May/16 12:09 AM
You never know.....
05/May/16 12:10 AM
Happy Wednesday!
05/May/16 12:12 AM
Good job, Denny!
05/May/16 12:12 AM
Got so excited and distracted being first today that I managed to butcher the puzzle. Can you believe 4:30??
05/May/16 12:16 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle:
October is the 10th month, not the eighth, as the name implies. Greenland is mostly covered with an ice sheet and is not green at all. The West Indies are in the Caribbean, not off the coast of India. And Li’l Abner is big, not small. The answer is B) the More...
05/May/16 12:24 AM
And, for today......

Cross out any unused letters to leave a meaningful sentence:


Answers to my ''You call that meaningful?'' inbox, please.
05/May/16 12:27 AM
Now I'll leave Keith to do his gallumping......
05/May/16 12:32 AM
Poor CP. So tired and worried about spelling Tennessee that the Ns were missed altogether.
05/May/16 1:00 AM
So close...
05/May/16 1:13 AM
05/May/16 1:14 AM
(Nope, Kathy. Keith did not gallump in.)
Shiela sneaked in instead!
05/May/16 1:16 AM
it's a beautiful day in OK. Sunshine and everything
05/May/16 1:32 AM
Slept in for real today, and completely missed it.

I, also, like to do the blue Maen when I get first. Denny, if you click on that blue maen, it is a link to an explanation of what the word means in Sudokuspeak, and why and when to capitalize which letter.
05/May/16 1:51 AM
Apparently, Aimee has two birthdays today. She's the only one on the list that I recognize.
05/May/16 1:58 AM
So that's the bridge to nowhere.
05/May/16 2:00 AM
05/May/16 2:39 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!!!
05/May/16 2:39 AM
Thank you, Kathy! I like that reasonable answet
05/May/16 2:40 AM
Nice reflection.
05/May/16 2:53 AM
Does anyone want to share the reasonable answers to Kathy's poozle?
05/May/16 2:54 AM
Good afternoon to all! Good photo today.
05/May/16 3:04 AM

Thanks Keith, that was my thought too when I finally had time to do the puzzle.....
05/May/16 3:10 AM
We have a devastating wildfire raging here in Canada. The entire city of Fort McMurray in Alberta has been evacuated, over 80,000 people. As of this morning at least one third of the city has been destroyed, homes, businesses, schools and a hospital. Thankfully no deaths, but thousands have lost everything. It's a terrible tragedy.
05/May/16 3:11 AM
Good mAen, good people. Top 'TO DO' on my list today is figuring how to set up a temporary reservoir of water small enough to easily transport, set up and take down yet large enough to have room to playfully operate an underwater ROV for a club meeting this upcoming Monday. I don't know at what More...
05/May/16 3:34 AM
Congrats, Denny. The thrill never grows old. I've done it myself from time to time. And may again ...
05/May/16 3:36 AM

Thoughts and prayers are with your countrymen at this very nerve racking time...glad to hear of no deaths, in time buildings can be replaced.
05/May/16 3:37 AM
I'd love to know alternate reasonable solutions to yesterday's poozle if anyone is willing to divulge.

I had been playing with the possibility of all but one having underlying associations with dogs, but it can't be said that there's no association with dogs for the one I couldn't More...
05/May/16 3:41 AM
I remember seeing this photo of the pont d'Avignon come up before. Good to see it again.
05/May/16 3:47 AM
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