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Easy Sudoku for 5/July/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello page two.
05/Jul/13 2:38 AM

Now Ive spend half my night working on CG and Plums poozles Id better say all and hope all is well in your world!!
05/Jul/13 4:18 AM

Guess most topsiders are out celebrating with family and friends.......May you all have a great time whatever you are doing....
05/Jul/13 4:19 AM

Just putting feelers out. Chris from Canberra & I were looking at arranging a meeting for any Sydney folk interested on Saturday 10th August around 1pm possibly at Kirribilli RSL.
05/Jul/13 4:22 AM
05/Jul/13 4:32 AM
05/Jul/13 4:57 AM
Happy 4 July to all our American friends.
Sorry Lizzy but I will not be able to make it then. My grand daughter is having a birthday party and we will be going O/S the next day.
05/Jul/13 4:58 AM
05/Jul/13 5:00 AM
No problems June, I liked where we met way back when hence the choice of venue....enjoy your grand daughters birthday and have a great trip. Not too far away now...
05/Jul/13 5:07 AM
Woohoo broke the 2 minute barrier by 4 seconds!!! Okay Chris, not much by your standards but great for me!
05/Jul/13 6:04 AM
Morning all,happy Independence Day, USA friends.
05/Jul/13 6:44 AM
Lizzy G, will check when they are having Great grandie Ella's birthday party and let you know.
05/Jul/13 6:46 AM
Good morning. A late start after a late finish las night. Need to get my butt into gear and go do some gathering. At the supermarket. Before I head off to work again.
05/Jul/13 9:28 AM
Happy 4th July to all our friends in the USA.
05/Jul/13 11:16 AM
Good evening all.
Found a couple minutes before I go to bed to say hello.
We've had a fun Quatro de Julio, complete with family, friends, and fireworks.
I see that you all are up to you're normal insane/inane/profane banter.
I should be able to post a bit more tomorrow.
05/Jul/13 12:35 PM
Good night people of the world.
05/Jul/13 2:01 PM

Happy Fourth of July to all Americans. It sprinkled on and off around here today, but all fireworks displays in our area went off as planned. I went to a bbq at a neighbors late afternoon, then we watched our town's fireworks over the trees at dusk. The trees More...
05/Jul/13 2:22 PM
Thanks, Karen for the fireworks. (your avatar) There is plenty of sound around here, but no visual effects.
05/Jul/13 3:24 PM
Good Evening all. For some reason the page was showing the puzzle from May 17th. After about half a dozen refreshes it is now on the correct page.
05/Jul/13 6:10 PM
Is this a pic of someone on the site maybe?
05/Jul/13 6:15 PM
1:34. Hi everyone.
05/Jul/13 10:41 PM
Hi Chris, and anyone else who's around. I'm very recently home from work. Tired, and still with the headache I took to work with me. Just eating some dinner and then I'll be off to bed. Goodnight.
05/Jul/13 10:51 PM
Good Maen, I have decided that having a friend with an inground swimming pool is a real perk. I love exercising and relaxing in clean, clear water.
05/Jul/13 11:00 PM
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