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Easy Sudoku for 6/November/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Oh, I should be doing homework.
06/Nov/13 9:05 AM
But you know me and my priorities.
06/Nov/13 9:06 AM
This may be a bit late for you Karen, but if you still need the rolling pin & haven't found it yet, a wine bottle (empty or full, as long has it hasn't been opened) is a really good substitute for the rolling pin!
06/Nov/13 9:07 AM
Thanks Kate. The dough, turned into play dough for the girls.

As for the errors, they were all operator errors. That will not be my last attempt. I will have my momma's rolls/cinnamon rolls, before the end of this year.
(Hope my brothers have the recipe).
06/Nov/13 9:13 AM
Sending you large amounts of good luck, Karen! I can almost smell your fabulously delicious result already!!!
06/Nov/13 9:24 AM
For those in the U.S.

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah Together Make Thanksgivukkah On November 28, 2013

06/Nov/13 9:29 AM
Karen - 'Lemon Ice-Box Pudding'.
06/Nov/13 9:31 AM
I'm betting you still have an 'ice-box' DOA.
06/Nov/13 9:38 AM
Thanks, shosho, for the invite. Your 'blue ribbon turkey' is most probably wongerful. You are marginally closer, but not quite 'just down the block'. I guess the melancholy mood must have struck while I was typing this morning.
06/Nov/13 9:40 AM
06/Nov/13 9:48 AM
A Bing search reveals similar deserts, But, just not the same.
06/Nov/13 9:50 AM
Worst part of not leaving this morning...missing out on the 'Truckies Brekky' at Gin Gin.
I swear they have shares in a bacon factory. We get one between us, & waddle out of there.
06/Nov/13 9:59 AM
Sounds delicious DorA.

06/Nov/13 10:34 AM
I sat the rolls aside, for now, and prepared fudge.

OH, my gosh! Hot fudge is sooooo good. At one point, I wondered if I was going to get it to the sheet pan, then I wondered if I was going to make it to the fridge, so the fudge could set. Now, I am wondering if I will have enough for our More...
06/Nov/13 10:45 AM
Sounds like when I made Anzac Biscuits (cookies) when my daughter was younger. She kept eating the raw mix! Wouldn't eat the cooked product. I ended up making a raw batch, & a batch for cooking.
06/Nov/13 11:09 AM
06/Nov/13 1:10 PM
No more knives for me. I have cut myself twice {not bad enough for stitches] and burnt myself once [just a little blister] in the last three days. I think I should not be in the kitchen for awhile.
06/Nov/13 2:28 PM
I don't think I like regular time. It gets dark before 6 now, that is just too early.
06/Nov/13 2:30 PM
I am bored, tired but too early for bed.
06/Nov/13 2:31 PM
100 is starting to look good
06/Nov/13 2:31 PM
LOL and a CP
06/Nov/13 2:31 PM
Ah me, Sue. You poor thing. You're beginning to sound like me.
You have my sympathy.
06/Nov/13 2:51 PM
I'm to downloading the latest update to my Surface, and it's taking forever.
06/Nov/13 2:55 PM
Did you go to bed, Sue?
06/Nov/13 2:56 PM
So, here I am. All alone. No one to listen to my problems.

Like anyone cares!
06/Nov/13 2:58 PM
Well, I'll take a CP and go to bed.
06/Nov/13 2:59 PM
It's only 8:30 here but I'm yawning like crazy!
06/Nov/13 3:34 PM
Oh my, that last yawn was a big one! I think I'll hit the hay, too.
06/Nov/13 3:34 PM
I have a 7:30 optometrist appointment tomorrow. Trying to figure out if I have enough time before to go for a run.
06/Nov/13 3:36 PM
Oh well, I'll sleep on it!
G'nite, Gracie!
06/Nov/13 3:38 PM
What good is a picture puzzle when the pieces are too large for the frame??
06/Nov/13 3:40 PM
Well, it seems to me, most of us are visiting the eye people, and some of use are having off days, and all of use should avoid the FPA. Now, when we seem to do similar things together, why can't we win the lottery?
06/Nov/13 4:21 PM
I am hoping my failed escapes in the FPA today, is not a prelude, to the big meal, I have to prepare in a few weeks.
My fudge failed, too. Oh, it is beautiful and taste delightful, but it did not set. So, we are enjoying Spoon Fudge.
06/Nov/13 4:24 PM
See. Like Shosho, the yawns have taken over.
06/Nov/13 4:25 PM
Good night people of the world.
06/Nov/13 4:26 PM
DorA, you could come to my place for Thanksgiving - but it is a bit further still than Karen's.
06/Nov/13 4:37 PM
And yes, I know we generally don't do Thanksgiving, but I'm prepared to have a go.
06/Nov/13 4:38 PM
Some of the food you guys are talking about sounds great.
06/Nov/13 4:39 PM
Had one heck of a storm tonight. I was thinking about bed when the rain & wind started. Finally stopped raining and no wind, very quiet maybe I can sleep now. This has not been my day early morning trash trucks the late night storms.
06/Nov/13 4:40 PM
I think I'd just cook a Christmas roast dinner, with some extras.
06/Nov/13 4:41 PM
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