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Easy Sudoku for 6/November/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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2:23. Good Morning, all.
06/Nov/19 12:13 AM
Tom & all who follow!!
06/Nov/19 1:20 AM
06/Nov/19 1:33 AM
guys and everyone!
Hope your day is, too!
06/Nov/19 1:41 AM

There used to be a race track here in my town. We'd go frequently. It's now just a training facility. I haven't been to a race for many years. If I remember correctly, Peter's race bet is similar to what we call an ''Across More...
06/Nov/19 2:02 AM
06/Nov/19 3:30 AM
so close . . .
06/Nov/19 3:30 AM
06/Nov/19 3:31 AM
A little more awake 2:13
06/Nov/19 3:31 AM
And a CP, too!!!
06/Nov/19 3:32 AM
1:54, not a good puzzle to attempt 1->9! Good morning everyone.
06/Nov/19 4:29 AM
Good afternoon; have a good day - no sun here, Shiela, but... that means we'll have your sun tomorrow - YIPPEE!
06/Nov/19 4:51 AM
From the many Bali photos I've seen over the years, from the Sudoku folks who have visited Bali, I'm mighty sure I too would love Bali!
06/Nov/19 4:52 AM
If a cow doesn't produce milk,
is it a milk dud or
an udder failure?
06/Nov/19 5:16 AM
06/Nov/19 5:48 AM
I'm sure Bali is a beautiful place, but I can't see much with this dark photo.
06/Nov/19 6:12 AM
06/Nov/19 6:24 AM
Morning all !
Melbourne Cup day is the only time we have a bet these days, daughter Marlene picked the winner and Summer picked the jockey of the third place horse. Bill and I are still looking for our picks .
06/Nov/19 7:16 AM
06/Nov/19 8:22 AM

Newlyweds wake up one morning on their honeymoon and the man suggests: 'Darling, why don’t you brew us some coffee?'

Wife looks confused: 'But that's your task, honey.'
“What? Why?”

'It’s all over the Bible, dearest.'

'The Bible More...
06/Nov/19 8:23 AM

What should we call an American bee?

06/Nov/19 8:27 AM

I waited Keith,

22 it is.
06/Nov/19 8:54 AM
That photo would have been great for Halloween, dark and spooky.
06/Nov/19 8:54 AM

And out we go with a CP.

What do you call an alligator who knows his way around?
A navigator.
06/Nov/19 8:54 AM
Apologies folks I'm very late with this, but then you know how well you did. Thirteen high quality solvers again they being Sarah, Tyrannous, Wombat, Peter, Judy, Amelia, Phantom, Kathy Joyce, Arachnid, Chris, Snowbird and Scout. Here are the answers:

Hi Jim, Sarah and Natalie
06/Nov/19 9:34 AM
Apologies, especially to Chris for including the personal message. No excuses except getting too old.
06/Nov/19 9:37 AM

Tuesday 5th November – Melbourne Cup Day.
HalT – Waits for my post then off to the fartsack. That won't save you.
Arachnid – Going to watch the Cup in style, been invited to lunch. They obviously don’t know him very well and it's unlikely he will be More...
06/Nov/19 11:29 AM
Good to see that there are some nice peaceful spots in Bali. We see so many pics of very crowded streets, markets and beaches; this photo provides a great counterpoint.
06/Nov/19 11:48 AM
Wombat I don't think Chris will be at all offended by the inclusion of his message. No personal details so no harm done. The only apology required for the rest of us is that no salacious secrets were passed on for us to gossip about
06/Nov/19 5:54 PM
Go Phantom - get out your dictionary and look it up. The word does not mean a type of lettuce
06/Nov/19 5:57 PM
Walked in to a pub and asked the barman for a pint of Carlton.
He said 'are you 18?'
I said 'No!'
He said 'Well in that case I can't serve you'
As I walked out I said to myself what does a 50 year old (leave it alone Phantom) have to do to get a drink around here
06/Nov/19 6:01 PM
all! This is one of my (1000’s) of Bali photos. We’re heading back in January for trip number 20 something. We always stay in Sanur which, although only a short taxi trip away from Kuta, is a world away in terms of peace and tranquility. But sshh! We don’t want word to get out! Xxx
06/Nov/19 7:45 PM
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