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Easy Sudoku for 6/December/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning.
06/Dec/16 12:04 AM
Good Maen, June!
Snowed last night. Our first snow that has lasted overnight this season.
Son & family will be staying a bit longer. They decided to have their floors refinished while everything was out of the rooms for painting. Kinda hectic getting everyone off to school and work since they live in the next town.
06/Dec/16 12:36 AM
Have a G'day all and hello, June & Shiela!
06/Dec/16 1:09 AM
...just down the road from that Bali hide-away we've seen pictured!
06/Dec/16 1:31 AM
Having our son staying with us has been very fortunate... Hubby & I just got our first smart phones. Our son is an IT guy, so we've been picking his brain. He's probably at risk for being empty headed since we have proved to be very un-smart!!!
06/Dec/16 1:51 AM
06/Dec/16 3:01 AM
06/Dec/16 3:59 AM
06/Dec/16 3:59 AM
Good morning.
06/Dec/16 4:20 AM
Happy Monday!
Shosho's avatar is fitting for today: it's only 54deg F at 9:24am PST over here...
06/Dec/16 4:25 AM
Somewhere it's snowing ~~~
06/Dec/16 5:05 AM
Morning everyone. Just for the novelty of it I'll post a message before 6am. It has been raining all night here, but not too heavily.
06/Dec/16 5:51 AM
Thank you for the very nice comments Amelia and Kathy.😁💙😇
06/Dec/16 5:56 AM
06/Dec/16 5:56 AM
Morning all, cute kids.
Hubby is bored so I've given him the job of putting up the Christmas lights.
06/Dec/16 7:06 AM
Good morning all. Swallows have nested on our tractor. The tractor is needed this week, so we' ve had to move the nest with its 3 youngsters on to a board on the shed wall.
06/Dec/16 7:36 AM
Now we're just waiting with crossed fingers to see if the adults will keep looking after them!
06/Dec/16 7:38 AM
Asparagus picking is wearing me out. I'm hoping yesterday was the last day. Won't know until I get a text this arvo as it's slowing down and might not be commercially viable to continue.
06/Dec/16 7:40 AM
Home today and working in the garden.
06/Dec/16 7:40 AM
Enjoy your day folks.
06/Dec/16 7:41 AM
Just 2 more.
06/Dec/16 7:41 AM
22 for Keith!🤓
06/Dec/16 7:41 AM
1:29. Good morning everyone.
06/Dec/16 7:44 AM
Raining here today so summer has obviously arrived. Must get back to the dreaded Christmas cards. Worse than ever this year, I've lost my list, can't find the printout of addresses from two computers ago. Each time the data is transferred from one old computer to the new one it seems to moult a few more relevant details. I just hope I have remembered the people who really count!
06/Dec/16 8:02 AM

The finger on my right hand that I injured is giving me fits with our cold weather. You wouldn't think a torn and healed tendon would be affected, but it seems to be. I am left handed, but use the mouse with my right hand. I have started More...
06/Dec/16 8:02 AM
I am cursing the cursor.
06/Dec/16 8:04 AM
I will be interested to hear how the parent birds react to the move, Sacky. Keep us posted!
06/Dec/16 8:06 AM
It is pretty today - snow stayed on the trees and lawn and kept off the roads, so able to run errands also after work.
06/Dec/16 8:30 AM
I for the life of me can't figure how to change my avatar! I'm sure it is right in my face but I don't see it
06/Dec/16 8:31 AM
Been to long since I did it - lost my way
06/Dec/16 8:32 AM
I saw that, Sacky.
06/Dec/16 12:05 PM
1. Click on your name at the top right of this page, then select 'Your page.'
2. Right under 'mymare from Naperville, IL', click on 'Do it here.'
3. Scroll down 'Avatar' and click on 'Manage avatars.'
06/Dec/16 12:25 PM
I don't have what HalT finds. Manage Avatars is among the many options in Update Details when I click on my name on upper right, above Your Page. Maybe the various browsers handle things differently. I use Firefox.
06/Dec/16 12:44 PM
Both ways work, Sarah.

I just like going to my page. (I like seeing my pictures.)
06/Dec/16 12:50 PM
mymare, a few more steps.
Following on from Hal's advice up to Manage Avatars.
(This is about two thirds down the page.)
After selecting Manage Avatars you should now have a list of your various avatars, if not, you can't change your avatar and need to submit a few more.
Select an More...
06/Dec/16 12:58 PM
Ooooh, lookee, lookee! My timimg is impeccable!!!
I'll mosey us along to the bottom of the page!!
06/Dec/16 1:05 PM
I'm moving us along . . .
06/Dec/16 1:06 PM
I think I'm getting there . . .
06/Dec/16 1:07 PM
Whoa, I mean, giddy up . . .
06/Dec/16 1:08 PM
06/Dec/16 1:08 PM
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