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Easy Sudoku for 6/February/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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06/Feb/09 1:52 AM
bom día, maria.
06/Feb/09 1:59 AM
I had all great intentions, if no umph to do any of them and the plans went bust. Darn it.
Started the wash, had enough detertergent for one load. Started making the beds and Miss I-Can-Do-It took over. Do not want to mess that development. If the girl wants to make the beds, who am More...
06/Feb/09 2:05 AM
Karen, Have you found the credit card she took to buy chocolate?
06/Feb/09 2:10 AM
Judy - now how did you know that Jaime/Jamie/what's-his-face was still in bed? What are you, psychic or something?
06/Feb/09 2:12 AM
The only good thing (in my opinion) about all this cold weather is that it's a wonderful excuse to make chili. I've decided to invite a bunch of people over Saturday night for chili and a few rounds of "Mexican Train", a great domino game we learned recently and which I highly recommend to any of you gamey/gamy(sp?) people out there.
06/Feb/09 2:16 AM
Karen - it seems Girl is on the right track. If you play your cards right, she'll be taking over kitchen duty soon. Ohhh.....sorry! I didn't mean to use the "k" word!
06/Feb/09 2:18 AM
Morning from me too! Not at work - but just got home ashort while ago, after my 8 hour shift ran over to 12 and a half hours!!!!
06/Feb/09 2:25 AM
I spoke with Susan/Queensland just before i went to work at lunchtime yesterday. She said she was standing knee deep in water in the lower level of her house,the level had dropped some so they were beginning to clean up - hose off walls and scrub them down. Knows we have been thinking of her and says thanks.
06/Feb/09 2:28 AM
I think it's time I finish my hot milk and head to bed, where Mr P gently slumbers ( and no, I won't be waking him up)
06/Feb/09 2:29 AM
My supporting membership ran out yesterday but somehow I am still here.
06/Feb/09 2:30 AM
So, in case I have to disappear for a few days, that's why. I'll probably sign in as a free meber until it gets sorted out!
06/Feb/09 2:32 AM
Do you think I am crazy. If the girl wants to make beds--I say go for it. Really, do not like wrinkled sheets, but I can live with it. She is learning to be a great preparer of food. I do not quite trust her with knives yet, but I could move out of the way. She and Man are great pancake makers. I More...
06/Feb/09 2:45 AM
Plum the credit card was recovered and Daddy brought the girl more chocolate home yesterday. I threatened people who thought they could give the girl sweets, sodas, and such before she turned two. Man is making up for all the times I said No.
06/Feb/09 2:47 AM
Striking, beautiful picture, but I agree with Plum ... it doesn't look natural. A rainbow is a perfect arc.
06/Feb/09 2:48 AM
FFFFFrigid here today, and the water from yesterday's broken water main up the street is now nicely frozen; the city had the audacity to plough a bunch of snow at the end of our driveway which has also now frozen. GannieMo and I should make appointments for massages--I was out last night chopping ice. (For the record, I still love winter ...)
06/Feb/09 2:50 AM
Jane, the bear does not typically emerge from the den until the temperatures have warmed up ...
06/Feb/09 2:54 AM
Happy Thursday!

06/Feb/09 2:54 AM
A rainbow is always a part of a circle (an arc). Two persons standing side by side see a different rainbow. The sun is behind the viewer. as the sun sets the rainbow climbs higher into the sky. It is formed by sunlight refracted by drops of water.
Retired Physics Teachefr, Old Hickory
06/Feb/09 3:01 AM
Oops, ignore the f in Teacher, my bad typing

Maen all in Sudoku land
06/Feb/09 3:03 AM
I note that the two rainbows have red facing each other, and the colors recede from the middle in opposite directions- as it should.

Also, the few double rainbows I have seen were brightly lit beneath them, as is this one. I conclude that at least the rainbow and sky are a real pic.
06/Feb/09 3:24 AM
Just back from Dr visit #2 this week. BP is starting to get a little fiesty again, so I'll have to go back in 2 weeks and continue home monitoring. I am not feeling so well. Sinus trouble. Dr. poo-pooed my idea of a bedtime medicinal shot of whiskey. But she did offer some antibiotics. At times like these, I find Southern Comfort very comforting!
06/Feb/09 3:25 AM
Karen - enjoy it! By time she is 7 she will not be offering to help clean!

Nice observations Jim. I agree 5 stars!
06/Feb/09 3:27 AM
Jill, did you know that sinus trouble is not uncommon in pregnant women?
06/Feb/09 3:30 AM
Yes, Shiela. I have been here before, swelling membranes among other things. The techno-colored klenex indicates something a little more than minor swelling.
06/Feb/09 3:33 AM
I wonder about is the SHAPE of the rainbow. It seems like the arch is to severe to me. Do you think it's distorted by a telephoto lens? Any insights about rainbow shapes from photographers/scientists?
Other than that, it's wonderful.
06/Feb/09 3:35 AM
everyone from warm and sunny Tucson, Arizona...
I questioned the validity of the rainbow photo as well. I just looks too perfect to me. It would be nice if the photographers stepped forward and told us about it.
06/Feb/09 3:36 AM
Jill, you poor thing! No fun! Hope you get over it quickly!
06/Feb/09 3:37 AM
Well... reread my rainbow grammer poor post... please eliminate first 'is' and change 'to' to 'too'!
(I sound like a horn!)
06/Feb/09 3:40 AM
Yep, me too Shiela. Every time I blow my nose!
06/Feb/09 3:42 AM
Oh Jill you are not alone, between the blowing and these darn pop out of no where tears I have gone through 3 boxes of kleenex' in two weeks.

Though mine are not techno colored. Thanks for that bit of information.
06/Feb/09 3:48 AM
Jill - take care yourself! Maybe you need to wear fuzzy slippers like I do which, by the way, are featured in my photo gallery following a snide comment from someone who shall remain nameless. LOL
06/Feb/09 3:49 AM
Thanks Jane. I have a lovely collection of fuzzy socks compliments of my children. I find them theraputic just like your slippers. Time to toddle of in search of food. I believe I have some leftover homemade Italian Wedding Soup. TTFN
06/Feb/09 3:54 AM
Rather than an arc, isn't this shape a parabola? Which means there would have to be a distortion because of a lens (if natural)?
06/Feb/09 3:55 AM
Don't get me wrong. Even if the image is manipulated by lens or digital editing, it's still a marvelous image and one that's close to being a really great graphics design image. It's all the more impressive if it came out of the camera this way, which is what I can't figure out.
06/Feb/09 4:00 AM
Karen - I've shared this before, but as a new mom I thought it rather reasonable of me to declare that I found no reason in the world why an infant under the age of 1 year old should be fed either soft drink or ice cream. Grandparents found a great reason for feeding her both in that first year -- because they're Grams and Gramps, that's why.
06/Feb/09 4:03 AM
Maybe it's really a Fabergé egg.
06/Feb/09 4:06 AM
Had another issue with Grams and Gramps. They thought anything animated was appropriate entertainment for my younguns. I gave in on the sweets, but definitely put my foot down as to what they were allowed to watch on TV.
06/Feb/09 4:07 AM
Plum my parents did the same thing. I could not grumble at my step father for feeding the girl ice cream for some reason, but I could give my mother dirty looks for giving her soda. Especially, since in my own childhood I do not remember a soda ever being in the house until I was a teenager. Though More...
06/Feb/09 4:08 AM
Yes, Plum, we grandparents have a solemn obligation to do everthing with our grandchildren that their parents will not allow ... the duty is inescapable and time-honored ...
06/Feb/09 4:10 AM
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