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Easy Sudoku for 6/February/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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and over!
06/Feb/09 8:34 AM
My favortie Grandma memory - Several times a year my sisters and I would spend Saturday night at Grandma & Grandpa's. In the morning, Grandma would help us dress in our sunday best and brush our hair for church. Then she would take one of her pretty lacy handkerchieves and tie two quaters in More...
06/Feb/09 8:36 AM
I remember when my children were young I too thought I was the only one who could parent correctly. I think it's nature's way of staking your claim on your children. After all, they are ultimately your responsibility. However... I also now know that grandparents are a great source of enrichment in More...
06/Feb/09 8:37 AM
Plum peaked my curiosity earlier and now Jim kicked it into overdrive. I printed the rainbow, superimposed a coordinant grid, then performed a quadratic regression on three sample points. The resulting equation, in my opinion was not a good fit. Which leads me to the conclussion that the More...
06/Feb/09 8:58 AM
The following was developed as a mental age assessment
by the School of Psychiatry at Harvard University.

Take your time and see if you can read each line aloud without a mistake.

The average person over 40 years of age cannot do it!

1. This is this cat.
2. More...
06/Feb/09 9:00 AM
Off to cook super. TTFN
06/Feb/09 9:04 AM
Colo Jim - you kept me busy for 40 seconds! What is worse is that when I read the last line, I remembered I had seen it before.
06/Feb/09 10:12 AM
Jill - I can remember my mom sending me to school with my milk money tied in a handkerchief! That was an awfully long time ago.
06/Feb/09 10:23 AM
I agree with Jim that the picture is enigmatic.
Another factor MAY have been a distorting lens that contracted the scene in the lateral plane only. The reason one questions it is that it is so magnificent. Definitely *****. It seems very unkind to cast doubt if the picture is fully authentic.
06/Feb/09 10:43 AM
Jane, I really enjoyed your poem
06/Feb/09 10:43 AM
Sorry Jim; you already dealt with the point about the distortion. Missed it first run through.
06/Feb/09 10:47 AM
I wonder if Gannie Mo is 26, 62, or/and dyslectic (either way). So when she says she is 62 maybe she is actually 26. Anyway she has the heart and mind of a 26-year old even if, at possibly 62, she finds it hard to keep up. So she could fool me (one way or the other). At 69 I have become very confused by all this! What a raunchy age I am.
06/Feb/09 10:50 AM
Rayray - I don't know who authored the poem. I received it in an e-mail and thought it clever enough to post. And, of course, I had to forward it on to all my golf-loving buddies!!!
06/Feb/09 10:52 AM
How did it come to this, Rayray? One minute we're young and vital and the next we're old and creaky!

All you young'uns out there - take heed. Live life to the fullest because all of a sudden you'll find yourselves decrepit old twits wearing fuzzy slippers.
06/Feb/09 10:56 AM
And now it's time to put supper on the table. See y'all later!
06/Feb/09 10:58 AM
Hay!Hay!Hay! I love my fuzzy slippers and fuzzy socks and I am no where near old.
06/Feb/09 11:05 AM
Talking about grandparents today has really made the memories flow. Grandpa died when I was 13, he would get me up before the chickens to take me to a cafe for coffee with men. I was a little spoilt by him. Grandma died just a few months ago, and I miss her hands, always so soft and smelled like roses.
Oh darn, need the tissues again.
06/Feb/09 11:09 AM
All of my 3 children's grand parents died either before they were born or while they were very young. All say their greatest regret is not having grand parents while growing up. All 3 have formed close friendships with at least one older member of the extended family or of their partners' families. None of them have children yet so I'll have to delay the joys[?] of grand parenthood myself.
06/Feb/09 11:35 AM
Think! It gives you something to do when the computer is down!
06/Feb/09 11:37 AM
Last week I was on the edge of disaster. This week I think I've taken a step forward.
06/Feb/09 11:49 AM
Why are there more posts on Freeloaders' Friday than during the rest of the week?
06/Feb/09 11:51 AM
Dunno, Saylz.
06/Feb/09 2:00 PM
Colo Jim - that chilli joke was gross!!
06/Feb/09 2:01 PM
I got up about 4 hours ago after my very late end to work last night. Just about ready for a nanna nap......
06/Feb/09 2:03 PM
It's hot here in Canberra today, 37C - heading for 39C tomorrow. Thanks goodness for evaporative cooling in this house, and that Canberra's climate is usually dry, so it works very effectively.
06/Feb/09 2:05 PM
A good read to recommend - "The Longest Trip Home" by John Grogan who wrote Marley and Me. It really resonates for those raised in very strict Catholic families! I like his writing style.
06/Feb/09 2:07 PM
My DIL says that my grandson has me wrapped around his adorable little finger! Says her mother would not tolerate any nonsense from him. Hmmm, think she needs to go to grandma school!
06/Feb/09 3:24 PM
Hehehe--You tell her Shosho. I may give "the" looks to the girls grandparents but they still do whatever they please and all lives in harmony.

Good night Worldly People
06/Feb/09 4:28 PM
Thanks to all of you who sent me you warm welcome messages. I am still learning how to use this site but I love it. I hope to reply individually as I have time and web skills.
06/Feb/09 4:41 PM
You're welcome Ricky. Great to see you here posting.
06/Feb/09 5:16 PM
Hi Ricky - welcome and nice to see you posting.

Re the discussion about Grandparents. My children have been so fortunate - they are now 38 and 36 years old and still have 3 living grandparents, ages 87, 88 and 89 - one, my Mum, has dementia, but knows them. The other two are doing well More...
06/Feb/09 6:41 PM
I am so envious of your grandparent stories. Both my grandfathers were long dead when I was born and I only met each of my grandmothers once due to each of them coming from different religious backgrounds and not accepting the marriage of my parents. Tolerance of others beliefs was not on their agenda.
06/Feb/09 6:53 PM
I do have one souvenir of my maternal grandmother though. I spent quite a long time in hospital, towards the end of which was my 5th birthday. She sent me a copy of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" I am ashamed to say I have never read it but really must. I use it as a reminder not to buy my grand daughters presents way beyond their years.
06/Feb/09 6:58 PM
Rayray, yes I am 62, but in my dreams I am still 26 and in fact probably 6 because I often dream of my favourite activity at that age of turning cartwheels and standing on my head. I can still stand on my head as long as there is a wall behind me. I don't do it often enough...but maybe not today as my body is still revovering from yesterdays exertions.
06/Feb/09 7:02 PM
I really worry that you dream of doing cartwheels and standing on your head. As the clock ticks on and on you may develop somnambulism (or whatever it is called), and take to actually and materially fulfilling your dream while asleep. Now you will start to dream about waking up in the More...
06/Feb/09 9:41 PM
The strong point of that peom about golf is its very rigid scan. It is excellent. However I do not like the author's use of higher case letters throughout.
06/Feb/09 9:43 PM
Oh dear Rayray - waking in the middle of a cartwheel - good job I was always taught to tuck my skirt well around my knickers!
06/Feb/09 10:01 PM
Rayray have you visited my grand daughters blog
she is being encouraged in creative writing at school. I would like to hear what you think. By the way she is 10 years old
06/Feb/09 10:03 PM
Hello all.... beatiful rainbow.....
had a very rocky new year...with a fast rhytm. I think I can sloww down a bit ..at least for the next few weeks. Thanks a lot to all for your best wishes and virtual gifts.... It kept my heart warm.... Wish you all a wonderfull day /night and plenty of rainbows to bring joyce in your life.
06/Feb/09 10:50 PM
Gannie-Mo: Suggestion:
Tuck your skirt INSIDE your knickers by wearing your knickers over you skirt - that is if you wear such things in bed.
Provided your knickers are not the pink traditional type, they will just look like a pair of shorts.
I wonder if anyone has ever been asphyxiated while wearing a long skirt on performing cartwheels?
06/Feb/09 11:12 PM
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