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Easy Sudoku for 6/February/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good maeN sudokites
06/Feb/11 12:00 AM
Hello everyone!
06/Feb/11 12:00 AM
Good evening Fi - how are things going up the top end?
06/Feb/11 12:01 AM
Gooed Maen to you and the World also - new day, new start with places to go and people to see and things to enjoy - be well, safe and have some fun
06/Feb/11 12:02 AM
Good Maen all.. New page, new day.. Hope it's a great one for everybody.
Max gets a bath today, so he'll be a sad puppy for a while.
06/Feb/11 12:09 AM
Good Morning everyone! Nice picture!
06/Feb/11 12:19 AM
Good Maen friends!!!
06/Feb/11 12:23 AM
No wonder the cat is hairless - just like a tulip garden is baren when the dear deer are around.
06/Feb/11 12:24 AM
2:08 I thought it was a deer licking an icecream.
06/Feb/11 12:24 AM
How sweet! I'm wondering if the hairless cat seems salty to the deer?
06/Feb/11 12:27 AM
So true about the tulips, Eve. Have to spray that stinky "Liquid Fence" right now on the greens of my tulips to train the deer to keep away once the flowers bloom. My crocus are starting to bloom in my lawn - planted another 200 in there this past fall. Can't wait until it's all abloom!
06/Feb/11 12:28 AM
Have to shoot out pretty soon. Have a minimal of a 41 min drive to work. Hour and 50 min with traffic. Hopefully on a Saturday and at 6 AM not too many idiots like me are going to work!
06/Feb/11 12:31 AM
Time for me to hit the sack. Very quiet from you northerners on here tonight. Where's the usual noisy ones, like Shiela for instance. zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz
06/Feb/11 12:32 AM
Ha, I got the number 13 and without trying!
06/Feb/11 12:33 AM
hi there Anne, It's the wet season so it's very green, humid with mould. There are a few storms about but nothing like Queensland, NSW SA Victoria and even parts of NT and WA. Our "wide brown land" is filling up it's water tables and courses. I guess there are wide brown rivers and More...
06/Feb/11 12:34 AM
everyone - SUPER BOWL Weekend is here. It is PARTY TIME. Copy this and add your pick to the list below. The prize will be announced tomorrow and after the game the winner. You may duplicate another's pick - but then you share the prizes.
I'll start it off: GB = Packers & More...
06/Feb/11 12:42 AM
Hey, Eve ... will you REALLY mail a prize to the winner? Not a virtual gift like those Fiona and Batty send? Then that might be some worthwhile incentive to participate!
06/Feb/11 12:46 AM
The prize will be announced tomorrow when the betting window is closed.
06/Feb/11 12:51 AM
100 years - Ronald Reagan (Jan. 6)
06/Feb/11 12:59 AM

I could do this!
06/Feb/11 1:03 AM

If I was quiet and snuck in.
06/Feb/11 1:04 AM

Ta daah!
06/Feb/11 1:05 AM

Sleepy heads!
06/Feb/11 1:05 AM

06/Feb/11 1:06 AM
Why, you, peg-legged, half-blind scoundrel, you!
06/Feb/11 1:07 AM
hehehe! Good one, Peter!
Eve - I'm taking GB...but not good on the numbers end. Sounds like you expect it to be a defensive game - low scoring.
06/Feb/11 1:11 AM
Sweet picture!
06/Feb/11 1:17 AM
VV: Yep! You don't have to be good with numbers. Just pick the number of points you think the winner will score and then the points that the loser accumulates and subtract the second number from the first - that will give you the spread. Just remember the winning number has to be higher that the losing number. Flip a coin as to who will win (GB or PS) - unless you have a favorite like GB.
06/Feb/11 1:25 AM
Good morning People. It's going to be a hot one (75f). Yesterday I took a walk (with my walker) around the block. Some earthquake damage in the next block, and we were not that close. I guess I told you I had a bookcase knock over. Well leaning against the dresser.
06/Feb/11 1:33 AM
It took me five days to see the book case, and I can see it from my bed. Just didn't look.
06/Feb/11 1:34 AM

Eve GB 3 17 14
Peter GB 8 25 17
06/Feb/11 1:41 AM

Daughters are curious~~~

A little girl walks into her parents' bathroom and notices for the First time, her father's nakedness.

Immediately, she is curious: he has equipment that she doesn't have. She asks, "What are those round things hanging there, daddy?"
06/Feb/11 2:14 AM

I REALLY hope I'm wrong but......

Eve GB 3 17 14
Peter GB 8 25 17
Daplap PS 3 21 17
06/Feb/11 2:26 AM
06/Feb/11 2:26 AM

Eve GB 3 17 14
Peter GB 8 25 17
Jamie GB 4 31 27
06/Feb/11 2:27 AM
Eve GB 3 17 14
Peter GB 8 25 17
Daplap PS 3 21 17
Jamie GB 4 31 27
06/Feb/11 2:28 AM
Daplap caught me while typing! Now off to run errands and hope to get back.
06/Feb/11 2:28 AM
By the way, Daplap - 21 minus 17 equals 4?
06/Feb/11 2:29 AM
Eve GB 3 17 14
Peter GB 8 25 17
Daplap PS 3 21 17
OldHickory PS 7 24 17

Go Cowboys, oops, they are'nt playing this year!
06/Feb/11 2:34 AM
We could only wish, Old Hickory. Are you really a Cowboy fan?
Anybody on the site live near Clemson, SC? OR know of "neat/fun" things to do within a decent driving distance of Clemson?
06/Feb/11 2:37 AM
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