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Easy Sudoku for 6/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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06/Feb/13 2:03 AM
Now I'll do the puzzle and read the first page.
06/Feb/13 2:04 AM
Good morning people of the world.
06/Feb/13 2:05 AM
World Nutrella Day
National Pancake Day
06/Feb/13 2:06 AM
Good idea Karen. Believe I'll have some Nutrella on my pancakes this morning.
06/Feb/13 2:13 AM
06/Feb/13 2:14 AM
Sarah, thanks for the info on Jane's grandnephew.
06/Feb/13 2:14 AM
Just got up. Went to bed rather late but with a bit of this cold hanging on I was even later getting up!
06/Feb/13 2:15 AM
I'll come back later after I exercise. . . I do need to get up . . . um, a little help?
06/Feb/13 2:17 AM
06/Feb/13 2:47 AM
To be clear, are we talking Nutella (as spelled on Karen's Avatar) which is a chocolate hazelnut spread and tastes good, or Nutrela (notice the single l) which is high protein soya chunks, and just the description scares me. Mr Google doesn't know about Nutrella.
06/Feb/13 3:16 AM

Pretty photo today.

I think it's Nutella. No ''r''. I like it on toast. I've never tried it on pancakes.
06/Feb/13 3:19 AM
I've never heard of ''Nutrela''. And from the description, I don't want to.
06/Feb/13 3:21 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: The man wanted 9' 2'' of rope. He got 2' 9'' of rope.

I have been absent for quite awhile and I'm sure supplies are running low for winners, Serena, lonewoof, Peter, HalT, Shosho, and Grass-hopper.
I shall remedy that with a fresh bag of for them!
06/Feb/13 3:33 AM
I actually had a funnier prize, but my smilie wasn't approved in time to post today. Hopefully, there will be another ''rope'' poozle in the future. It's a total gross out. I love it.

Okay, let me go see what I can find for today......
06/Feb/13 3:36 AM
Hello All....Still Morning but barely...
Shosho...I looked at the Prius and not seeing 'normal ' controls, I was scared off and didn't want to try it... I however liked Peter's meanings for R,N and P...quite good.
Jane, good to see you posting again.
Keith, thanks for posting the make-up More...
06/Feb/13 3:38 AM
Happy Tuesday day off!
Now to pay some bills and dash off to my dentist appointment
This dental office has nice staff, but I still dread going to the dentist...
06/Feb/13 3:51 AM
Rebus time!

What statement does this represent?

Behavior Evaluation
Little Tommy Tucker: Bad
Little Boy Blue: Average
Little Miss Muffett: Good
12 inches: Poor
3 feet: Fair
1760 yards: Good

Answers to the ''For the ''Wordies'' out there.'' inbox, please.
06/Feb/13 3:53 AM
My bad. It's Nutella. I was using Karen's spelling of the word.
06/Feb/13 4:02 AM
So sorry, for the Ooops. Only excuse, my brain cell and fingers are not communicating lately.

It is Nutella day.
06/Feb/13 4:14 AM
Please forgive me.
06/Feb/13 4:14 AM
Whew. Thought the whole site might be condemned to having to eat Nutrela.
06/Feb/13 4:21 AM
What a gorgeous photo! Cinnamon and tea. Sounds great!
06/Feb/13 4:28 AM
I'm back!!! Had to look up Nutrela . . . not interested. Keith, I agree . . . WHEW!
I like the concept of Nutella and tried it, but way too sweet for me to spread on toast for breakfast. I guess that's why I don't care for milk chocolate, way too sweet and not enough chocolate flavor.
06/Feb/13 4:35 AM
Oooh, I could go for a cup of that!!!
06/Feb/13 4:38 AM
When I was pregnant with baby girl I did Nutella and Fluff on graham crackers. Better than pickles and ice cream.
06/Feb/13 4:39 AM
What's Fluff?
06/Feb/13 5:01 AM
Marshmallow Fluff.

06/Feb/13 5:04 AM
Tragedy Strikes:
I just broke the coffee pot.
06/Feb/13 5:15 AM
Oh, Kathy, I spent all day trying to figure out how someone could mix up feet and inches and get 30% less. My brain was headed down the 'I want 19 inches and got 19 feet road. The concept of the answer never occured to me.
06/Feb/13 5:43 AM
Oh, Serena, that is a tragedy!
06/Feb/13 5:43 AM
Shadow is back from the vet. It appears that he had his testosterone removed a little too late...he has been in a fight and has a gash on his leg. She took care of that too.
06/Feb/13 5:44 AM
I need to get going and headed to my cleaning job. TTFN
06/Feb/13 5:45 AM
Morning all,great photo and with a caption.
06/Feb/13 6:57 AM
06/Feb/13 7:14 AM
Oh Fluff! As I said, way, way, way too sweet for me!
06/Feb/13 7:17 AM
But getting to the bottom then the top is not!
06/Feb/13 7:17 AM
And I'll get a CP to boot!
06/Feb/13 7:17 AM
Getting closer. . .
06/Feb/13 7:17 AM
06/Feb/13 7:18 AM
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