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Easy Sudoku for 6/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates!
06/Mar/16 12:00 AM
That's Australian for 'Where is everybody'?
06/Mar/16 12:21 AM
G'day Wolf. Hope your feeling a bit more refreshed after a day or two at home.
06/Mar/16 12:23 AM
06/Mar/16 1:22 AM
Good morning to all! That picture looks like it was taken outside here in Ottawa.
06/Mar/16 1:46 AM
a beautiful day in Ok
06/Mar/16 1:49 AM
Wolf, Lizzy, Hal & Greg
06/Mar/16 1:50 AM
Not exactly the picture you would expect from Greece.
06/Mar/16 1:59 AM
They actually have ski areas in Greece, Bev.
06/Mar/16 2:51 AM
Oh, how rude of me....
06/Mar/16 2:51 AM
Wolf, it would probably something like, ''Whereya', mates?''
06/Mar/16 2:53 AM
OOPS! I thought you said ''What's Australian for where is everybody?''
06/Mar/16 2:55 AM
Babbled my way to
06/Mar/16 2:56 AM
Happy Saturday weekend off!
06/Mar/16 3:02 AM
Good morning.
06/Mar/16 3:04 AM
G'day and owyagoin? Waddayano and strike a light.
06/Mar/16 3:06 AM
First line/s of an Aussie song.
06/Mar/16 3:07 AM
Now I've got it in my head.
06/Mar/16 3:08 AM
Hope this earworm doesn't last all day.
06/Mar/16 3:09 AM
I'm watching, Keith!.......
06/Mar/16 3:10 AM
No, I'm not.
06/Mar/16 3:10 AM
I'm gallumping.
06/Mar/16 3:11 AM
And miscounting!
06/Mar/16 3:11 AM
Oh well. Here's Pooh anyway.
06/Mar/16 3:12 AM
Cya. Tata. Bye. Hooroo.. Catchya. (Aussie words of farewell).
06/Mar/16 3:15 AM
Now I'm surely smiling ... hope all the silliness continues for the rest of your day! Keep smiling
06/Mar/16 3:19 AM
A link to my earworm -
06/Mar/16 3:32 AM
and G'day!
Snowy and not sunny today.
Ahhhhhhhh! Slept in today. (It's Saturday and the carpenters are not here!)
06/Mar/16 3:35 AM
for the link, CP! I was wishing I could hear your song!
06/Mar/16 3:37 AM
Since I'm a Yank.... See ya later!
06/Mar/16 3:45 AM
06/Mar/16 3:54 AM
Oh, I just might play that all day around here - it's a catchy one & thanks, CP
06/Mar/16 4:04 AM
It IS great bein' (but also knowin') an Auzzi ...stoppin' & havin' a yarn with people that you meet ... That is pretty much what this site is all about! Love it CP!
06/Mar/16 4:11 AM
G'da G'day to all!
06/Mar/16 4:13 AM
What Joyce said. Someone ought to 'get ya' for that one, CP!
06/Mar/16 4:51 AM
G'day everyone, I didn't think it was Greece until Kathy's comment.
06/Mar/16 5:34 AM
I thought it was snow.
06/Mar/16 5:50 AM
Hmmm, I wonder . . .
06/Mar/16 6:00 AM
DoA is here
06/Mar/16 6:00 AM
06/Mar/16 6:00 AM
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