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Easy Sudoku for 6/April/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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My heart was in my mouth Kathy, it was such a relief to see it clamber back in.
06/Apr/11 5:43 AM
Off to put the stuff back in the closet. About 1/2 as much stuff, I might add!
06/Apr/11 5:45 AM
Last time he/she got flipped out I almost had heart failure, Broni! I want to just reach through my monitor and dig that nest deeper myself! lol
06/Apr/11 5:49 AM
Kathy, you are a better woman than I...I got sidetracked 3 times, lunch, visitor, and feeding the mama with twins. Finished the dishes in the sink, set a second sinkful soaking. Back to work!
06/Apr/11 5:53 AM
Oh, I got sidetracked, Sarah Beth. I found a box of my Mom's photos.....enough said.
06/Apr/11 6:15 AM
2:04. Hi all.
06/Apr/11 7:15 AM
Think the eagle site has crashed again. I'm getting a "undergoing scheduled maintenance" notice instead. Oh, well. Dinner may be on time tonight! Have a good night/day, everyone!
06/Apr/11 7:42 AM
I looked in, Kathy, and the site was up and chatty.
06/Apr/11 7:48 AM
Heidi, we are your alibi! Just post in here as often as you can between doing the necessary, we'll vouch for you ;)
06/Apr/11 8:21 AM
1:56 Morning All Anne pls note: Sub 2 min this morning
06/Apr/11 8:36 AM
Good morning all.
Karen - you'll be in my thoughts. I'm so sorry! Stay strong.
06/Apr/11 9:22 AM
Hey folks! Drop off a birthday message on Kate's (Tree Sheila's) page as I'm sure she would appreciate hearing from you. Cheers!
06/Apr/11 9:33 AM
Thanks for the heads-up Greg, I hadn't looked at the birthdays yet!
06/Apr/11 9:49 AM
Is anyone else having trouble with the sizing of the grid. I need to know if it is my computer or the site. If I use possibilities the grid changes size until the wording & numbers impinge on the grid. This has been happening since D/saving started, & is driving me nuts.
06/Apr/11 9:53 AM
Morning. A quiet day at home for me - although I am considering going to see "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest" this afternoon.
06/Apr/11 10:09 AM
All my fine preparations to have dinner ready after ball practice, has flopped. It is now an hour and fifteen minutes past our normal dinner time and the chicken will not stop cackling (that does not look right, I am sure someone will correct me).
Using ginger ale as a marinade, came from Man's More...
06/Apr/11 10:47 AM
06/Apr/11 11:00 AM
Wow, Karen, you guys are late eaters! We're done here! You know the song The Lady Is A Tramp? I'm reminded of the line "She gets too hungry for dinner at eight" That's me!
06/Apr/11 11:05 AM
Hubby and I do well at restaurants, rarely a long wait, quick service, quieter atmosphere, waiters/waitresses rarely harried. We go in at 5!
06/Apr/11 11:06 AM
I use beer to marinade chicken for teriyaki. It has enzymes that soften the meat and marinade taste like you used the more expensive sake instead!
06/Apr/11 11:07 AM
One more for a cp then off I go.
06/Apr/11 11:08 AM
Shosho, dinner is generally at 6:30, if we eat earlier, yippee, later I am dealing with grumpy females. I don't do grumpy females.

Since T-Ball started, our Tuesday schedule is messed up. I tried to be ready tonight, but failed.
06/Apr/11 11:09 AM
That's too bad. Sweetie, I'm sending a breakfast will it help?
06/Apr/11 11:13 AM
Ooops, somehow lost my clothes along the way! Help! Before someone eats me!
06/Apr/11 11:14 AM
Oh, that looks so good, wish Man would eat that type of meal for dinner. His mother just ruined him on when what foods should be eaten when.
06/Apr/11 11:15 AM
Oh, ShoSho that just not sound right.
06/Apr/11 11:17 AM
So, Karen, is the chicken not done, or the noodles and cheeses?
06/Apr/11 11:21 AM
Oh, the mixed noodles, were a great success, one child came back for two more helpings. The chicken finally got done.
It is now 2 minutes past bed and the Things are just now getting out of the shower. It is amazing what 30 minutes going to bed late, does in the waking up process in the More...
06/Apr/11 11:35 AM
2.30 must have been very easy.
06/Apr/11 12:38 PM
Just been evacuated for a fire alarm. Fortunately only a drill not a real fire. Back at the desk now.
06/Apr/11 12:40 PM
Yeee, haw. The Texas A&M ladies basketball team are the national champs. They beat the Notra Dames 76-70. If I recall correctly, the last time A&M won a national championship was when the football team did it in 1939. Geez, that was the year after I was born.
06/Apr/11 1:06 PM
Another very quick drop-in on my lunch break!
06/Apr/11 1:14 PM
Phantom: In yesterday's summary, you asked, "How come he/she was taken away from his the parent birds?"
All of the birds at the raptor center are permanent residents. They are, for one reason or another, unable to be released back into the wild. However, fortunately, some of them can More...
06/Apr/11 1:20 PM
With that, I bid all a good evening and good night.
06/Apr/11 1:22 PM
Grats Hal on the A&M ladies' victory.

Um ... you recall when you were one?
06/Apr/11 2:34 PM
Congrats HalT, on your teams win. Great job!
06/Apr/11 2:49 PM
I could do like Karen does.
06/Apr/11 2:53 PM
1939? Really?
Are you sure?
06/Apr/11 2:53 PM
And make it easier to find where I've left off tomorrow.
06/Apr/11 2:53 PM
No you can't.
06/Apr/11 2:54 PM
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