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Easy Sudoku for 6/April/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen. Maybe I have a chance today. No appointments away. CNA bathers coming later. Not distracted away.

06/Apr/12 12:00 AM
G'day mates, here's the first of a series of daffynition especially for women:
(ahr•gyoo•munt) n. A discussion that occurs when you're right, and continues until he

realizes it.
06/Apr/12 12:00 AM
06/Apr/12 12:00 AM

Oooh, almost got into a FB discussion.

06/Apr/12 12:00 AM
06/Apr/12 12:02 AM
Oooh, sorry about that Vici!
06/Apr/12 12:03 AM
Met CP yesterday!
06/Apr/12 12:03 AM
My favorite number!!!
06/Apr/12 12:04 AM
WILL need today!
Another gorgeous, sunny, spring day here!
The tulips are especially beautiful this year!
06/Apr/12 12:04 AM
Got to rush because I will be seeing CP for breakfast!
06/Apr/12 12:04 AM
Good morning people of the world.
06/Apr/12 12:05 AM
Ooooh darn almost a CP! But since it was you, Shiela, that's ok. Good morning Shiela!
06/Apr/12 12:06 AM
National Fun at Work Day
National Deep Dish Pizza Day
06/Apr/12 12:06 AM
Hey Karen! And Jeanine, Kayo, and HalT! Good morning to you, too!
06/Apr/12 12:06 AM
I'm having fun cuz it's not a work day for me!
And my favorite pizza is the deep dish one!
06/Apr/12 12:07 AM
Here is an update on Mamacita, from Tami the Troublemaker.

Hi all. Received an update from Ouima's daughter.

"Today Mom was breathing well and resting. The cards and flowers started coming yesterday. They are beautiful!"
06/Apr/12 12:08 AM
Will download my phone for some pics of CP today.
06/Apr/12 12:08 AM
Thank you, Karen! Yea Mama!
06/Apr/12 12:09 AM
Love to you both Shosho and CP
06/Apr/12 12:10 AM
Good morning. "Happy Easter" and "Peace" to all my sudoku friends.
06/Apr/12 12:10 AM
Shosho, I do not see you making a CP today, good thing you are meeting CP.

Hope you two have a wonderful day.
06/Apr/12 12:10 AM
06/Apr/12 12:10 AM
22 already?
06/Apr/12 12:11 AM
(Lucked out again today!)
06/Apr/12 12:11 AM
And Shiela, takes the prize.
06/Apr/12 12:11 AM
Good Maen all! YIKES! What a start to our day.
Karen - drooling at the thought of deep-dish pizza.
TTT - thank you so much for the update...breathing a sigh of relief about Ouima...Karen - thanks for posting it for us.
Kayo - yep - right on!
Shosho - can't wait to see your CP pics...we will be seeing her on Wednesday next week.
06/Apr/12 12:19 AM
I'm glad it was only a play cat fight between Ferris & Parker!
06/Apr/12 12:21 AM
What a great shot! Cute kitties and I just love it when my guys are tearing through the house playing...cracks me up!
06/Apr/12 12:22 AM
Shiela - hehehe!
06/Apr/12 12:22 AM
2:13 Good night one and all!

Ooh, A cat fight! Now, now girls.
06/Apr/12 12:43 AM
A real race today, and I was goofing around not getting my act together in time to be a part of it.

Thx for the good news about Ouima ... so good to hear.

Just for the record, I don't recall ever being in one of those discussions ...
06/Apr/12 12:52 AM
Cat fight!!!!
06/Apr/12 1:12 AM
Whose number is 33?
06/Apr/12 1:15 AM
Great smilie, Heidi!
Opening Day today!!!
33...is it Jerry?
06/Apr/12 1:18 AM
Yup, Jerry's #.
06/Apr/12 2:07 AM
HI all! Good news about Mamacita - she's a strong lady!
Yesterday's poozle brought feeble attempts from the riddlers - well done to Captain J, Mr Cee, Grsshopper (almost!)and Heidi who gave me the following:
1) Latest ritual[new tradition]

2) Average huge [medium large]

3) More...
06/Apr/12 2:32 AM
Here's today's one - answers to the "catch me if you can" inbox!
A common three-letter word can be added in the spaces below to create four common English words. What is the three letter word?

C _ _ _ ED
T _ _ _ SIT
ST _ _ _ D
F _ _ _ TIC
06/Apr/12 2:36 AM
Fiona - I just sent you an answer, but it might not have my name on it - I wasn't logged in yet? I don't want to send another one, because it might clog up your inbox with an easy puzzle!
06/Apr/12 3:11 AM
Seems to be a slow day today.
06/Apr/12 3:11 AM
One more . . .
06/Apr/12 3:12 AM
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