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Easy Sudoku for 6/April/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Happy Easter.
06/Apr/15 12:02 AM
Snapple 'Real Fact' #842 - Vanilla is used to make chocolate. Hope all of you got to enjoy at least one chocolate treat during this Easter weekend.
06/Apr/15 12:09 AM
Welcome back to normal (standard) time Australia.
06/Apr/15 12:10 AM
, y'all, and a blessed Easter to those celebrating today. We're heading off to the late service at mom-in-law's church shortly.
06/Apr/15 12:29 AM
Okay, so dealing with TWO time changes across the globe really messes with my head! Just a few months ago, the puzzles were rolling over at 8am eastern US time, for a short while it was 9am, now it'll be 10am.
06/Apr/15 12:31 AM
I'd like to know where our whale friend lives. I enjoyed the Scout troop's visit to the Atlanta aquarium.
06/Apr/15 12:36 AM
Kathy, we've not plunged in to the choco candy yet, but we're all planning on it!
06/Apr/15 12:37 AM
And this fall (top-side), we'll go back to 9AM, then 8AM.

Oh yeah... all.
06/Apr/15 12:38 AM
06/Apr/15 12:59 AM
7 AM here on the west coast, as opposed to 5 AM through the Winter. I like 7 AM much better.
06/Apr/15 1:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
06/Apr/15 2:32 AM
As tradition has it, happy rainy Easter.
06/Apr/15 2:33 AM
God’s Goodness

This explains a lot of things.

And God Looked Down Upon Seniors: He saw that most seniors never get enough exercise. So, in His wisdom, God decreed seniors would become forgetful so they would have to search for their glasses, keys and other misplaced items and move More...
06/Apr/15 2:35 AM
My three day weekend is coming to an end. The plan on Thursday afternoon was to prepare all the floors for a good cleaning on Friday, so that for 24 hours the only prints on them would be paw prints. Well it is Sunday, a day that try not to do anything other than change the channel on the TV and I have nice, just paw print floors, with about 3 hours before the family returns.
06/Apr/15 2:38 AM
Happy Easter! He is risen!
06/Apr/15 2:40 AM
MIL tried to trick me yesterday. As I was leaving, I asked the silliest question to my girls. I asked if they were ready to go home. Silly me. MIL yells out, 'If I keep the girls, you have to take a dog home. They like Charlie.' Strangely in a quick response, I yelled, 'Girls get in the car.' I still fear, yet another animal will make it our house after repeating NO.
06/Apr/15 2:43 AM
Good afternoon to all! Happy Easter to all celebrating. May the joy this day embodies be felt by you and your loved ones!
06/Apr/15 2:48 AM
He is risen indeed!
06/Apr/15 3:25 AM
Happy Easter.
06/Apr/15 3:27 AM
Can't believe it's this late ...
06/Apr/15 3:27 AM
and nobody's taken it yet.
06/Apr/15 3:27 AM
06/Apr/15 3:27 AM
Karen, Explain to the girls that if Charlie comes home with you, they won't have him to play with, when they go to MIL's.
06/Apr/15 3:33 AM
WOW! That's blue! Beautiful whale photo.
06/Apr/15 4:33 AM
Happy Easter!
06/Apr/15 4:33 AM
The color of the day is blue.
06/Apr/15 4:45 AM
Happy Easter to those on this side of the world.
06/Apr/15 4:45 AM
Not counting the non-pet animals, I have nobody to blame for the animals in this house except for myself. The only reason we haven't replaced our dog yet is that I've had enough newborns in the house to know that a new baby and a new dog add up to a lot of work for me . Not sure how long I'll hold out on that one though.
06/Apr/15 4:48 AM
I'm not a whale expert. Is that a Gray Whale?
06/Apr/15 5:58 AM
Heidi, I'm thinking Humpback. Check

'Admiral! There be WHALES here!'
06/Apr/15 6:09 AM
DoA, I just read your 'God Looked Down Upon Seniors' thoughts aloud to my 87 yr old mom-in-law. She laughed and thought it was right on the money! (Silverguy is already misplacing reading glasses at an incredible rate.)
06/Apr/15 6:14 AM
Morning all, that is a blue whale, Heidi.
Happy Easter topsiders.
06/Apr/15 6:26 AM
Happy Easter Sunday!
My homemade Fresh Strawberry Pie (okay, I cheated on the Cool Whip topping this time) was a hit at the church Easter potluck--just the empty pan to bring home
06/Apr/15 7:32 AM
1:43. Good morning everyone. I'm just back from a short run this morning - the start of my week-long taper to the Canberra half marathon on Sunday 12 April. Only 4km this morning and continuing to cut back for the rest of the week.
06/Apr/15 8:27 AM
DorA, that would be an idea, but there is no lack of furry companions at MIL's, besides her 5-ish yappy dogs, she has the meanest, loudest rooster ever, a potbelly pig that is huge and scares me, (especially in the garage where she sleeps) and I think there is a kitty, too. BIL lives just behind her and has 4 furry friends and a kitty. Charlie would not be missed around that place.
06/Apr/15 8:30 AM
We were supposed to have a few days in the 60's, so I did not think it was worth closing windows. Now we are all bundled up and still wondering if I should close windows. Man made a grave error when he said he was going to light up the fireplace. We will get frostbite before we light that thing again, before next season.
06/Apr/15 8:35 AM
Before I laid down for my Sunday afternoon nap, I made a phone call. Since history has proven Man cannot take hints, I told him, I wanted my floors to look better than when I laid down, when I got up. Shockingly, it was not too bad when I got up. Some clothes and a jacket in the floor, which of More...
06/Apr/15 8:39 AM
It seems way too soon for a Lifetime movie to come out about the girls that were kidnapped in Cleveland.
06/Apr/15 8:41 AM
I am finished rambling, now for business.
06/Apr/15 8:42 AM
Bye bye page one.
06/Apr/15 8:42 AM
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