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Easy Sudoku for 6/May/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Doesn't anyone else want it.
06/May/09 11:03 AM
Back to work.
06/May/09 11:03 AM
I'm writing from home, on my desktop computer. So nice to be back home, but I already miss all you wonderful Aussies. Just wanted to let you all know we had a safe trip home. We're left with many many awesome memories, many pictures to organize, two suitcases full of dirty laundry, and a small herd (covey? ... pride?) of Wombats. There will be a picture ... eventually.
06/May/09 11:14 AM
Thank you, Aussies, for making us feel so welcome and for being such great tour guides. We have never traveled where we have known so many locals, and it was wonderful. I'm glad I got to meet all of you and hope to see you again. -Lynne
06/May/09 11:20 AM
Wow, I stopped by at the right time.
Keith and Lynne - glad you got home safely and, once again, it was a pleasure to meet such lovely people as you both. Take care - oh, and sleep well in your own beds - I know that's what I look forward to when I get home!
06/May/09 11:30 AM
The German court has officially banned multiply-hyphenated last names. If someone with a hyphenated last name marries, he or she cannot add a third hyphenated name. If Miss Grape-Jam marries Mr On-Toast, the couple cannot be renamed the Grape-Jam-On-Toasts.
06/May/09 11:45 AM
Keith and Lynne, glad you are back home safe and sound. Cannot wait to see the pics but rest first.
06/May/09 12:01 PM
Where's Appy?
I haven't seen her on site for a while. I hope she is well.
06/May/09 12:06 PM
Keith and Lynne, I'm glad you have arrived home safely. It was such a pleasure to meet you on Sunday.
Hubby had a great time at Broni's bbq and really enjoyed meeting everyone. Thank you Broni for hosting the bbq and making us all so welcome.
06/May/09 12:08 PM
Just read today's posts. There was discussion of when we got home, etc. I'll try to clear that up. Our plane left Sydney at around 2:30 PM 05/05/09 Sydney time, and landed in San Francisco at around 11:00 AM 05/05/09 San Francisco time. It was a 13 hour flight, and counting flying through 7 time zones and crossing the Dateline, we landed three and a half hours before we took off.
06/May/09 12:34 PM
I should say that what with riding the bus about half way home and then stopping for a meal, it took us until about 5:30 PM to actually get home. California time is now 7:40 PM.
06/May/09 12:41 PM
SO glad you made it home safely, Keith, I think you and Lynne probably need to sleep 'round the clock to get over that jet lag.
06/May/09 12:47 PM
Great to have you home again, Keith and Lynne! Now get the pics out for us to vicariously enjoy your trip!!!
06/May/09 2:17 PM
Nightie night, everyone!
I shall hit my bed -
The early bird gets the worm!
06/May/09 2:19 PM
Yuck! Worms don't appeal to me!
06/May/09 2:21 PM
Good night worldly people.
06/May/09 2:50 PM
saylz,I notice no-one answered your question what is 'blog short for? It is Weblog.
Feeling not so hot today, thats me , the weather is.
06/May/09 5:03 PM
Gosh just missed the 2 hour marker again
06/May/09 5:05 PM

Work your way up to it, start off with the one-hour mark.

06/May/09 6:05 PM
Good to hear Keith and Lynne are safely home - 'cos I would've been the one held responsible if they'd missed their flight! I made sure they were back at their hotel with plenty of time to get to the airport.
06/May/09 6:57 PM
We had a great time at the Aquarium in Sydney yesterday morning, and the return ferry ride to Darling Harbour from Circular Quay was the icing on the cake.
06/May/09 6:59 PM
Thanks for answering saylz question, Mo. I had just asked 4T that question and came on here to see if anyone had posted the answer.
Hope you're feeling a bit better.
06/May/09 7:02 PM
Thanks CP I seemed to take one step forward yesterday and definitely 2 steps back today. Probably as we have to get a laurel hedge planted as we have 5 days of rain and storms forecast from friday. Still as my mother would have said a little fresh air will do me good!
06/May/09 7:19 PM
great day !!!
06/May/09 7:31 PM
Hello everyone , can't stay long have started the packing for the very last move I'm ever going to do unless its to go travelling of course. LOL
06/May/09 8:28 PM
Wombats Keith?!
Surely from Oz they are prohibited exports?
06/May/09 8:34 PM
I only saw one real live, in the wild, wombat during my travels.
06/May/09 8:49 PM
;;and that was in northern Tassie
06/May/09 8:49 PM
I'm glad you are recovered and back to yourself again GM
06/May/09 8:56 PM
1:30, everyone.
06/May/09 9:22 PM
06/May/09 10:25 PM
I wouldn't call it recovered Rayray, but needs must where the d***l drives.
06/May/09 10:53 PM
08/May/09 8:19 AM
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