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Easy Sudoku for 6/July/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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06/Jul/09 9:24 AM
And no one else has been here in the last half hour. I'm headed back to bed - got a new book to read!
06/Jul/09 10:05 AM
Just a note to thank everyone for their notes and well-wishes. I am a bit less swollen, but I think I'll have this "face of many colors" for a while yet!
06/Jul/09 10:51 AM
06/Jul/09 11:19 AM
Bloody Hell, my jokes scared everyone off
06/Jul/09 11:59 AM

exactly one hour of being scared off...

06/Jul/09 12:59 PM
Slow day around here!
06/Jul/09 1:10 PM
Off to bed - to echo many earlier comments, I really enjoyed watching the tennis today, I was really pulling for Andy - Roger would have gotten his 15th slam another day anyway. Roddick's last two matches were tremendous.
06/Jul/09 1:18 PM
Good night worldly people.
06/Jul/09 2:00 PM
Her Side of the Story:

He was in an odd mood Sunday night. We planned to meet at a bar for a drink. I spent the afternoon shopping with the girls and I thought it might have been my fault because I was a bit later than I promised, but he didn't say anything much about it.

The More...
06/Jul/09 2:40 PM
Sudokuland. I have missed you!

We have been away for a few days, going back to South Aus for hubby's family annual get together.

to any I have missed while away, and celebrations to those with other happy events.
06/Jul/09 3:54 PM
BAZ... go ... I don't watch the footie normally but it had me glued to the screen for the last 1/4...It is a pity it wasn't a draw...both teams played so well they both deserved to win!
06/Jul/09 4:36 PM
Rials are real and right now there are about 9.77 Iraninan rials to 1.0 US dollar
06/Jul/09 8:22 PM

Aung San Suu Kyi
5,000 days in captivity: The world's most famous political prisoner and a dismal landmark

Maybe we could all spare a moment to think of where we were 5000 days ago - That is just over 13.5 years. Her crime - she and her party won her county's general election in More...
06/Jul/09 8:47 PM
Thnx Gmo for staying with us.
06/Jul/09 8:53 PM
Yesterday, villagers of an African settlement on the fringe of the Sahara were anachronistically (in their situation)advised to built a shuttle to escape into space from their drought (dry remark).
By a similar token, I hope that Aung San Suu Kyi does not chain herself to Burmese railings, or More...
06/Jul/09 9:02 PM
Where is everyone today?
06/Jul/09 11:02 PM
Take advantage of anticipated 'gaps' by posting a controversial message then pretending you have have stunned everyone nto silence. Wonderful sense of power! (I joke!)
06/Jul/09 11:31 PM
I assumed, Rayray that everyone wass off googling the story!!!
06/Jul/09 11:41 PM
The lack of response isn't important as long as people read and register. Comment isn't always necessary. I have grown used to either being ignored or disagreed with. Emotion is a funny thing. Many people become ostriches at anything out of their 'space' others become involved either in private or More...
06/Jul/09 11:46 PM
I learned of her here, some time ago. Horrible and unfair. There are so many examples in the world of power corrupting into ugliness.
06/Jul/09 11:54 PM
Not me, GMo. I'm familiar with the story. And appalled.
06/Jul/09 11:59 PM
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