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Easy Sudoku for 7/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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your story about the wilting candles really made me laugh!
3:00 =)
Sudoku is my new addiction. I might be posting more on here [instead of studying]. =D
hey snoy20072001@yahoo.com
email me!!1
5:09, my best yet! What a cute joey.
3:40 snowy & cold here, with nary a 'roo in site! Great picture!!
hello from FL
aww cute roo! we don't have them here
Sorry I missed the hen party in south of France!! Have to ask if you are married? I never saw any mention of your anniversary when everyone was listing theirs. Maybe I missed it? Loved your suggestion to Pete about buying a Sudoku book for his wife - a smart idea! I can't get my husband interested - in Sudoku, that is!
We also get delights such as melted lipstick, warm water coming out of both taps, steering wheels that burn your hands, washing that dries in half an hour....anyway I'm off to bed, a late night watching son #2 collect a swag of sporting awards at his primary school graduation, more than any other kid - I can go to bed happy and proud
Kia ora to you, too! Been waiting for some Kiwis to show up here! My husband & I took a Goway Tour through NZ right before we went to Australia. We traveled for six weeks total in both countries - best trip of our lives!!
It's a shame ! It's prohibited in my country ! (we don't have boxers, of course, only in zoo, but it's prohibited with dogs of any animal)
And I find it just and good.
Re: your question about when the new puzzles are posted. Here in FL(Eastern Standard Time)the new one comes up at 9:00 A.M. I think that would be 4:00 P.M. in France (right, Fiona??), and 1:00 A.M. in Australia (East Coast). Could someone confirm? At 9 AM here on Dec. 6, the date in Australia More...
1:52 happy and jumping as a kangaroo
2:48 this morning. To get rid of the annoying flashing ad just hit your 'refresh' button. When the page comes back up a new, less annoying, ad is there. No snow in Portland, but still wishing...
Hi all.Salut Fiona, tu avais des listes de souhaits pour les cadeaux, c'est plus pratique. Les cadeaux de Noël, ça peut tourner au cauchemard!
Bonsoir Bill, merci pour les renseignements sur la pluie!
Hier j'ai bu du champagne, du vrai! J'étais à la thèse de doctorat (en médecine) de la belle More...
suite: les portraits des mèdecins du XVIIIéme et du XIXéme sont à hauteur de nez!Le serment d'Hypocrate est réduite à une phrase. Les professeurs sont quand même en robe noire et ont un grade en hermine. La thèse portait sur les dosages biologiques aux services des urgences. Il paraît que nous More...
my best time ever 2:48. Too cold too fast here, we're not easing into winter
Hello catherine - is medicine a tradtional occupation in your family?
Nice pic :)
suite: examens biologiques.
Rain: recapitulation
it rain stair rods: il pleut des cordes
it rain bucketting dawn: il pleut des seaux
it's pourring dawn=il pleut à verse.
it rain cats and dogs: pas d'équivalent.
About that I have find an explanation in 'Flying Pigs'by Stephen More...
suite: ou HH corrigez mes fautes merci!)
Still no Andre? Should we be concerned by now?
Has she fallen out with us? Trevenes being quiet also!
Hello every 1 i am in skool so i must b very bord but also i am kinda burnt out so i'm a little slow 2 lol bye
Bonsoir HH :No, I am 'literary'.The stepmother my daughter is also doctor.
Bonsoir. Not entirely sure what you are asking - if it's correction of mistakes, you have 'found' an explanation; towns 'didn't' have drains; we'd usually say 'heavy' rather than strong rain and floods rather than inundations. Hope this was what you were asking for, catherine :))
4:13. At least I'm improving.
catch you all later - off to see Harry Potter! Anyone else seen it yet?
hi fiona and everyone else (everybody just talks to fiona today, it seems :-) ) anyway, yup, i agree with her about the telling about experiences 'abroad' that you've never had at home in your mother tongue - but with some experience it gets easier and you find out how to switch languages without getting lost in translation, luckily!
3:25 Not bad but was slowed down when I was thinking seven's but put in six's in several spots before I noticed the problem. Just have to learn that just because I think a different number, it doesn't change on the board! Perhaps that will be the next upgrade to the game? Gath?
complete 5:41 @ 12:37 CST - I seem to do better later in the day.
3:37. Still could be better...
2:33 The high temperature today (including windchill) is supposed to be 4 degrees Fahrenheit...winter sure isn't getting a slow start
you know what that thinking will do Jane
as long as you are having fun
Woo hoo! 3:46, my best time evah!
4:07 better for me but left behind by most...
weather is a big topic here... SF, Ca. cool, light wind, low 50ish
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